well I managed to get some progress done despite of the disgusting heat last night...i wish it would just end already or at least go down to a bearable level!anyhow I made some pictures of my halfway finished knuck which I HOPE will be finished tonight...well the knitting part anyway I'm not going to emroider it till both knucks are done and I have some marvelously brilliant plans for it! ^_^ and I actually rememberd that my mom gave my these little booklet type of things from the 70's that have embroidery tips in it and even pictures that show how to do it! 70's rule and so does my mom for having them and giving them to me! ^_^ I do miss her loads (my parents still live in Holland and so does my sis) but we're hoping to go and visit them in august or september^_^
so theres a picture of my progress so far^_^ like I said I'm hoping to have it finished tonight...nah I will lol who am I kidding I can't possibly go to bed before finishing when I know I CAN have it finished tonight! =P


I'm sorry that your comments have gone Vik, but Blogger was being weird and I had to repost the whole thing =S I hope you can see the picture now^_^

19 July, 2006 20:36  

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