Dull N Grey

Todays been a rather dull n grey it seems like my parents (who visited last week) took the sunny weather with em back to holland...so I thought until my mum called saying they arrived back home safely wednesday at 1 am after being in England for the past 3 weeks and that the weather there is just as dull as in here good old England.
As I'm unemployed I've been looking around for jobs but as always nobody seems to have the jobs I want....I know it sounds picky but trust me you don't want me working in a job I hate they'd just end up firing me anyway =/ No I'm not an office person I just can't do with the routine and daily boredom I get depressed just thinking about it....I guess I'm like a Proboscis Monkey (long nose monkey) who can only survive on Borneo and die if they're imprisoned....(please don't forget to click on this posts title as it's a link to the Proboscis Monkey petition site=D..yes I'm such a hippy I just can't help but love all animals!).
I've also been browsing the web looking for courses I could do and I ended up liking the sound of a jewelery making course at the local college I've always wanted to do something like that so I might look into that ^_^
I also ended up finding this awesome blog http://amigurumi-along.blogspot.com learned something new altogether called... Amigurumi O_O it's so adorable! I think I'm gonna buy some new wool soon and give it a go! I love learning new things...maybe I'll even become a contributer! =D
It's Hollands second match in the world cup tonight at 5 so I'm obviously gonna be watching that and especially for todays match to show my support I made this crappy but effective banner!:

I told you it was crappy...but effective ^_^ Kinda have my doubts though I mean it is the Ivory Coast we're playing and they're pretty good! But you've got to have faith haven't you =D In the end I'm not really bothered who wins I'll be happy for anybody that wins it's just fun to watch it =D

Hmm I wanted to add two of my watercolours I scanned but for some reason the images won't show up in my post =/ so I'll try again tomoz =)


Hi there! Jeanie from the Sexy Knitters Club here! I'm looking for your email address so that I can send you an invitation to the SKC! I didn't see it in your comment on the SKC or in your blog. Please email it to Jeanie@DiscountYarnSale.com. Thanks!

17 June, 2006 17:47  

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