My Knucks hat

There it is then finally! my PDA hat from the SnB:HH book that I made to match my Knucks ^_^ I'm happy with how the embroidery turned out I even tried out the Chinese Knot stitch for the berries as you can see. I still think the hat coud've been a little bit bigger, but I can always make another one and I'm happy with this one to match my Knucks.
I have also started Davids (my fiance) Knucks last night and I've done the first few fingers I'm hoping I'll get the first glove half way done or finished tonight. I'm making them in black with Stylecraft "Special" Chunky. Nothing fancy there but it'll do it's job ^_^.
Today has been rather dull outside there hasn't been any sunshine at all but yet it's still unbearably hot! I have this weird thing...(Oh blast I should've mentioned this in the tag post!)..I can smell rain before it starts to rain! Seriously. and I know it will rain today maybe even thunder. I even remember when we went to Italy a couple of years ago we arrived in Grado, we were in the car and I told my mom "I can smell rain" eventhough it hadn't even rained yet. Then a couple of hours later, when we were in the appartment we were staying in, it just started to pour down really badly, even the drains were flooding! That's the first time I remember being able to do it. I don't know if anybody else can do it, but the only time I've ever heard anyone say they could was in Autumn in New York and it's Winona Ryders character who can ^_^.
By the way Grado is a really beautiful place to stay and I really loved going to Trieste aswell (it's near Grado). Infact I LOVED Trieste I liked it better then Venice. Yes Venice is beautiful, don't get me wrong I loved it there aswell, but not like Trieste. I just thought it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been^_^ We alos went to the Miramare Castle that you can see on the site in the Trieste link I gave you. On the picture name "Me and Adriatic (and friends)" you can see how lovely and blue the Adriatic is (that's the ocean in case you don't know). *sigh* I'd recommend going to Trieste to everybody.
Anywho, what do you think about my hat? ^_^

You Are Grass Green

Down to earth and a bit of a hippie, you are very into nature and the outdoors.
You accept the world and people as they are. You don't try to change things.
You are also very comfortable with yourself, flaws and all.
Optimistic about the future, you feel like life is always getting better.

It's actually pretty much me! except for the feeling comfortable with my flaws (which to me are my self esteem is usually pretty low and it can make me depressed)...but I'm working on that^_^


is what I've been (busy and lazy) lately! yesterday I didn't even get a chance to post on my own blog because I had to go to town to go to the jobcentre and get some wool for more Knucks. It stinks to be unemployed especially because of the jobcentre. They just always seem to manage to mess something up (like mysteriously loosing your bank details and such) and then you end up not being paid for weeks for example, but when it comes to something that concerns them their always flawless! even yesterday we went in and thought everything was sorted out and then this morning they called us to say that they forgot to ask about some information they needed so we had to go all the way back to town because they messed up. It's like..fine I don't mind that, but it costs us £5 pounds everytime we have to go over and not to mention that our whole day was messed up because of it, so yeah I was pretty angry (and that's saying it nicely).
We both send an application form in for a job at ChoicesUK so let's hope at least one of us gets it^_^ I wish I could apply for a job at the LYS that would be awesome, but it's never busy so I doubt they'll EVER hire someone else *sigh* ohwell a girl can dream can't she? I think I'm also going to apply for a job at Icelands and Savers. I just want a job and get rid of the lame jobcentre.
Anywho yesterday it was my dads birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I sent him a present early but it still hasn't arrived so I'm not too happy about that. I hope it'll be there soon =(
Oh oh and last night we went to see Superman Returns! all I have to say is GO SEE IT NOW! I loved it! They did really well with this one. I wasn't too keen on Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor though..I don't know..I guess he just wasn't convincing enough for me he just apeared to me as Kevin Spacey with a bald head. But the rest of the cast was spot on! so GO SEE IT! NOW! lol They were even selling some action dolls at the cinema hehe!
As we went to the cinema at quarter to 8 we didn't come back untill like 11:30 because the cinema is that far away so I didn't get to do any embroidery and I'm not posting any pics until I've done =P
I did on the other hand found out about a funny new movie that's coming out with Ben Stiller called "Night at the museum" and I've found this trailer for it so have a look: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM . Yes you saw it was Dick van DYke! hehe awesome! Just felt like sharing it^_^
Today was BLAH and I feel the exact same I just need to chill out for a bit and listen to some good tunes. All will be ok then^_^ btw does anybody ever listen to the music I put on my blog?

Craft obsessed??

