That's the animated Meez I created lol just thought I'd share (^_^)
I found myself on Crochetville all day yesterday so I think I can say I've gone addicted lol it's just so much fun (^_^) and the people are really friendly and helpful....but on the otherside I've noticed I haven't been able to get any work done on my projects lol!


Hmpf...last night I was getting really stressed out watching the World Cup match Portugal-Netherlands... yea I was dissapointed that we lost but what really made me mad was the faul and dirty play that went on :

That was a second before Figo headbutted him in the face (O_O).

And that picture basically sums up the whole game... It just makes me so mad knowing they won the game by waisting 50 minutes of time in the second half by kicking our players down and pretending to be hurt....yes pretending...if they were really hurt then why are they running around with no care in the world two minutes after rolling around on the floor looking for a referees attention?? Don't get me wrong I'm happy for Portugal (^_^) and that they got through I've got nothing against Portugal, but what their football team did last night was wrong. And I also think that we should've played better upfront because we had so many chances and didn't score...ohwell maybe next time (^_^)

Anywayz enough about football... I figured out a way to play music on my blog! yayy! lol So from now on you can listen to the song that I love at that very moment! It's on the right side of my blog in the sidebar (^_^) and today it's Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects (^_^)....hmm I seem to be using that emoticon alot lol sorry if it's annoying =P

I did a little more sewing last night, but not alot due to the match but I'm gonna do more tonight and tomorrow =)


Yayyyy *jumps up N down* I finally managed to put up my background image on here! I think it turned out pretty nice if I say so myself (^_^) I'm still wanting to fill in the lefthand side of my blog cuz it's awfully empty... but I don't know yet if it's possible to put up more then one background image... ohwell one step at a time =)
I've not done much today anywayz I've just been stuck on the comp browsing through Crochetville lol I'll continue with my bag tomorrow and I think I might start with my Amigurumi Bear tonight or Tuesday (^_^) and obviously I'll be watching the Holland match in the world cup tonight!...though I'm kinda having doubts weatehr we'll beat em or not lol
My website of the day is just because I think they're great (O_^)

Nosey cats =)


Oops I've not posted for two days (0_0) but I've been! lol and trying to get my knitting stuff bag ready (^_^) I've nearly finished it I'm just finishing the pocket I made inside it and then I'm still going to make a special section where I can put my knitting/crochet needles so that they won't be messed up all the time anymore.
Oh btw my website of the day (as always in the blogpost title) is just because I really appreciate all the things they do for the world and I still think they're higly underappreciated by people these days! I used to donate to them (and the WWF) every month when I still had a job but I can't do that anymore until I get a job again and I will definatly donate to them again once I get a job (^_^)
I've got some pictures of my knitting bag and what it looks like so far....please don't look at the stitches lol I had to hand sew it cause we don't have a sowingmachine (^_^)

The art I ironed on the bag:
The's not finished yet!:

So far so good.... I hope (^_^)


Today I've been looking around for places to promote my blog as it seems like nobody has noticed me yet (I know I've only been on for 4 days lol).... so I came across CrochetVille and I got a very warm welcome there and some people said they were gonna visit my blog so I hope they liked it (^_^) btw the link is in the title of this post as it's become my website of the day! (0_^)
I've also been trying to find a site that tells me how I can put my own image up as a background for my blog, but so far I haven't managed to do it eventhough I did find a few sites so I might just be doing it wrong.... so yeah if anybody can help me with that please let me know cuz I'm wanting to make my blog to look less...messy and dull lol
I'm also almost done with my totebag/knitting/crocheting stuff bag (^_^) I just have to sew up the last sides and then hopefully I can iron on the art I made for it tomorrow and then it'll be done! yay! I'll obviously put up some pictures (^_O)


I first found this site (link is in blogpost title) about a year ago and actually bought some fabric off ebay to start making a totebag for all my knitting stuff, cause everywhere I looked there were (no offense) old ladies knitting bags with wallpaper flower patterns on them....don't get me wrong I love flower patterns but yeah..=/ anyway I never got around to buying the fabric for the lining and now I've just decided I'm going to use these old pair of trousers I never wear and I'm also going to use an iron on I made for it about a year ago =) What's all this got to do with the site you think? well I got the tutorial for how to make a totebag from the Crafts section =) it's an easy to use site with very clear tutorials, what more could you want? =)

One of my watercolours (^_^)

Just a random watercolour doodle (^_^)

