Craft obsessed??

Hmm last night I was sat on the sofa and I couldn't help but think of what I could be making instead of just being sat there and I even pestered my fiance about going to town tomorrow so we could go pick out some wool for his Knucks (lol) and then I picked up my SnB:HH book and looked through it just to see if there was something I could make with the yarn I had right now..and I picked the PDA hat by Kittee Burns it's a crocheted had with earflaps on the side and I still had loads of the yarn left on the skein that I used for my knucks so I firgured why not make a hat to match that's kinda geeky? ^_^ I like geeky things I don't know why I just always have...even when it wasn't in fashion yet! I would have been a right fashion queen back in school if geeky was in fashion like it is now! *sigh* instead I just got beat up lol. Talking about fashion...I was looking through the new Vogue Knitting issue online on the link Lani gave us on the PRKG blog (thanks btw) and I saw that..."Hobo Chic"...I don't get that..I'm sorry but I don't.. Hobo chic seriously? your telling me someone was walking along the streets somewhere and saw some hobo and thought...HMMM that would make a right mean outfit if it was clean! ??? But that's just me I probably just don't know anything about fashion LOL
Anywho I've made a few mistakes in my PDA hat already so I had to frog quite a bit =( it was way too small so I'm just going to add an extra row and recount the stitches. I'm also planning on embroidering like one or two leafs on the hat just like the ones on the gloves so it'll be like a set^_^
Oh and just to add to all that I actually had a dream about Knucks aswell LOL omg I'm pathetic...don't ask!
I hope everybodys keeping nice N kool^_^


Great idea a matching hat for the knucks!
Have you seen in the new Vogue Knitting the amazing socks? Love them all!!!

26 July, 2006 19:16  

I filled out the "tag" . . . you can find it here. I bet that hat'll be cute!! You should seriously embroider everything you knit/crochet . . . that embroidery rocks.

26 July, 2006 20:31  

Yes I saw the socks I really like them all especially the black ones with the red flowers on them^_^
Thank you Tonya! I really love doing the embroidery it's fun to do^_^

27 July, 2006 14:47  

That garn studio cabled bag is really cute . . . I'm just kind of mixing up a few different patterns to make the bag that I want. I found this shrug I want to knit that has cables in it, so I'm probably going to start on the cabled bag soon to practice for the shrug. We can be each other's cheerleader, just like with the knucks.


28 July, 2006 16:18  

My lovely husband has been persuaded (basically meaning that I've gone on and on about it) to buy me SnB:HH as a birthday present ... can't wait to get my mitts on it! This week I've been attempting to revive my poor and limited beginner's knitting skills with the original SnB and I'm finding it very helpful.

28 July, 2006 17:37  

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