Hmm last night I was sat on the sofa and I couldn't help but think of what I could be making instead of just being sat there and I even pestered my fiance about going to town tomorrow so we could go pick out some wool for his Knucks (lol) and then I picked up my SnB:HH book and looked through it just to see if there was something I could make with the yarn I had right now..and I picked the PDA hat by Kittee Burns it's a crocheted had with earflaps on the side and I still had loads of the yarn left on the skein that I used for my knucks so I firgured why not make a hat to match that's kinda geeky? ^_^ I like geeky things I don't know why I just always have...even when it wasn't in fashion yet! I would have been a right fashion queen back in school if geeky was in fashion like it is now! *sigh* instead I just got beat up lol. Talking about fashion...I was looking through the new Vogue Knitting issue online on the link Lani gave us on the PRKG blog (thanks btw) and I saw that..."Hobo Chic"...I don't get that..I'm sorry but I don't.. Hobo chic seriously? your telling me someone was walking along the streets somewhere and saw some hobo and thought...HMMM that would make a right mean outfit if it was clean! ??? But that's just me I probably just don't know anything about fashion LOL
Anywho I've made a few mistakes in my PDA hat already so I had to frog quite a bit =( it was way too small so I'm just going to add an extra row and recount the stitches. I'm also planning on embroidering like one or two leafs on the hat just like the ones on the gloves so it'll be like a set^_^
Oh and just to add to all that I actually had a dream about Knucks aswell LOL omg I'm pathetic...don't ask!
I hope everybodys keeping nice N kool^_^

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Rose_Anglaise yesterday so I feel obligated to respond to it^_^
I have to confess to "6 weird things/habits" and then pick on six other bloggers/diarists to do the same! That is if I dare to trouble other ppl with it lol
Here goes:
1. When thinking about something I always (need to) do something such as tap the pen I'm writing with on the table or bite my lip.
2. I can't stand it when someone touches or squeezes the top of my hand because it freaks me out thinking about my veins being squeezed. Veins just freak me out period.
3. I saw my grandma in my dreams the night before she passed away. She was getting on a bus in my dream and turned around and smiled and then the bus drove off.
4. I used to be scared of the swimming pool when I was little, because of the nightmares I had which had sharks and creepy creatures swimming away in the swimming pool trying to get to me (LOL).
5. It freaks me out thinking about being stuck in the middle of the ocean with all those fish and creatures and depth beneath me.
6. My birthday in 1996 was the worst ever because on that day (October 4th) a plane crashed into several appartment buildings and killed loads of people in Amsterdam.

Well that's really all I could think of....I hope whoever reads this is still awake lol wow I'm boring!

Anywho the poor souls I'm tagging are Vik, Lani, Tonya, Horngoddess, Obsidian Kitten, Anne-Marie. I don't expect anybody to actually do it though so feel free to come on here and yell at me for doing this to you! lol^_^

Here they are at last

I've finally finished my Knucks! I felt kinda sad when I finished them lol because it was so much fun making them^_^ but I'll be making my fiances Knucks soon and then my SILtobe aswell! heehee oh and I also have my fiances Boy Beanie (crochet) to make and some Bunny slippers (crochet) for my SILtobe! I'll be busy for a while =D Anywho here are the pics of my precious finished Knucks!

I showed them on the Wooly Wonder forum and I exstatic that I got such a compliment from Elizabeth (who did the beautiful embroidery for the Harm None Knucks from the pattern) saying that my Knucks are "Gorgeous and symmetrical which ain't easy! Love the leaves" ! To me that's like Prince telling you he likes your song! lol *what are you talking about Prince rules! don't you be talkin' smack about Prince!* ^_^

Tell me what you think^_^

Knitting part of Knucks is done

Well there they Knucks! YAYAYAYAY! lol All I have to do now is embroider them. I'm going to pick out the colours I'm going to use and just hope for the best hehe^_^
David(my fiance) already requested a pair teehee but obviously not in pink lol so I'll let him pick out a colour and I'm also making him the Boy Beanie from the SnB:Happy Hooker book so he'll be all set for the winter...he's not a scarf kind of person so theres no point in me making any for him.
I did see an awesome pattern for a scarf on Knitty somewhere though called Exchequered ! I love the squary pattern^_^ I'd like to make it in Lime Green and Black though, because I'm not much of a yellow person unless it's not the dominating colour.
My mom said she and my sis visited my blog....HI MOM!, HI NANCY! ^_^ (if you're reading this then you can leave a comment if you just click on COMMENTS at the bottom of this post and then you can type in your message there).
When will this heat feet look like balloons constantly now it's know how ppl sometimes blow up those plastic doctor type of gloves? well picture them in the shape of feet and that's what my feet look like lol Am I the only one with balloon feet?
It's not safe to walk around our house without looking where your going anymore lately...cause theres cats laid everywhere lol they just walk around the house and randomly drop down on the floor and decide to take a nap because it's too warm to walk any further it's like a bloody minefield!=P
anyhows I'm going to make an attempt at some embroidery now so wish me luck!

