Oops I've not posted for two days (0_0) but I've been! lol and trying to get my knitting stuff bag ready (^_^) I've nearly finished it I'm just finishing the pocket I made inside it and then I'm still going to make a special section where I can put my knitting/crochet needles so that they won't be messed up all the time anymore.
Oh btw my website of the day (as always in the blogpost title) is just because I really appreciate all the things they do for the world and I still think they're higly underappreciated by people these days! I used to donate to them (and the WWF) every month when I still had a job but I can't do that anymore until I get a job again and I will definatly donate to them again once I get a job (^_^)
I've got some pictures of my knitting bag and what it looks like so far....please don't look at the stitches lol I had to hand sew it cause we don't have a sowingmachine (^_^)

The art I ironed on the bag:
The's not finished yet!:

So far so good.... I hope (^_^)


Ik las trouwens dat je Nederlandse bent, so I feel free to continue in Dutch :)! Wat een leuke tassen heb je gemaakt! En amazing dat je dat met de hand hebt gemaakt. Zeker sterk garen voor gebruikt? Je kunt ook een tweedehands naaimachine kopen, heb ik ook gedaan en nu kan ik zoveel meer maken! Veel succes en plezier ermee!

25 June, 2006 15:43  

Heel erg bedankt (^_^) Nou ik had gewoon katoen garen gebruikt lol Ja ik ben altijd op ebay aan het zoeken naar een goedkope tweedehands naaimachine (^_^)
(In English: Thank you very much (^_^) Wel I just used cotton lol Yea I'm always searching on ebay for a cheap second hand sewingmachine (^_^) ).

25 June, 2006 16:03  

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