♥ Happy Holidays everybody!! ♥

I can't believe it's the 23rd of December already time has gone so fast! two more days and it's christmas day! woohoo! I'm really excited (as most ppl obviously) because we've got lots of fun things planned! We're getting a load of new board/dvd games for christmas and we'll be playing them allllllll day long haha and I love playing board games so it's gonna be great! I think we're getting Scene It, Trivial Pursuit the 90's and the CSI board game!
I did have a bit of a set back because monday I found out my uncle past away of a heart attack (he was only 65) he was my dad's older brother (he had 4 brothers..now three and 3 sisters) =( I didn't know him very well as I've only ever seen him twice (well I've probably seen him more often but I can only remember those two times) one was back in 1995 when my paternal grandfather past away and I saw him at his cremation ceremony I just remember him very clearly because I remember thinking how his hair was white just like grandpa's =) and then the other time I saw him was the last time I got to go to our family meetup (we meet once a year at my uncle's (different uncle) house to catch up and have fun and eat) and he was there with his wife and two doggies. My mom told me that he and his wife had split up not too long ago for several reasons and he had got a new girlfriend about 4 months ago and that he was happy with her. Yesterday was the day of the cremation ceremony and it was in the same place as my grandfather was cremated (and in the town my granfather was born) and my mom told me it was a very peaceful ceremony and that they each got a flower (my mom was nice and sweet enough to bring one in my and davids name aswell) and put it on the chest as a goodbye. She said it was very emotional (I know that's obvious but it was because of more then the obvious reason), some people told a their memories of him and other things they wanted to say. Even his ex-wife was there and even though they're devorced they had still been together for over 20yrs. His gf was there aswell eventhough they had only been together for 4 moths they were still together. 5 years ago on december 13th my aunt died (my dad's brothers wife) of cancer so as you can imagine it was even more emotional for my uncle (her husband) and everybody is obviously still in grief abou that too. I can't believe i's been 5 yrs it feels like yesterday to me. She had lungcancer and she couldn't be operated on and she had only had chemo not too long ago so that wasn't an option so she was told she wouldn't have long to live. She was the bravest and most unselfish person I've ever known, because the last time I saw her when we visited her in the hospital she told us she wasn't afraid of dying she was only afraid and sad to leave us all behind alone and sad=( she was such a great person aswell I'll always remember her. anyway with all this happening I feel really bad for not being able to be there at the ceremony and to be with my family I know I'll be there sometime in January, but still it's not the same as being there now=( I don't know if I've mentioned it before but not too long ago I got to see the pages of my families family tree book (my parents have a copy and scanned me images of the pages so I could fill it in to this family tree program I've got) and my dads distant relative who's made the book and researched our name found out that the first of our family member mentioned was all the way back in 1500! and when I read through the pages I found out that my family has lived in the same little village (Muggenhool in Zeelst which is near Eindhoven in The Netherlands obviously) for over 200 years and even after that we've always stayed near the village and near Eindhoven. I also found out a majority of my family were weavers which is kinda kool ^_^ It was also really kool to know that mostly everyone that got married and had kids...had around 10 kids lol but that was common back in those days and with Catholic families =) We've even got our own family crest:

Isn't it pretty?=)
wow i've gone on a bit lol I just want to end this post with wishing all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND AN AMAZING BEAUTIFUL GREAT FUN PEACEFUL HEALTHY YARN FILLED CREATIVE JOYFUL NEW YEAR!!!! ^_^
♥ Petra x


So here I am back blogging again...why have I been gone? two words..christmas..presents lol I've done nothinggggg but knit, knit and knit for the past few weeks! it was worth it though cause now I've got a present finished...and if I wouldn't have worked on it that hard then I would never have got it finished so yeah I guess hard work pays off^_^ I still have two presents to knit though so I'm still kind of stressing out here lol
Yesterday I had a "day off" hehe and we went shopping in Sheffield..well in the Sheffield Meadowhall retail park at Hobbycraft to start with to be exact! I was really excited about it because it's one of the few main crafty stores here in the UK so yeah I thought it was going to be heaven lol but to be honest I was a little dissapointed, because they didn't have all that much yarn and the ones they did have were rediculously expensive and not so great anyway apart from a selected few. The knitting needle selection was great though and I actually found myself the most awesome needles ever! lol you can see them at the bottom with all the other pictures^_^ too bad they didn't have those needles in all sizes..they had them in different colours for a few different sizes but only 4 different sizes all together, but they're still awesome hehe =D I also found some kool colour clay that you can put in the oven after shaping so it'll become hard...I've got some pretty kool ideas for it already^_^ other then that I got a pair of red 99p needle protectors..they don't look great but hey atleast they do what they need to do! I also got a little sheet of transparant butterfly stickers to use in my "creative journal" (I really should do something with that again sometime soon lol). I was tempted to buy some cashmerino wool by Rowan *sigh* but yeah you all know how much that costs lol I was just stood there in the aisle feeling that heavenly soft wool lol!
ohhhhhhhh anddd I managed to find myself a copy of Simply Knitting magazine at last!! it had a little free present with it again as always..you can see a pic of that at the bottom aswell^_^ I've asked David if he would get me a perscription for the Simply Knitting magazine for xmas, but he said he'd rather just get me it as a normal present cause he has a better present in mind...so now I've been trying to find out what that is lol grr =P
Anywho here are the pictures and now I've got lots of blog-catching up to do!

Progress so far

those are some pictures of the scarf I've been working on from the Leaf Scarf pattern^_^ sometimes it's really confusing when you loose focus and forget where you were because most rows looks the same but obviously they're not lol and so I've made two mistakes but nothing you can clearly see so it's ok^_^ I'm really loving the sparkley effects you can't really tell on the pictures and I know one of them is out of focus, but our camera has decided it doesn't want to focus when the flash isn't on and I just wanted to show it without the flash so you could see the true colours so I had no choice but to settle with an out of focus picture lol

Have a nice weekend everyone


Happy winter everyone!

Ok so only half of the planet will be in the winter now but I just wanted to say it, just because it's the christmas month and everybody usually starts feeling all christmassy and cozy...or maybe that's just me lol we've done most of our chirstmas shopping and now we've got nearly no money left but it's worth it! I love giving ppl gifts it's so great to give a good present because you know they'll appreciate it^_^ We've even baught some advent calendars.. Over the Hedge advent calendars lol we were hoping for Simpsons but I loved the Over the Hedge movie so it's fine.. it was either that or Barbie lol! If you haven't seen over the hedge yet then you should.. eventhough it's an animated movie it's still really funny and well made! I also realllly enjoyed Monster House it looked amazing for an animated movie and the story was great and fun! I've always loved those type of films.. well ever since they've started excisting anyway^_^
We also watched Pirates of the Carribean:Dead mans Chest not too long ago and I enjoyed it even more then the first one I especially liked how the crew of the Flying Dutchman looked it's amazing^_^
I've given up on crocheting the bolero for my sister I've started a scarf instead... and I don't think she really visits my blog often anyway so I think it's safe to say what pattern I'm using...I've put the link in my right sidebar under the To Do section and the pattern is called Leaf Scarf.. I'm using a sparkley yarn.. it has a golden lurex thread in it so it's really pretty^_^ ...let's just hope shes not reading this now LOL!
Can't post any pictures yet, because I've only just started and I had some problems with the pattern yesterday as I didn't understand what YO was and PSSO aswell but I went to KnittingHelp.com and as usual I'm all good to go now! =D I still have to work on my parents knitted presents aswell so I need to hurry lol I hope I'll get it all done in time!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Looook what I got through the post today! A package from Vik from Argentina!! It had a veryYyy beautiful skein of 100% wool in it, a little chirstmas angel and a super special little present full of hugs from Vik.. on the note attached it said:

"This is a very special gift
That you can never see
The reason it's so special is
It's just for you from me.