Look at me go!

wow I'm still shocked about how much progress I have made with my knucks I've almost finished my 2nd glove already! I've also been studying the little embroidery info booklet thingy my mom gave me just to get some ideas and I've got plans for my precious knucks^_^
I added some pictures of the booklet thingys (I don't know what you call em lol) all I know about them is that my mom got them with a crafty magazine from the 70's/80's it's written in dutch. I love all the different stitches I never knew there were so many of them! and every stitch is picture in a page and on the back of the page they show you how to do the stitch with diagrams^_^ I have no excuse to stink at embroidery now lol! we'll see how it goes.

It is David's (my fiance) sisters bday today! she's 25 now and already worrying about how she is getting old lol ...I sometimes feel old when I think about how everybody that's my age is all grown up and how it seems ages ago when me and my sis got up at 6am every saturday morning just to watch our fav cartoons (Animaniacs, Johny Quest, Captain Planet!,Rescue Rangers, Ducktales, Phantom 2040,He-Man,Racoons, Teddy Ruxpin,etc)! I just sometimes can't believe that's been like 10/12 years! it just seems like yesterday to me. I still love watching cartoons ...I even baught Captain Planet and the Planeteers on video (they didn't have a DVD version) LOL I think it's a really great idea for a cartoon know let the kids know it's kool to save the planet *yes I'm a dork*^_^ I hope they'll never remake it though...I hate it when they do that they always mess it up!

Today I've been listening to Anouk all day I just think she rules. I wish she was more famous international aswell though, cause then I could just buy her music over here aswell and I wouldn't have to go back home to Holland to buy it! (she's a rockin' sDutch singer). I think one of her singles was once published in the US called Nobodies Wife, but apperantly the world doesn't recognise talent when they see it! she's huge in Holland and Belgium and other countries aswell. If you're going to visit her site you should watch her "Everything" video under the Clips section...well all of them are good really^_^
Anywho it's done nothing but rain today and thunder,but it's still hot! sometimes this kind of weather is worse then the sunshine kind of heat and this is one of those times =S I love thunder and lightning. The other week we had some lightning and they were lighting up all purple! everytime I see lightning I always have to think about the time that me and my fam were on holiday in Austria. I think I was about 10 and one night there was nothing but thunder going on so me and my sis went outside on the balcony of the appartment we stayed in and watched the thunders and there was this HUGE and LOUD lightningbolt so...we ran inside (lol) anyway an hour or so later we were listening to the radio and they said some old man died by lightning and me and my sister have always been convinced it was that one HUGE lightning we saw that killed him! 0_0

The booklet with the pink bee on it is the one with the embroidery in it and the blue bee booklet has crochet stitches in it^_^ Anyhow, I am still pondering about what to put on the knucks fingers though...I want either KNIT NERD, KNIT GEEK, FELT THIS or ROCK GEEK. what do you think? ohwell if I can't decide I guess I'm just going to have to make them all! *runs off giggeling*

One down one to go!

Despite the digusting weather...I manged to finish my first Knuck!

WOOHOO I'm really happy with it! It's obviously not completly finished because it still need embroidery and I haven't closed the gaps inbetween the fingers yet, but that's because I can't seem to find my tapestry needle anywhere...*sigh* so yeah that means I'm going to have to get a new one tomorrow or whenever I'm going into town, but I don't mind because that means I'll be going into my LYS^_^ maybe they'll even have some yarn/wool on sale...I wish they would have some handspun wool I'd love to have some of that I always love the colour flow.
Did I mention it's hot? last night it actually rained really bad and as always that means even more stickiness and disgusting heat and less sunshine! joy. oh and on top off all that, thanks to the heat, my feet and ankels have swollen to the size of looking like balloons!
We (me and my man) can't wait to get a car...he's getting driving lessons right now and today was like his 5th lesson so it's going to be a while before we can actually drive. It's just such a pain because we always have to go with the bus to wherever we need to go and going by bus ain't cheap neither it costs us like £5 to go to town and back! it's just rediculous it would save us loads of money just to have a car...yeah we know theres insurance and gas and all that but trust me in the end it would all be cheaper...not to mention won't believe how unreliable the busses and trains over here are. They can be everywhere I suppose (I know because they can be in Holland) but over here it just takes the piss. (pardon my language lol).


