Just another manic monday

grr the DP needles were being mean to me last night! but I managed to grab hold of em and now they do what I want! (after some %&#*! ofcourse) YAY!! lol I was so excited last night (I nearly danced around the livingroom) because I managed to knit all the fingers, expect the index one, for my Knucks! WOOHOO! ...sorry, I'm excited because it's the first time I'm knitting with those dang DP needles so yay for me! ^_^ So here are some early progress pics:

nothing brilliant yet, but at least I've managed so far! i also put some pictures up to show the wool I'm using ...one of the wool pics is blurred, but that's because my camera has a mind of it's own and doesn't want to focus when I don't have a flash on! it's really nice wool though it's kind of shiny aswell as you can see in the pics where I did use the flash ^_^ I've already got some nice ideas for my embroidery I'm not just going to embroider words...but that's all I'm saying for now =P


Oh Petra I´m admiring your work with the DP! Keep going!
Love the zoom with my mouse over the wool pic! ;)

17 July, 2006 14:24  

Thanks Vik! I was really nervous about using them but I'm glad I tried, because now I've learned something new ^_^

17 July, 2006 16:06  

hi PEtra ,this is so cool your one website .I ame so prouth that you can make this al ready.you a fast student .I hope to see more abouth it ,and the pictuer is great,love you mum ,sophia

21 July, 2006 12:53  

Hi Mom! I'm glad you finally visited my blog^_^ Miss you and love you,

24 July, 2006 23:41  

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