Whenever you are lonely
Or ever feeling blue
You only have to hold this gift
And know I'm hugging you.

You never can unwrap it
Please leave the ribbon tied
Just hold the box close to your heart
It's filled with hugs inside."

Isn't that sweet? THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH Vik!!! I can't tell you how much I love everything you sent!! I heard Santa is going to visit Crochetville to see what's on Viks wishlist!^_^
Ofcourse I'm going to have to find a special project to use this special wool on! so I'm off to hunt for projects online^_^ Thank you so much again Vik!


I've decided that I'm making the Short N Sweet for my sister so I can't show you any progress on here, but I have posted some pics on the 'Ville... but then again I can't post a link LOL I don't think she visits my blog often but I just don't want to risk ruining it^_^ I've finished the back so far and now I'm working on the right front part and surprisingly I've not made any mistakes yet! I've had to ask for help on the ville though but at least I get it now^_^ Oh and since I started this project I've leanrt 3 new stitches! I was that excited about it I had to brag on Crochetville lol! I learned the V-stitch, the FPdc(front post double crochet) and the BPdc(back post double crochet)... the last two sound really confusing but they're really easy and they give such a great effect I really love to use them! I just hope I'll get everything done in time to send everything off for christmas (we're spending christmas in England this year.. we went to Holland last year). And I'm also planning on crocheting or knitting my mom something nice to wear so I can give it to her when we go over to visit next january.. let's face it I'm not fast enough to finish two wearable garments in time for christmas lol looks like I'll have to start making things wayyyyyy earlier next year^_^


Everything you never wanted to know about me.



When I watched the Steve Irwin memorial ceremony on Animal Planet ='(

It's ok.. it's kind of getting fussy though because I've not had to write alot anymore lately.

Meat? erm none I'm vegetarian lol

Yeah I like to think I'm alright =)

A creative journal yes.


Maybe depends where and what from.

Wheataflakes hmmmm

Depends on which shoes I'm wearing.

Not at the moment.. I've been planning to start working out for ages but I just don't seem to get to the point of actually doing it lol

One Sweet Whirl by Ben&Jerry's... I can't believe they discontinued it! =(

UK6 (that's 39 in european mainland size).


The fact that I've always got a hard time making decisions.. when I've finally made one I always doubt it.. I guess that's just Libra for you though!

My mom and dad and sis.

Nah that's ok.

I'm wearing blue jeans, khaki-green shirt and I'm not wearing shoes just my nice and cozy slipper-boots^_^

Toast with melted butter^_^

Friends on t.v. lol (I love "fat" Monica (that is Monica with a fat suit on) shes awesome)

Purple or lime green (I'm not being a copy cat it just happends to be my fav colour).

Freshly cut grass and those dark brown wood chips some ppl have in their gardens..their also usually at playgrounds.. I don't know what you call it =S

Some lady from the Princes Trust =S

That's not fair hehe I can't just pick one I love them all!

Yeah she seems pretty kool^_^

Tea with honey^_^ I hate anything alcohol I just can't stand the taste of it.

Does horseback riding count? I like to watch snowboarding and surfing.

Hazel. Although one eye is more green and brown and the other is more grey, brown and a bit of yellow.

? I have no idea..


Lasagna (vegetarian obviously).

I'd have to say Scary Movies, because a good movie doesn't have to have a happy ending.

Summer I like snow but I hate being cold!

I'd rather travel by boat although I do like the feeling of the plane lifting off.

Anything fruity..especially fruity cheesecake!

I'm reading Wuthering Heights at the moment. It's not really been the best book so far, but I've just been doing lots of things lately so maybe I've just not been in the mood.

Nothing it's just plain red =(

Planet Earth. David Attenborough rules.

The singing of whales.

Beatles, I can't stand Mick Jaggers big mouth lol

That would have to be Venice, Italy.

Define special.. can't think of anything although I have always had a special connection with animals, I've never been attacked by any and they always seem to want my attention for some reason(when I was little I thought I could talk to them lol).

Woensel, Eindhoven, The Netherlands =)

I swiped it from Amy.

At last

I've finally been able to take some pictures to show all the things I've been doing lately! The picture you can see above was taken by me when me and David went to the park about a week ago. I just love how the morning sun shines through the trees it's so beautiful so I just had to take a picture of it and I think it turned out pretty nice^_^ I love autumn it might be cold sometimes but I love all the colours and the leafs blowing around everywhere making everything colourfull^_^ When we were in that park I also collected some leafs which I used in my new art journal and I took some pictures of it.. I've not finished with the left page yet so it's still in progress I'm thinking of drawing around the images I sticked on to the page.. we'll see. Anywho here are some pics of the journal:

I can't turn them into thumbnails for now because Imageshack doesn't want to work today so I'll just try and upload them again tomorrow. With the image being this small the artjournal page just looks like a big mess lol I enjoy doing it anyway so that all that matters isn't it. And hopefully for christmas I'll get some more things I can use in there^_^

I've also taken a picture of the progress I've made in the gloves (Knucks) I'm knitting for my SIL-to be. So here it is:

It doesn't look brilliant yet, but it's the first time I've had to use 2 different colours in this pattern but I'll work it all out in the end. The green also looks alot brighter on the picture then it does in real life. I've just not been really motivated to knit them the last couple of days I think it's because it's the third time I've done this pattern now so it kind of gets boring lol I'm thinking of starting teh bolero tonight or tomorrow I just can't help but want to make it I mean I've even got the wool for it and everything I just NEED to make it! lol^_^ I even took a pic of the wool so you could see the colour it will be. I really like the colour and how it's shiny aswell it's really nice and soft. But Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me put up another picture so it'll have to wait till tomorrow I'm afraid *sigh* can't wait for imageshakc to start working again it's just so much better to be able to put up a thumbnail so you can see the image in the real size instead of having it small and unclear like you get them on here with Blogger. I wish they would just send me that Blogger Beta invite aswell already.. it's a little unfair how some ppl have had an invite and most haven't they should just let you switch when you want. Ohwell I suppose it'll happen soon. Today has been a really cold, windy and rainy day over here it's really starting to feel more like winter then autumn now. The winds blowing that hard you can hear it everywhere. Storm always seems to put the cats into a nutty mood aswell.. they just start running around the house for no reason lol Anywho thats it for today (until I get to fix the pictures) I hope everyone is having a great weekend^_^


*edit* I've finally managed to upload other pictures yay lol so here are some pics of the yarn I'm using for the Short N Sweet Bolero from the Happy Hooker book:


Your Winter Look is Cute
You always bring color to a dreary winter day!

