Introduction and Confusion

I'm a first time blogger today! =)

Wow, I've seen so many kool blogs so I decided to make one of my own and that's when I found out that either I'm a total THICKO or everybody's a total genius online =\ lol I guess all there's left for me to do is hope I'll get used to things in the long run...I hope =)
Anyhow I'm planning on putting up some of my many projects I've created through life and also what I plan on creating in the future =) My projects will be: my drawings, my paintings, my knitting, my crocheting and (last but not least) my randomly created things. Here is one of my latest drawings:

I drew it after reading one of my now favourite books: The Tennant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte. It's my vision of Helen I picture her to be. Though it's not completly finished yet, because I want to give her the right eye colour (dark blue) I just haven't got around to finishing it yet =) That reminds me... I only recently got to visit Anne's grave in Scarborough with my fiance David and my parents who were visiting us from Holland (yes I'm a dutchy living in England) last week =D.
I recently finished my first wearable knitting project it was a summertop and I got the pattern from a Simply Knitting magazine (the autumn 2005 issue I think). I didn't use the same wool nor did I follow the whole pattern, but I think it turned out better and less...preppy/chavvy/posh if I say so myself =D I just couldn't do with the dull grey, grey depresses me...I think it should be banned, so yeah I used a multicoloured wool called Gedrifa Fiocco (it's really one of the most beatiful yarns out there if you ask me) I got off ebay from the best knitting shop on ebay ARTOFYARN (who btw is really nice and helps you out with problems with projects) =D
I really don't know if I'm being a 'kool blogger' right now or if I'm just rambling =\ so yeah I hope this is ok enough for my first time ever blogpost (yay for me! =D).


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