Father's day

ok so I got lost in updating my photoshop and actually forgot to do my daily post on this blog yesterday=/ buttt I've got a kool new blog header to make up for it! =D well I like to think it's kool anyway and everyone that's seen it seems to be puzzled how I created it all in photoshop lol (everything in it has been created in photoshop except the picture of me obviously) I even kinda shocked myself that I actually managed to do it and managed to create exactly what I had in my mind for my blog =D I love working with photoshop and using tutorials and learning new things...and the fact that I actually manage to remember it all lol I'd love to know what anyone else thinks of it so please leave a comment =)
I also came up with a new purpose for my blogpost titles... from now on I'll be linking to my website of the day in every title! so the koolest site of the day will only be one click away=D ....hmm ok that sounded a bit cheesy but it's true!
Today's link is to it's a really easy to use site and has loads of tutorials on it and usefull tips aswell so I'd definatly pay a visit if you're looking for a good photoshop site =)
ah yes I've also taken some pictures of my summertop that I finished knitting about a month ago I also mentioned it in my first blog post =) so heres some pictures:

Dull N Grey

Todays been a rather dull n grey it seems like my parents (who visited last week) took the sunny weather with em back to I thought until my mum called saying they arrived back home safely wednesday at 1 am after being in England for the past 3 weeks and that the weather there is just as dull as in here good old England.
As I'm unemployed I've been looking around for jobs but as always nobody seems to have the jobs I want....I know it sounds picky but trust me you don't want me working in a job I hate they'd just end up firing me anyway =/ No I'm not an office person I just can't do with the routine and daily boredom I get depressed just thinking about it....I guess I'm like a Proboscis Monkey (long nose monkey) who can only survive on Borneo and die if they're imprisoned....(please don't forget to click on this posts title as it's a link to the Proboscis Monkey petition site=D..yes I'm such a hippy I just can't help but love all animals!).
I've also been browsing the web looking for courses I could do and I ended up liking the sound of a jewelery making course at the local college I've always wanted to do something like that so I might look into that ^_^
I also ended up finding this awesome blog learned something new altogether called... Amigurumi O_O it's so adorable! I think I'm gonna buy some new wool soon and give it a go! I love learning new things...maybe I'll even become a contributer! =D
It's Hollands second match in the world cup tonight at 5 so I'm obviously gonna be watching that and especially for todays match to show my support I made this crappy but effective banner!:

I told you it was crappy...but effective ^_^ Kinda have my doubts though I mean it is the Ivory Coast we're playing and they're pretty good! But you've got to have faith haven't you =D In the end I'm not really bothered who wins I'll be happy for anybody that wins it's just fun to watch it =D

Hmm I wanted to add two of my watercolours I scanned but for some reason the images won't show up in my post =/ so I'll try again tomoz =)

Introduction and Confusion

I'm a first time blogger today! =)

Wow, I've seen so many kool blogs so I decided to make one of my own and that's when I found out that either I'm a total THICKO or everybody's a total genius online =\ lol I guess all there's left for me to do is hope I'll get used to things in the long run...I hope =)
Anyhow I'm planning on putting up some of my many projects I've created through life and also what I plan on creating in the future =) My projects will be: my drawings, my paintings, my knitting, my crocheting and (last but not least) my randomly created things. Here is one of my latest drawings:

I drew it after reading one of my now favourite books: The Tennant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte. It's my vision of Helen I picture her to be. Though it's not completly finished yet, because I want to give her the right eye colour (dark blue) I just haven't got around to finishing it yet =) That reminds me... I only recently got to visit Anne's grave in Scarborough with my fiance David and my parents who were visiting us from Holland (yes I'm a dutchy living in England) last week =D.
I recently finished my first wearable knitting project it was a summertop and I got the pattern from a Simply Knitting magazine (the autumn 2005 issue I think). I didn't use the same wool nor did I follow the whole pattern, but I think it turned out better and less...preppy/chavvy/posh if I say so myself =D I just couldn't do with the dull grey, grey depresses me...I think it should be banned, so yeah I used a multicoloured wool called Gedrifa Fiocco (it's really one of the most beatiful yarns out there if you ask me) I got off ebay from the best knitting shop on ebay ARTOFYARN (who btw is really nice and helps you out with problems with projects) =D
I really don't know if I'm being a 'kool blogger' right now or if I'm just rambling =\ so yeah I hope this is ok enough for my first time ever blogpost (yay for me! =D).

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