Cute? lol colourfull I agree with though.. I always have to have colourfull things it makes me feel happy which is I guess why I dislike dark grey things (unless it's clothing) because it always makes me feel down I don't know why.. I guess I'm just odd lol I'll take some pictures of my progress tonight and my notebook/crafty journal so I'll be posting them tomorrow!
I hope everyone is having a great day^_^

More like Holloween

pic by David

That was our Halloween pumpkin and to be honest that was the best thing about it lol We didn't get many trick or treaters.. I think we only handed sweets our like 3 times so we still had lots left.. and still have some left now, but I doubt it'll last much longer lol!I have been working on my SIL's Knucks and I've nearly finished knitting the first glove so that's coming along nicely. She asked me to knit in stripes, which I hadn't done before with the Knucks so I actually learned something new aswell^_^ The main colour is green and the stripes on them are black (leftovers from Davids knucks) so they look pretty kool.. well the first one does anyway lol I'm wanting to use the textured cuff on them but I've heard so many complaints about them that I've decided to wait until I've got time to knit a second pair for myself just to see what it will look like. I'm not sure what colour I'm wanting to make them yet I'm thinking of using a more neutral colour then pink hehe. But yeah I've still got lots to do before I can even start those so we'll see when I'll start them^_^ Corrine (my SIL-to be) also asked me if I could make her a tanktop so I'm going to see if I can find a kool pattern and decide weather I'll knit or crochet it. Looks like I'm going to have to delay the Bolero I was going to crochet for myself, but that's ok atleast I'll get some presents done for x-mas.Last time I posted we went for a walk in the park and I also bought some things from my birthday money.. a Notebook which I'm using as my "creative journal", some stickers I'll be using in the journal, some craft glue, some colour pens and two new bookmarks.. I love their (the Works) bookmarks so now I've got nearly all of them lol! My "notebook" has a fairy with glitters on the front and it's a hardback cover so that's kool. I actually picked up some leafs when we were in the park and I put some in my journal and looked up on the internet from what trees they're from so I could write it down. I'll take some pictures soon. I'm actually wanting to create the effect that I've seen on this page, except they did it in old books, hence the name "altered books" lol. I just love the way it looks and I especially love all the vintage images.. I'll have to find some somewhere I guess you can find them online and print them out. Am I the only one who loves this? I think it's great. Although I couldn't possibly use an old book that I actually love.. I'd have to use a book about something useless lol!Anyhow I hope everyone has had a great Halloween! Have a great weekend!^_^

New look!

Woohoo I've finally been able to upload my new blog template! I actually finished it a few days ago, but Blogger was having problems and it wouldn't let me republish my blog or post anything so I had to wait.. which was hard because I was anxious to show everybody what I had been working on! I'm still not completely finished.. need to work on a few things here and there but I'm getting there! So what do you all think?^_^ I'm going to town now and see if I can spend some of my birthday money teehee and maybe walk in the park a bit and collect some autumn leaves. Have a good day everyone!^_^

I've been looking through all the new patterns on Knitty and CrochetMe and I've found lots that I want to do, but I actually saw two that I NEEED to do they're just so fab... Ivy and Intolerable Cruelty I just love them!
I think that, because I haven't done any knitting or crocheting for a while, my hands have started to get restless and in need to touch yarn lol I'm just still trying to decide what to start with first.. my SIL-to be Knucks that I promised to knit over 2 months ago (lol) or the crocheted Bolero from the Happy Hooker book. I also still need to knit my MIL some Knucks so I'm thinking of doing those first.. I always hate the first bit of the Knucks.. the whole tightness of the needles when your connecting the fingers together and starting the first few rounds of the glove, but then when I'm actually doing it I love it and it seems to go superfast depending on how much time I've got to knit. Yeah I've just decided I'm going to finish all the promised Knucks first I'd only feel selfish to start something for myself again when I actually said I'd knit them things aswell.. besides I like giving things away that I've enjoyed making (well to people who I know will appreciate it anyway lol)^_^ I'd do it all the time if I'd just have some more money to buy all the things I need to make all the things I'd want to give to people *sigh* ohwell maybe someday^_^
I've just finished reading Mary Reilly by Valerie Martin and I loved it. I remember reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for English class when I was in school and I remember I loved the book and when I found this book in a charityshop I had to buy it just to read the story from a different point of view and I'm glad I did. I just love reading books about Victorian days even more so by actual Victorian writers, prefably female writers, I don't know why I just love the stories because they usually give away so much detail like what people ate back in those days and how they dressed and how they talked. It's sometimes funny to read dialects because they oftenly still talk the same.. like in the book I've started reading right now (Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte) Emily actually lived up here in Yorkshire and so far I've already found a few dialogues with Yorkshire accents in it and it's funny because I can actually understand it because everyone around me speaks it... about two years ago I wouldn't have understood a word of it! I love the Bronte novels and the fact that all the sisters are from Yorkshire. I've not yet been to Thornton, but I will someday soon. I think I like Anne best I read her life story and so far one of her books (The tenant of Wildfell Hall, I even made a drawing of the main character in the book I loved it that much lol) and it ended up being one of my favourite books ever. I've not been able to find her other book anywhere yet, it's called Agnes Grey and supposedly it's based on her own life experiences. I went to Scarborough not too long ago and before we went I read that that's where she died and that she walked along the beach the day before she passed away. So when I walked along that beach I remembered and it was strange to realise she was there over 150 years ago and saw the same things I saw (not much has changed) and I know why she loved it there so much cause I love it the same. Although I wouldn't live there as that would take away it's specialness^_^ wow I've been rambling on and on lol Am I the only one that loves all (well minus the dirty circumstances they had to live in and all that lol) things Victorian? Have any of you ever read Wuthering Heights? Old books like these always have difficult or old words in them which I like because it means I'm learning at the same time.. yes I'm a geek.
Have a nice day everyone!

Hmm Chocolate...

That is the cake I made for Davids birthday last sunday^_^ It turned out to taste reallly good so I was really happy about that! It was a chocolate sponge cake and I put strawberry jam in the middle and I covered it in melted milkchocolate which became hard after being in the fridge for a while^_^ It was a bit awkward to mix it all because we don't own a mixer ..not even a hand mixer lol so I had to do it with a fork, but it turned out great so it was worth it!^_^
Remember this bag?:

Well as I said last time I lined it when I got my sewingmachine and this is what it looks like with the lining in it:

I think it ended up looking fine for my second attempt at lining ever^_^
My first attempt was in my cableknit bag and well it didn't turn out perfect but it's bearable lol I made a mistake when I put in the handles.. I accidently put them too much too the side on one end which you can see in the picture but ohwell it's not like anyone can tell when I'm carrying it.. and not like anyone would notice anyway lol Here is one side of the bag.. and as always Kallie was being nosey as you can see hehe:

And here is the other side and the inside of the bag:

The holes in the lining will become the button holes btw. All in all I'm quite happy with it^_^
One last picture for now to show and that's of my sewingmachine yes I'm sad lol It's a Janome Sew Mini.. it's not all that mini it's only a tad bit smaller then a normal sewing machine and it does 8 different stitches plus it has a special thing to sew in zippers and everything so I'm really happy with it!
The last couple of days I've been down with the flu which is not so great... it feels like I've been hit in the face with a block of concrete and my nose keeps running..when it's not blocked that is and all the sneezing is giving me a bad headache *sigh*. I actually got it because David had it first and then he passed it on to me and his mom and her bf lol so now we're all sat here coughing and sniffing and talking all nasal! ohwell I think I've been quite lucky because I've not had a proper cold for almost 2 years now so yeah that's not too bad considering some people get it all the time. That just shows I must have a good immune system and having the flu every now and then only improves it so I've heard.
I don't know if I'm the only one who play the Sims but the other day the new add on came out called The Sims2 Pets and it's great to have something different to create and have in the game.. I like decorating and creating sims the best it's just so much fun =P I've always thought of it as a digital 3d version for adults of playing with dolls/barbies hehe^_^
I can't believe it's going to be Halloween again soon already, it still feels like it should be summer to me. It's strange for me to have Halloween anyway because they don't celebrate it in Holland well not when I was growing up anyway they only introduced it like 3 years ago so I never got to do it until I moved to England and thsi will be my second Halloween and yesterday I even baught a witches hat so I can open the door in a more fun way! and David got a scary mask hehe and we also baught lots of sweets to hand out so at least we're prepared^_^ I hope they'll show Caspar on tv again I love that movie (with Christina Ricci)!
I've still not started on my Bolero from the Happy Hooker book, but I'm thinking of starting tomorrow so we'll have to see how that turns out it'll be my first ever crocheted wearable item!^_^
Have an nice weekend everybody! Hugs^_^

I'm back^_^

It's been a while since I've posted.. infact it's been a while since I've been on blogger at all. I came on last night to see if I've had any comments and I was actually surprised to see that I've been missed^_^ I was like awww you guys are all worried about me hihi^_^ I really appreciate your concern and I've missed you all too! I've got lots of catching up to do with your blog posts and then on Crochetville ofcourse aswell!^_^ So thank you Vik, Jeanie and Amy it's always nice to know you've got some friends.. if you don't mind me calling you that^_^
As you know I was obviously upset by the death of Steve Irwin and it really got to me and made me sad for ages... I don't know why it got to me that bad but it did. I actually felt guilty for not having done as much for the environment and the animals and the world as Steve and Terri have done I felt like I should be doing lots of things just like they do and actually felt like doing things like knitting and crochet weren't important enough so I hadn't done it for ages. I hope I'm not sounding weird now btw. But meanwhile I've come to realise as I've been reading lots about Terri and Steve's lives, that even they do different things that they like and I was being too hard on myself. You can still love animals and do things for the environment and have a hobby. This all might sound crazy or weird but this is really how I felt, please don't think I'm crazy lol. I'm still sad that he's dead and his family is in my thoughts everyday (poor Terri I feel so sad for her and also Bindi and Bob and Steve's dad and sisters ofcourse =( ) and I will never forget him and I'll forever make sure he'll never be forgotten (along with millions of other people) and I'll never forget everything I've learned from him. I also try to catch his shows on Animal Planet and Discovery kids as often as I can just because they're so much fun to watch^_^ I've always loved animals and I know my fair bit about them, but for some reason I never thought of working with them up until this all happend. I've been looking for jobs with animals everywhere and so far no luck, but I'm not giving up^_^
Anywho, it was my birthday on October 4th and I turned 22!^_^ I got lots of presents including the sewingmachine I've wanted for ages.. I got that from my darling David^_^ I've been practising loads on spair fabric and I even managed to finish my cable knit bag (still need to sew on the buttons but apart from that it's done)!! it's not perfect (the sewing) but I'm pretty happy with the results and I even used it going to the shops yesterday! I also put the lining in my In Bloom clutch from the Happy Hooker book so that's finally finished.. well it needs a button again but apart from that it's done^_^ I've got lots of pictures to take lol!
My mom sent me a really nice pair of trousers, 2 nice tops and some pices of fabric to use on the sewingmachine. Including a piece of corduroy fabric with a pattern to sew a skirt! it's really nice light brown corduroy with printing on it.. pictures are coming soon^_^ I'm just kind of sacred to use the fabric because I don't want to ruin it hehe so yeah I'm still practising^_^
My sister also sent my a really nice shirt with a little drawn tiger on it that I'm wearing right now and some perfume (Love by Morgan) and matching bodylotion, so now I can't help but smell even nicer everyday^_^ She also added a scented candles set^_^ And they both sent David some shirts aswell (my sis gave him a Foo Fighters shirt and my mom gave him two casual t-shirts) for his birthday which is TOMORROWWW btw hehe ^_^ he will turn 22 aswell.. he was born 11 days after me^_^ He already claimed his present from me which was a Playstation2.. he said he used to have one years ago and loved the games so he really wanted to have it again and as he's really impatient he just had to have it the day I baught it which was a few weeks ago lol I am however baking him a cake either today after I've finished this post or tomorrow morning... which I'm kind of scared of ruining lol This will be the second time I'll bake a cake on my own and last time it.. lets say disastrously failed, but I blame that on the fact that it was a real difficult cake and I was confused with the recipe *sigh* so yeah I'm really hoping I'll do it right this time. It will be a chocolate cake and just to be on the safe side I baught a cake mix lol so if this goes wrong I don't think I'll ever bake anything again! so please cross your fingers for me^_^
My next project is going to be the bolero from the Happy Hooker book. I'm not really sure if I can do it though because the yarn I'm going to use has a different gauge then the pattern uses but I'm just going to go for it and see if I can do it and if it turns out smaller then I'll just add some rows and vice versa^_^ Has anyone done that bolero yet? I've never crocheted a wearable item before so I can't wait to see how it turns out!
The weather over here has really turned around in the last couple of days.. it was still like summer out there up until last week when it suddenly started to be a bit chilly.. normally it all happens gradually but it was just weird.. one day it was sunny and warm and the next it was foggy and rainy and cold. And people still claim that climate change isn't something to worry about.. pfft I learned about it when I was in school and I've always taken it seriously... if only more people had then we wouldn't have had this problem anymore. I really don't have time for people who are ignorant about the environment and nature. wow I've been rambling for ages lol I better stop now!
I hope everyones having a great weekend!
Knitting love, Petra^_^

~•Rest In Peace•~

I still can't believe it.. Steve Irwin is dead =( I've been depressed ever since I heard about it yesterday after coming home from town. It was really weird too because while we were in town we went into a bookshop and they had a Crocodile Hunter book on sale and we actually picked it up and giggled because it was a kids book with pop-up things in it and a cd and it had pages filled with just his phrases like "Crikey!"...I wish I baught it now =( It's just so strange to know he died by being stabbed in the heart by a stingrays barb... he would have been fine if he would've been stabbed somewhere else.. it's just not fair why do all the good people always have to pass away too soon =(I don't know why I'm so upset about it, I didn't even know him but we used to always watch him on telly and I learned so much from him and his wife. It must be so hard for her to loose the one she loves I feel so sorry for his family I wish I could send them some strength =(
I loved everything he did and stood for not to mention faught for. I wish there were more people like him out there. I've heard that lots of australians don't like him because they think he made them look like "stereotypical australians", but that's not true he made them look like people who love their country and animals and take care of their animals and land. If I was Australian I would be proud to be compared to him.
"Crikey mate" you will be missed Steve, may you rest in peace =(



