is what I've been (busy and lazy) lately! yesterday I didn't even get a chance to post on my own blog because I had to go to town to go to the jobcentre and get some wool for more Knucks. It stinks to be unemployed especially because of the jobcentre. They just always seem to manage to mess something up (like mysteriously loosing your bank details and such) and then you end up not being paid for weeks for example, but when it comes to something that concerns them their always flawless! even yesterday we went in and thought everything was sorted out and then this morning they called us to say that they forgot to ask about some information they needed so we had to go all the way back to town because they messed up. It's like..fine I don't mind that, but it costs us £5 pounds everytime we have to go over and not to mention that our whole day was messed up because of it, so yeah I was pretty angry (and that's saying it nicely).
We both send an application form in for a job at ChoicesUK so let's hope at least one of us gets it^_^ I wish I could apply for a job at the LYS that would be awesome, but it's never busy so I doubt they'll EVER hire someone else *sigh* ohwell a girl can dream can't she? I think I'm also going to apply for a job at Icelands and Savers. I just want a job and get rid of the lame jobcentre.
Anywho yesterday it was my dads birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I sent him a present early but it still hasn't arrived so I'm not too happy about that. I hope it'll be there soon =(
Oh oh and last night we went to see Superman Returns! all I have to say is GO SEE IT NOW! I loved it! They did really well with this one. I wasn't too keen on Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor though..I don't know..I guess he just wasn't convincing enough for me he just apeared to me as Kevin Spacey with a bald head. But the rest of the cast was spot on! so GO SEE IT! NOW! lol They were even selling some action dolls at the cinema hehe!
As we went to the cinema at quarter to 8 we didn't come back untill like 11:30 because the cinema is that far away so I didn't get to do any embroidery and I'm not posting any pics until I've done =P
I did on the other hand found out about a funny new movie that's coming out with Ben Stiller called "Night at the museum" and I've found this trailer for it so have a look: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM . Yes you saw it was Dick van DYke! hehe awesome! Just felt like sharing it^_^
Today was BLAH and I feel the exact same I just need to chill out for a bit and listen to some good tunes. All will be ok then^_^ btw does anybody ever listen to the music I put on my blog?


My local craft shop is looking for a new member of staff ... Don't suppose you'd care to relocate to East Anglia?? :-D

28 July, 2006 17:40  

lol I would if I could just so I could work there! but I also like living here ohwell =(

29 July, 2006 12:31  

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