Today I've been looking around for places to promote my blog as it seems like nobody has noticed me yet (I know I've only been on for 4 days lol).... so I came across CrochetVille and I got a very warm welcome there and some people said they were gonna visit my blog so I hope they liked it (^_^) btw the link is in the title of this post as it's become my website of the day! (0_^)
I've also been trying to find a site that tells me how I can put my own image up as a background for my blog, but so far I haven't managed to do it eventhough I did find a few sites so I might just be doing it wrong.... so yeah if anybody can help me with that please let me know cuz I'm wanting to make my blog to look less...messy and dull lol
I'm also almost done with my totebag/knitting/crocheting stuff bag (^_^) I just have to sew up the last sides and then hopefully I can iron on the art I made for it tomorrow and then it'll be done! yay! I'll obviously put up some pictures (^_O)



Your site is cute!

I've never been to Holland, but I visited Amsterdam five years ago on my way to Finland.

Have fun crocheting!

21 June, 2006 06:20  


Thank you very much! (^_^) I have to say I don't like Amsterdam because it's too crowded and they make it look stereotypical for the tourists lol ...*hides clogs under desk*... (0_0)

21 June, 2006 16:30  

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