I've finally gotten rid of my lazy moods hehe I finished knitting the bagpart and I've sewn up the sides so now I have to knit the bag handles, sew in the lining and attach the buttons and then it'll be finito!^_^
So far it looks like this:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I'm going to use 2 of these buttons on the bag:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I know they're not anything special but they're all I have...I actually had to take them off this old pair of gloves that I have and the buttons didn't really have any use on them so I figured they may aswell have a purpose!
I'm using some leftover black fabric for the lining and I'm kind of anxious about sewing it in as I haven't got a clue how to! I think I'm going to wait until I get the sewingmachine for my bday so it'll look nicer, but I still won't know how to... so if anyone has any tips on how to sew in lining then pleaseeee help me out^_^
Asides from that we (me, David and his sis) have been playing this new xbox360 game called Saints Row all day (well they played mostly I knitted the whole time I only played for like 45mins)... David has been anticipating this game for like a year so he was really excited about it and we even pre-orderd it and got a free Saints Row t-shirt with it! How kool is that^_^ I usually tend to like role-playing games like Oblivion and Fable (I've completed that twice) I like adventure games it's just more fun...I do like shoot-em up games but only for like half an hour just when I'm tired of playing other games. I also LOVED playing Thief: Deadly Shadows unfortunatly that's the only one they braught out on xbox (there are 4 different Thief games). I loved the story in it and the whole atmosphere in the game I wish they would make another one and I've heard rumours that they will but who knows when and if it's true. I do know they their making a Fable2 though so I'm excited about that... yes,yes I know.. games are for kids, but I guess I still am a kid when it comes to videogames^_^
sorry to ramble on about games instead of the usual stuff, but I'm sure I'm not the only knitting/crocheting/crafting/artist out there who likes games aswell??
Have a nice day everyone!!^_^


What Your Soul Really Looks Like
You are very passionate and quite temperamental. While you can be moody, you always crave comfort.
You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds.
You believe that people see you as a bit small and insignificant. People pay more attention to you than you think.
Your near future is a lot like the present, and as far as you're concerned, that's a very good thing.
For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

You know...that really is what I'm like! I love doing those little quizzies when I'm bored^_^ I also did another one to see if I'm left brained or right brained and this were the results:

You Are 20% Left Brained, 80% Right Brained
The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.
The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Everything about the right sided brain suits me perfectly but I am also good at math and I have good attention to detail but then again it did say I'm 20% left brained aswell so that should be right^_^

Anyway, I haven't really done much knitting this weekend I didn't do any yesterday so I'm still only 3/4 done with the cable bag, but I'm going to do some more today so hopefully the last part of the bag will be done tonight and all I'll have to do then is knit the handles and sew it all up and put some lining in.
We've actually been watching the AllStar Cup on ITV1 lol it's just funny to see Alice Cooper, Meatloaf and Bruce Forsyth play golf hehe. There's even one Dutch person playing...Ruud Gullit.. people won't even know who he is unless your Dutch or into footy. I normally would never watch golf I find it boring, but I don't know if I would find it boring to play because I've never played it and I want to give it a try one day. The only sports I'm good at are basketball and fieldhockey, I'm ok at football as long as I'm not in the goal (for some reason I like to dive away from the ball instead of catch it..) lol! I think that if I was born as a boy I would've been a football player right now, because my dad used to be the coach/trainer of a football team when we still lived in Eindhoven (Holland), until we moved when I was almost 6...back in 1990(..omg that sounds like a century away lol). My whole family is inevitably connected with Brabant (it's a province in the south of Holland)...especially my dad's side of the family. I even know of a street in Eindhoven (Halve Maan straat) which is filled with people that have the same last name as me lol and almost everyone in that part of the family used to work for Philips, which used to just make light bulbs, but is now one of the worlds biggest electronics company, you can read the history on their site when you click on Philips.. it might be boring to you but as it's so connected to my family and to where I'm from I think it's kind of kool how it got to be such a big company. Maybe I'm just boring lol. I love going back to Brabant, I think I have at least one family member living in each of the towns in that province, not to mention that it's a really nice place to visit. It always seems that the more you go downsouth in Holland the more green gets and the more hills there are (there are basically no hills whatsoever in 90% of Holland except for downsouth lol) and I love my fields and hills and green land (I don't think I could ever live in a big city I'd get bored) which is probably why I love it here in Yorkshire^_^ I think I love the Peak District even more it's so beautiful. I went there for the first time a few months ago and I was just in awe at all the green and hills and I LOVED driving through Winnats Pass near Castleton... it's hard to explain how awesome it was driving through it but in the Winnats Pass picture you can see how tiny that person looks so you can tell how huge it is and imagine driving through it!^_^ We also went inside a few caves in that area, we went to the Blue John Cavern which is the only cave in the world that has Blue John in it so that was pretty kool. And then we went to the Speedwell Cavern which was just before Winnats Pass and you tour through the tunnel in a small boat, because the tunnels are flooded, I liked seeing the Bottomless pit and being on a boat instead of walking for a change.
Oiy I've gone on for ages! so I'll leave you while you're (hopefully) viewing the picture of the beautiful Peak District^_^

Book meme

I've pinched this "book meme" from Emma-Jane
Here is my take on it^_^:

1. One book that changed my life:
I honestly can't think of a book that changed my life, but I know a book that helpe dem in my life... Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick. I read it when I was younger and still in school and it helped me get through all the bullying I got everyday.

2. One book I have read more than once:
Jane Eyre.. do I need to say who wrote it? lol well it's Charlotte Bronte incase you didn't know ^_^

3. One book I would want on a desert island:
Rose Madder by Stephen King it's one of the best books I've ever read.

4. One book that made me laugh:

Freak the Mighty ^_^.

5. One book that made me cry:

None so far.

6. One book I wish I'd written:

None so far. =(

7. One book I wish had never been written:

again...none so far... lol this is fun ain't it!

8. One book I am currently reading:

"It" by Stephen King it just seems to be taking me forever to finish it because I'm always busy doing something else hehe and when I do get the time I'm really tired and I can't keep my eyes open lol I really like it though especially because I have only seen the film once and it was when I was about 10 (it scared me so badly I instantly got a phobia for clowns lol) so I can't remember the story which makes it more fun to read the book and it's actually spooky when reading it at night.

9. One book I have been meaning to read:

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. I've read lots of reviews and I'm drawn to the story line I'd also like to read Immortality by him^_^


Meanwhile I've been working on my cabled bag and I'm almost 3/4 done so it's going well! I'm still thinking about what kind of handles I'm wanting to use and If I'm just going to sew up the sides or if I'm going to knit two pieces to put in the sides so the bag will be wider. We'll see.

I've finally got paid... what? yes I've got MONEY lol so yesterday we went to a few shops and ended up in this lil shop called Eu Naturel and I ended up buying some oil pastel crayons so I might be working with them soon. I'll have to find an actual object to draw this time^_^

Has anyone ever seen Ariana Richards art? If you don't know her by name then you might know her when I tell you that she was the little girl in Jurassic Park, she's obviously grown up now and well as you can see she's really good at what she does! I wish I knew what I was doing with oil paints alredy so I could have a proper go at it...maybe I should get a college course in painting?^_^

I hope everyones having a good weekend!