well I managed to get some progress done despite of the disgusting heat last night...i wish it would just end already or at least go down to a bearable level!anyhow I made some pictures of my halfway finished knuck which I HOPE will be finished tonight...well the knitting part anyway I'm not going to emroider it till both knucks are done and I have some marvelously brilliant plans for it! ^_^ and I actually rememberd that my mom gave my these little booklet type of things from the 70's that have embroidery tips in it and even pictures that show how to do it! 70's rule and so does my mom for having them and giving them to me! ^_^ I do miss her loads (my parents still live in Holland and so does my sis) but we're hoping to go and visit them in august or september^_^
so theres a picture of my progress so far^_^ like I said I'm hoping to have it finished tonight...nah I will lol who am I kidding I can't possibly go to bed before finishing when I know I CAN have it finished tonight! =P

Under the thumb

ok well I've joined the fingers and I'm now at the bit where I'm almost joining the thumb...I did something wrong last night, because I thought that you join the thumb when the WHOLE work measures 1.75inch and not when it measures 1.75inch from where you've joined the fingers lol (we don't have MicrosoftWord on this comp so I don't have any pics on my printed pattern *sigh*)I'm going to continue when I go off the comp after tea dinner^_^ though it's really hard knitting in this bloody heat! but yeah I can't stop, because I want to see my precious Knucks finished!
ahh I went on a lovely bike ride today to the local res(ervoir) and when we went there it was lovely and warm and with that little breeze....but when we went back it became extremely mind numbingly it wasn't much fun biking home lol we took some pics aswell enjoy ^_^

I could spend all day there just drawing things...I've never actually gone out to draw things...I should just go and do it...not now though it's too warm to go outside! lol

Just another manic monday

grr the DP needles were being mean to me last night! but I managed to grab hold of em and now they do what I want! (after some %&#*! ofcourse) YAY!! lol I was so excited last night (I nearly danced around the livingroom) because I managed to knit all the fingers, expect the index one, for my Knucks! WOOHOO! ...sorry, I'm excited because it's the first time I'm knitting with those dang DP needles so yay for me! ^_^ So here are some early progress pics:

nothing brilliant yet, but at least I've managed so far! i also put some pictures up to show the wool I'm using of the wool pics is blurred, but that's because my camera has a mind of it's own and doesn't want to focus when I don't have a flash on! it's really nice wool though it's kind of shiny aswell as you can see in the pics where I did use the flash ^_^ I've already got some nice ideas for my embroidery I'm not just going to embroider words...but that's all I'm saying for now =P

Stripes & stripes forever!

well here they are as I promised...the pics of my Stripes (and stripes) forever scarf from the StitchNBitch:HappyHooker book! It worked up really fast as I've already told you probably and I also made a flower for it last night I used a pattern from the HH book aswell and sowed it onto the scarf^_^

So what do you think?
p.s. yes I know I'm scary lol

Knucks KAL

Last night I finally finished my Stripes (and stripes) forever scarf from the SnB:HH book and I finished it faster then I thought...I didn't even get a chance to put up a percentage bar for it lol I'll take some pics of it tomorrow I'm well pleased with it(^_^) I wanted to wear it today but then I went outside and would just spontaniously combust in this sunshine...and if not then I would with that scarf on!
On to the title of this post I joined the Knucks KAL!! WOOHOO lol I'm really excited about it because it'll be the first time I'll knit gloves ...with double pointed needles! EEP! kinda scary, but I'm never going to learn if I don't try besides I read that theres more ppl on there that haven't done it before so I'm sure we can support eachother...I hope 0_0. I thought the start of the KAL would be August 1 but it's been now I'll have to go and buy all my stuff tomorrow good thing I've got money lol I've not decided what colour I'm going to make em in yet but I'll see when I'm in the woolshop a.k.a. heaven ^_^

Mittens and Kittens

Those are some mittens and a funky hat I knitted last year before we went home to Holland for Christmas ^_^ I'll have to take a picture of it on me so you can see how kool it looks on a head because it really is one fun hat =D I got the pattern from a book I bought off ebay it's a Canadian book for beginning knitters and mainly aimed at teenagers/tweens and it's got some awesome patterns in it and I'm planning on making loads of them just cause their so much fun and easy to do.
Oh yeah last night I started crocheting the Stripes (and Stripes) FOrever scarf from the SnB:HH book and so far I've done 3 rows...only 3 rows you think? yeah but every row contains 298 stitches! you heard TWOHUNDERD AND NINETY EIGHT!!! 0_0 once you get into the row it works up quite fast though so I should probably have it half finished tonight ^_^ I was going to make David (my fiance) the Boy Beanie from that book but I didn't have any worsted weight wool all I've got is Sports wool =S so we'll have to go and pick some colours for him next time we go into town =D

Aww look at our pretty kittys aren't they beautiful (and they know it!lol)^_^

Hook Me Up!

