I first found this site (link is in blogpost title) about a year ago and actually bought some fabric off ebay to start making a totebag for all my knitting stuff, cause everywhere I looked there were (no offense) old ladies knitting bags with wallpaper flower patterns on them....don't get me wrong I love flower patterns but yeah..=/ anyway I never got around to buying the fabric for the lining and now I've just decided I'm going to use these old pair of trousers I never wear and I'm also going to use an iron on I made for it about a year ago =) What's all this got to do with the site you think? well I got the tutorial for how to make a totebag from the Crafts section =) it's an easy to use site with very clear tutorials, what more could you want? =)

One of my watercolours (^_^)

Just a random watercolour doodle (^_^)


Love it! I've just started with watercolor. Something I've always wanted to do, but too chicken to try. I can be such a wimp!

25 June, 2006 23:29  

Thank you so much! (^_^) yeah I know what you mean I only started about a year ago aswell I never had any painting lessons or anything so I wasn't sure how to start but I did and I love doing it =) last year must have been my year of creativity because I didn't just start watercolour I also started to learn how to knit, crochet and paint! (O_O)
I think you should just go for it! the first painting doesn't have to be brilliant all that matters is that you have fun (^_^)

26 June, 2006 10:36  

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