Latest news from the doodle corner

Yesterday I had been doodling with watercolours and this is what I came up with:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I know it's not brilliant but I'm still new to watercolours so I guess I did ok. I made it all up as I went along so maybe it'll look better when I use an actual object to paint^_^
I also has a go on Photoshop after being inspired by this awesome style of art by Siljes on her blog and I really wanted to try it so here is what I came up with in my first attempt:

Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com

She told me she uses Adobe Illustrator and I didn't even know that program excisted hehe so I downloaded the trial version yesterday and I'll be trying it out today so hopefully I can come up with another one^_^ What do you think? I know it's simple but that's the way it's supposed to be...I think hehe I know I could do better it's just a quick trial project so hopefully I'll be able to make a better one soon!

I've also got some progress on the cabled bag, I'm almost halfway through already^_^ In this first ball of Fusion yarn I've had a lot of the mustard type of colour so I'm hoping to have some more of the purple and blua and red in the next ball just to have some contrasts^_^

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Asides from that I'm also trying to design a new template for my blog and I'm about half way done but I'm hoping to be able to do better now I've got Adobe Illustrator as you have a section just for templates^_^ I think that I'll be changing my templates often once I get the hand of it just to keep my blog fresh and new! I'm kind of bored of this everylasting black already to be honest hehe so I hope I'll have it done soon so you can all see it!
Have a nice day everyone!^_^


I've been working on my first cable knitted project for a few days now. I was planning on making the cabled bag from Garnstudio, but in the beginning the diagram confused me so I tried to do the "not Nicole bag" by Tonya, but I didn't have the yarn for it so after trial and error I decided to do my own pattern which is a mixture of both patterns. The yarn I'm working with (Fusion by Wendy) doesn't work up very tight so I had to drop a few needle sizes to get a better tension and even now I think I could do it a little tighter, but it'll have to do hehe^_^
Anyway here is what I've done so far:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I'm loving the colours so far as it's never just one colour and it's fun to see the colours work out. I'm writing it all down as I go along so I could put up the pattern if anyone will be interested^_^
I didn't go to the interview today because I found out in the letter that they sent me that it would only be for a weekend parttime job and I wouldn't make enough money from it to even bother. Yesterday when we rang the jobcenter to enquire about when we're going to get paid there was a whole lot of confusion and at one point they actually thought they had left our forms (which would mean that we would have to put in a new claim and it would take at least another 2 weeks before we would see any money) so we kind of freaked out, but it turned out that (after 5 weeks) our forms had been sent to a decision maker and we would find out when we would get paid in the next few days...*sigh* ohwell on the bright side it means that they owe use 4 weeks of money so at least that's something to look forward to. sorry for the whiney part of the post but I had to vent somewhere. I'm just glad I have some yarn left so I can still keep crocheting and knitting lol^_^

My new blog button^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


I've negelected my blog a little the last few days, but I have been doing things!
I've actually finished my fiances Knucks as you can see...well minus the embroidery because he couldn't make his mind up about what he wanted on them until last night and he wants a skull and crossbones embroidered on the tophand part of each Knuck^_^ but I haven't got any white laying around so when we have some money I'll go to the LYS and see if they have a little ball of white yarn or embroidery floss^_^
I also added some cute pics of Molko and Rolo who love the cat blanky so far and Bob does too but he's hardly ever downstairs and when he is I always forget to take a picture hehe aren't they adorable though^_^ I sometimes call Molko "pinkylip" because his bottom lip is all pink and it's so cute! he's the biggest cat in the house along with Rolo who is his brother (you could probably tell) and they're both the biggest softies ever! they always want to be strocked and get kisses and come and lay down on your lap/chest and rub their faces against yours^_^ and I also added a pic of our cheeky little Kallie who's always being a lil bugger as you can see on the picture...he only just turned one^_^ we got him from Davids aunt who's cat had too more kittens then she could take care of so we took care of 3 of them for her when they were about 3 weeks old..we had to feed them everyday and help them peepee and everything until they were old enough to eat proper food and we ended up keeping Kallie^_^ It was really hard to give the other kittens back though and sadly one of them died meanwhile..he got attacked by a dog after we gave him back=(. We gave Kallie this snake toy to snuggle up to and play with so he wouldn't feel alone and he has loved that snake ever since and he's always dragging it along around the house in his mouth and playing with it...he even gets all panicky and makes funny noises when he can't find it lol bless him^_^
Anyway I've also started to knit the Garnstudio cable bag...I wanted to start the "Not Nicole" bag with Tonya's pattern but my yarn isn't bulky enough for a 9mm needle and it left huge holes when I tried to knit it so I will do that one after this bag^_^ I didn't have the right circular needle for this bag neither though and as I have no money whatsoever right now I figured I'd improvise and knit it on straight needles and sew the sides together at the end. I hope it will all work out ok...we'll see I guess hehe! I'm loving the colours of the yarn though as I'm knitting along (I'm using the Fusion yarn by Wendy that I got a while ago...and got all excited about lol) and I can't wait to begin the first cable! I'm going to use my dpn as a cable needle. If everything is going well I'll post a photo of it tomorrow^_^
Oh I almost forgot I went on the interview last wednesday and it went fine, but I found out that I'd have to be working from 6-10pm so I cannot do that job, I have to rely on the public transport and then I'd have to walk ages in the dark on a lonely quiet road...I don't think so! They told me I should "arrange" some transport then...how will I do that when there no one that can take me to work or pick me up from work?!? they just assume everyone knows someone with a car or that they drive themselves. Davids mum's bf drives yeah but he has to work all day and he's not going to drive all that way everyday to comeback in 4 hours to pick me up again that'd just be rediculous. Besides I wouldn't want to work at those hours anyway there's only be creeps coming into the shop at those hours!
I did however get another interview at a bakery/sandwhich take away shop (Bakers Oven) and it's next wednesday at 10am. I guess I'll be walking to town next week then as I'm completely skint and the jobcenter hasn't paid us for almost 5 weeks now and I'm not expecting them to pay next week neither...&#&^% jobcenter! Let's hope it won't be raining then eh? oh the glorious world of being unemployed lol
I hope everyone is having a great day/weekend^_^