Hook Me Up! Crochet - Shavasana Bag (Yoga Mat Bag) I'm SO going to use this pattern!


What is it you wonder?
Drum roll please!...
I've finally done it! Finally finished my crochet hook case YAYAYAY! lol It's not brilliant, because it is a little bit bent on the inside as you can see but hey it's only my second EVER crocheted item so please be kind in commenting (^_~)
I just randomly made the flowers without a pattern or anything =) I didn't follow the patternon the outside ribbing of the case neither I just adjusted it as I went along I didn't like how it went in the pattern so there =P I've added the link to the pattern that I used in the name of this post if anyone is interested (^_^)
I also added a crocheted button and loop to close the case up with...and it's also the first time I've made a button so yay for me! I used the pattern for it from the SnB:HH book which btw is brilliant!
Sorry the images aren't big but for some reason it won't let me post more then like 2 images if I post them large so this will have to do =( I also posted about the case on crochetville and I loved all the nice and sweet compliments I got (^_^)

In the pattern it tells you to use plastic pieces for filling inbetween the lining and the cover...but unlike most ppl apperantly (lol) I don't have pieces of plastic laying around so I used some leftover cardboard and taped it up to make it waterproof incase any drink or whatever ever spills on it ...cause you just never know(^_^) Oh and I've also been able to find another great pattern HERE for another great case which I think I'll be trying soon you can put loads of things in it and it looks awesome so enjoy. I hope you like my case!


News from the doodle corner

It's been a couple of days since I last posted, but I've made progress on my hook case since so that's my excuse (though in reality it's all because of Crochetville...and my addiction to it).
I've found some sketches and drawings so I decided to scan them and thought I'd share (^_^) I love critisism, random reactions and compliments...mostly just do too and you know it!
Oh! oh! before I forget (as if I would!) today was the day that my greatly anticipated Happy Hooker book arrived *jumps for joy* yay! (all of you out there that have it know my great inner joy lol).
Here is my drawing of Ishi the last Yahi (although supposedly he wasn't really a Yahi) I saw his picture in one of my books and I just thought it was a very soulfull picture and had to try and draw it. I've always loved and admired the Native American culture and beliefs ever since I was little obviously back then I didn't know as much as I do today (not that I know everything) but I did always know they were close to nature and that's always been what I loved...I guess that's why I admire their culture/heritage so much especially because I too believe in Mother Nature and she is in everything around me (^_^) anyway here it is.

Here is another drawing of a...hmm I seem to have forgotten what kind of gull but yeah a gull *scratches head* I drew it from a picture in a birdbook.

This post is MASSIVE sorry =S The next drawing is...well a face and I drew it by connecting lines I don't know why it was like my hand had a mind of it's own!

Well that's all the images that seem to fit on one post so I'll post some tomoz or whenever I remember. I hope you like them so far please tell me what you think like I said I love I mean critisism!


*sings* I'm in heaven crochet heaven lala lala oh hi =D I was just thinking about how much I love how well my crochet hook case is coming along (^_^) I've got some pictures of the progress... I've finished the first half of the lining with pockets and I've done the fold and the first pocket of the second half of the lining so it's going well! ...*knocks on wood* well I know my luck hehe oh and I'm doing the inside lining in orange as you can see and the outside will be done in grey and I'm planning on making a flower to put on the front cover and I think I'm going to attach some ribbons to close the case up with =) but anyway heres the pictures (^_~):

I'd like to know what you think so far so please leave a comment=)


Well the Amigurumi Bear I was going to make isn't going to be made anymore...I'm only a beginner and the pattern didn't even have any foundation chains in it so yeah maybe I'll try that again when I'm a bit more advanced (^_^) I found a new project and it's a crocheted crochet hook case.
I started it yesterday (after a day of crochetville lol) and it started out ok, but then I got lost, because I'm in the UK and the pattern had obviously been written in US measurements so I got really confuddled (my word for confused lol) and I tried to redo it twice and then gave up... so today I went to crochetville (any excuse!) and asked for help and then I finally saw the light lol somebody from the uk told me all about the differences between uk and us stitches and she also sent me to this site and it explains alot (well for me anyway) so yeah I'm starting it all over again now and hope for the best (^_^)

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