Hmpf...last night I was getting really stressed out watching the World Cup match Portugal-Netherlands... yea I was dissapointed that we lost but what really made me mad was the faul and dirty play that went on :

That was a second before Figo headbutted him in the face (O_O).

And that picture basically sums up the whole game... It just makes me so mad knowing they won the game by waisting 50 minutes of time in the second half by kicking our players down and pretending to be hurt....yes pretending...if they were really hurt then why are they running around with no care in the world two minutes after rolling around on the floor looking for a referees attention?? Don't get me wrong I'm happy for Portugal (^_^) and that they got through I've got nothing against Portugal, but what their football team did last night was wrong. And I also think that we should've played better upfront because we had so many chances and didn't score...ohwell maybe next time (^_^)

Anywayz enough about football... I figured out a way to play music on my blog! yayy! lol So from now on you can listen to the song that I love at that very moment! It's on the right side of my blog in the sidebar (^_^) and today it's Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects (^_^)....hmm I seem to be using that emoticon alot lol sorry if it's annoying =P

I did a little more sewing last night, but not alot due to the match but I'm gonna do more tonight and tomorrow =)


I was dreading us having to play either team due to all the cards being thrown around! Wasnt it 15 cards shown in the end?!!

We have the joys of playing Portugal on Saturday which I'll be watching!!

PS, I came over from Crochetville :-)

29 June, 2006 09:05  

yea I know rediculous isn't it?!? I don't call that football anymore lol anyway I'll be watching too seeing as England is now my second home (^_^)

29 June, 2006 11:14  

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