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
That's the clutch I've been working on the last couple of days^_^ I probably could've finished it in a day if I worked on it constantly that's how fast it is to work up! I still have to put the lining in though, but I'm thinking of waiting with that until I have my sewingmachine so it'll look perfect^_^ btw I used the pattern from the SnB:HH book it's the InBloom clutch. So what do you think? I thought one colour would be boring so I used 2 colours instead. The grey is really a sports weight yarn and the pink is chunky worsted weight so I had to use 2 strands together when working with the grey. I'm quite happy with it so far YAY!
Today I've mostly been working on the pictures I've sent in for the Knitty 2007 Calendar contest. I obviously used the Knucks for the pictures hehe I had David (my fiance) take pictures of me wearing the Knucks and then I kind of played with it on Photoshop. Tell me what you think:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
With the first image I was trying to show how I love wearing my knucks and they make me feel like I'm wearing something pretty^_^
With the second image I was trying to show how I've seen that the Knucks are taking over the world^_^ Does any of that stand out of the images?
Today has been rather cold..it's been a while since it's been this chilly I even had to warm up to a hot drink...ooh that means that the autumn will be coming soon I've even seen how some trees are already starting to turn brown. Isn't it a little early though it usually happends somewhere around the middle of September..that's global warmer for you I guess. But hey it's our own fault we had it coming for years and people still don't see the urge in changing our ways to help the earth to heal. They only care about themselves claiming that, it's not going to happen while they're alive anyway so why should they bother, it's not their problem.. Well that's all I have to say about that I could start a whole disscussion about it hehe but it's no use..people like that won't listen anyway.
I decided to join the Dishcloth KAL aswell yesterday and made some buttons for it. I figured it won't start until the 15th of september anyway so I'll have all the things I'm working on now long finished.
I hope everybody is having a nice day!^_^


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Well there it is the blanket with border. I guess it looks a little bit better, but I think it still looks wonky. And I can't help but want to put another border on it hoping it will end up looking better, but I know that's just the perfectionist in me and my logical me is telling me I'm being silly and that I should just leave it as it is and called it a FO! I hate being a Libra sometimes...we just can't make a decision and when we have, we doubt it lol grr. What do you think, should I just leave it like this?

While I was doing the border and weaving in the ends everybody else was watching a movie called Serenity but I wasn't really in the mood to watch a movie so I didn't pay much attention...although from what I did see was that it looked like a poo movie and now I'll have to put up with the fact that we'll be watching through the whole dang series (FireFly) aswell *sigh*. It was probably just my mood though that affected my opinion, that's why I hate watching things when I'm simply not in the mood for it. I could've gone into the other room and sit on my own...but yeah..thats no fun now is it.
The only time when I want to be alone is when I'm drawing or painting, I just really need the peace and concentration. I do like to have music on though, especially Tori Amos or Bjork their music really helps me focus and it inspires me^_^ I should really do some more drawing soon or maybe some painting..I just hate how we don't have any space in this house. I love living here don't get me wrong, but we only have 3 bedrooms (our bedroom is about 2x2 1/2 square meters), 1 bathroom (including the only toilet...unless you want to use the outhouse..which is just a no-no lol..btw just so you know..no we don't use it anymore =P I had never seen an outhouse in my life until I came to the UK hehe which most ppl don't use anymore btw), a small kitchen, 1 frontroom (that doesn't fit anything more in then 2 comp desks with pc's and a 2seat sofa with coffee table) which is about 4 1/2 x 4 square meters, 1 backroom which is the same size and has a tv and a 2seat sofa and a rocking chair in it.. and I live with my fiance and we live in with his mom (and her fiance) and his sis so yeah you can image it's kinda tight and I will be happy when we have our own place and I can have a lil studio or at least space of my own to work in^_^ Finding our own place is like falling into an endless pit aswell..we have been on the counsel houses list for almost 2 years now and we are waiting for a reply about 3 flats that we have put our names in for about a month ago, but we can't get too excited because most places don't like younger people because they had bad experiences with younger people so now we have to suffer for it and we will probably never get any of those flats. I hope that if I get the job and we will both have a decent income we can start looking for a private house or flat to rent, because I don't want to live here for the rest of my life I do eventually want a place of our own you know? Anyway, I was working on my first oilpainting on a canvas a while ago, but it didn't really come out the way I wanted it to...I've never had any art classes for painting or anything so I have to teach myself or learn from books. The main thing about oilpainting that I don't get yet is how to get your paint to be as thin as you want and how you paint without being able to see the brush marks. I suppose I will learn as I go along^_^ One of my favourite artists is J.W. Waterhouse along with Joanne Bird I just love their paintings^_^
I hope everybody is having a nice day!

*edit* I just found a tutorial video on cable knitting at KnittingHelp and now I totally get it! I'm so happy^_^


Yesterday I got a call from ChoicesUK saying that they want me to come over for an interview next wednesday! yayay! it kind of scares me at the same time, because it will be the first time that I'll be working in England and I haven't been on an interview for a while so I'll be dead nervous 0_0 It will only be a parttime job but to be honest I'm quite happy about that because that way I'll still have enough time to keep up with my knitting and crocheting =P My fiance was already saying that if I get the job I'll have to take home lots of promotional stuff from movies and games...especially Superman lol He likes Superman lots and not to forget ANYTHING from Saint's Row or GTA^_^
Well I finished my cat blanket aswel...as you can tell I'm kind of hiding it in the middle of my post...I'm just not really happy with the outcome. I wish I would have blocked all the squares before attaching it all together and finding out they'd all be bent and some uneven. I've just never blocked anything before so I didn't think of it. Thanks for the tip again Vik!
Ok well I assume your all just dying to see my wonky blanket (mind my enthousiasm lol!)...so here it is:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Is it really as bad as I'm fearing it is? I was going to felt it to hide it's hideousness a little but then I suddenly rememberd that I used 100% acrylic yarn so there wasn't going to be any felting *sigh* it feels lovely and soft and it smells devine though heehee^_^ I still have to weave in the loose ends obviously. All the cats except for one (Bigsey the most scaredy cat on the planet lol) have been kind of cautious of the new blanket so far, but I'm sure that when I weave in the ends and I put it down on the sofa they'll get used to it. I mean they even like to lay on plastic bags when there is one on the floor hehe! Oh and I just got a great tip from someone on Crochetville...she said I should crochet a border around it which would make it straight^_^ woohoo there's hope afterall!
I've decided that I'm not going to make the Garnstudio bag just yet, instead I'm going to practise cables first by using the pattern from Tonya^_^ So thank you somuch for that Tonya! I'm not going to use wooden handles though..I'm thinking of crocheting a strap myself or maybe two handles^_^
I found out about this kool festival yesterday along with my new fav knit cast called BritKnitCast^_^ anyway the festival is called Woolfest...you can hear all about it in episode 3 of the knitcast aswell. I just wish I would have found out about it before it actually happend lol it was in Cumbria in June I think *sigh* but I'm deffinatly wanting to go next year! I mean it'll be like heaven...yarn everywhere and people who love it just as much as you do!^_^
I am however thinking of going to the Penistone Show...it's not to far from where I live and it's basically a farmers market but they also do lots of crafty things including knitting and crocheting^_^ plus it will also have horses there, I love horses! I used to ride when I was younger but then the lessons got kind of expensive so I stopped, but if I could I would start again now.
I hope everbody has had/ is having a nice day^_^


I've just found out about this magazine called Knitscene and I've seen loadsss of projects in the newest issue that I want to make! I deffinatly want to make the Molly Ringwald top, the crocheted "graffiti" top, the central park hoodie (I love it!), (maybe) the "mint Julep", Camisa and Flamenco (look at the bonus photo it's a lot more detailed)...why are there always so many things I want to knit or crochet!!!
I'll have to look in every shop to find it hopefully and if not then I'll see if I can buy it on here, they seem to have reasonable prices^_^
I'm still not sure what to make with my fabulous new wool...i LOVEE it hehe it's so soft I can't stop touching it heehee *geek*^_^ I really want to make something that I can wear but it has to be something I REALLY like and the colours are to beautiful to hide so I have to show it off =P I'm still having a tug of war between the lacey bolero, a bag (this one or this one) or maybe a hat? *sigh*
Anyway I'm off to join all my granny squares (I've finally finished them all YAY!! so you'll hopefully be seeing the results tomorrow!) and watch CSI:Miami and some Kyle XY afterwards^_^

Looky look!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
All say: "OOOoohhh"^_^ it's my new wool isn't it pretty? I'm really excited about it *yes I'm a geek*, because it's the first beautiful and kind of expensive yarn (it costs about £3 per ball) I've ever had! And it's sooooooo soft too!^_^ It's called "Fusion" by Wendy and it's 50% wool, 50%acrylic. It's the first time since I've been to our LYS that I've seen such beautiful yarn and they have it in several different colours aswell!^_^ I'm just trying to figure out what to make with it and if I'm going to crochet with it or knit with it...anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of making a shrug...I've only got two 50g balls for now but I could always get more eventually so I'm going to be busy finding the perfect pattern for it^_^ I also really like the lacy Bolero from the SnB:HH book. It's a short sleeved lacy bolero and I like the idea of having something lightweight and airy to wear over my tops^_^
Last night I crocheted 3 more squares...I don't know what it was but I kept getting distracted so I didn't get much done but I'm planning on getting more done tonight...I WILL!!
It was jobcentre time again today *sigh* if you live in the UK and you have been on jobseekers allowance or incapacity benefits then you know what my day has been like. Let's just say I REALLLY want a job, because I'm so sick and tired of being screwed over by the jobcentre. There's always something, always a problem (seriously why would it take 2 weeks for a form with our info on it to get a different floor in the same building?!?), always a delay in payment, always making us pay for their cock-ups, I've just had it. I also found out that the job for the bakery had already gone, ohwell. Haven't heard back from ChoicesUK yet neither and Icelands wasn't looking for any new staff. *sigh* Ohwell all I can do is check the papers everyday and the jobcentre website. Which btw isn't very helpful...when you try to look for local jobs it comes up with places like Glasgow and Devon..eh?!? I live in Yorkshire not Scotland or downsouth lol
Seriously, the only positive thing about today was that I got some fab yarn...and the look on my fiances face when I told him how much it had cost LOL (he didn't mind really^_^).
Sorry for the crappy post, but I had to vent somewhere. I hope everybody is having a nice day/evening.

Knitting love,

Cat blankety blank

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us (clickable images) You'll have to excuse my messy writing I had to write really fast hehe. I took the close up pic because I thought they looked like waffles piled up lol but that's just me^_^ oh and I just had to take a pic of Kallie it's a bad pic but that's because he's always moving!

Lately I've just been busy making my granny squares because I want it finished so I can continue with the Knucks again. I'm planning on making a cat blanket out of it so I'll only need 20 squares instead of 25 like it says in the CAL but I don't think that'll be a problem^_^ I've finished 10 squares now and I'll probably do like 5 more tonight. I would've had more done but you're about to find out why I didn't hehe.
We watched a movie last night and it was a spooky type of movie so we had to turn off the lights so I coudln't really see what I was doing. Anyway the movie was called The Descent. If you want to be spooked and have nightmares afterwards and lay in your bed staring at the ceiling looking for creatures then go watch it now! lol Or maybe I'm just a wimp but that movie was the first since years that I was actually scared by. So that in my eyes is one good movie! I've heard that it has a different ending in the US though which kinda stinks because the UK version (as it is an English movie) is a lot more explanatory for the ending. I read on IMDB what they gave for an ending in the US and well it's basically like telling a lie. If anyone has seen this movie and you want to know the real ending then let me know and I'll tell you^_^

little quizzy

You are Merino Wool.You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to keep you close because you are so softhearted. You love to be comfortable and warm from your head to your toes.
Take this quiz!

^_^ now I just wish I HAD some merino! *sigh*

No longer a newbie?

Last night I was working on the granny squares for the CAL and once again I realised I had forgotten that the dc is a FULL treble in UK(european)terms and I had been doing half trebles (SC in us terms) DUH! so after 2 squares...*ahem* yes that's how long it took me to realise (LOL)..I did the 3rd one correct and I redid the other two aswell. This morning when I was finishing the last square from last night, I realised I had been doing the last 2 squares without reading the pattern and I was doing fine...in fact I was starting to get bored. I also found out that with the yarn I have I'm not going to be able to make 25 squares and right now I can't really afford to buy yarn for something I don't know what to do with when finished. I suppose in the end I could turn it into a catblanket^_^ they'll have to wait till I have more leftover yarn though and deal with the fact that the colours won't match lol! Anyway I was thinking I've done several crochet projects (5 I think?) now and I've mastered all the basic stitches, so does that mean I'm no longer a newbie?

Last night we watched a movie called Sweet November, I've seen it before, but I never noticed that Charlise Theron was knitting a scarf in the movie and later on actually wears that scarf^_^ I just thought it was kinda kool...geez I'm such a kint/crochet freak! I can't help but notice all the knitted/crocheted things on telly or in movies! obsessed much? lol

I think I'll start the 2nd Knuck for my fiance tonight^_^ I'll leave you with a pic of my *fab* granny squares.

Take care!^_^

Brain overload

That's what I've been having lately with all the projects I'm planning on making in the near future...
- 25 Crocheted Granny squares (I'm working on them now)
- my fiances Knucks (I've finished one glove)
- My fiances sisters Knucks
- Cable knit bag from Garnstudio
- Hat from Garnstudio
- Crocheted skirt from Garnstudio (yeah so I like garnstudio lol).
- My first socks, I'm thinking of using THIS pattern, but if anyone knows an awesome easy pattern then please let me know^_^
Theres loads more I want to make...and when I say loads I mean LOADSSSSSSS lol but I'm going to stick with this list for a while and see if I can manage to make all of them...I hope so^_^ ...wow it really does help to vent on here hehe I think I just needed to make a list so that my mind could become abit more clear^_^
I didn't work on the Knucks last night I was trying to crochet my first granny square ever, but half way through I found out there was something wrong with the pattern so today I found a different one and I'll be trying that tonight. I'm in a CAL for that btw you can find the link for it in my sidebar (the one called Newbie CAL), I made the linkbutton for the CAL aswell, I think it turned out pretty well if I say so myself^_^
I'm hoping we'll be going to town soon because I'm wanting to apply for that job in the bakery...you're thinking why don't you just go? well I'd like to but like I've said many times before it costs rediculously much just to take the bus and go to town and we aren't the richest ppl in the world so we have to plan going to town so we can do everything we need to do in town in that one time. *sigh* having no money stinks lol
Oh yeah I was wondering...I've seen many ppl that put links in their comments here on blogger, but I can't manage to do it! How do you do that??


Ok well I couldn't manage to post the graph on here so I'm just gonna show the picture I want to use instead. I'm obviously not able to knit it yet as I'm just a beginner, but it'll deffinatly be like the ultimate knit tribute hehe!^_^ I'm going to see if I can find a good picture of Alanis Morissette aswell to use for an easier crochet graph.

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