Look at me go!

wow I'm still shocked about how much progress I have made with my knucks I've almost finished my 2nd glove already! I've also been studying the little embroidery info booklet thingy my mom gave me just to get some ideas and I've got plans for my precious knucks^_^
I added some pictures of the booklet thingys (I don't know what you call em lol) all I know about them is that my mom got them with a crafty magazine from the 70's/80's it's written in dutch. I love all the different stitches I never knew there were so many of them! and every stitch is picture in a page and on the back of the page they show you how to do the stitch with diagrams^_^ I have no excuse to stink at embroidery now lol! we'll see how it goes.

It is David's (my fiance) sisters bday today! she's 25 now and already worrying about how she is getting old lol ...I sometimes feel old when I think about how everybody that's my age is all grown up and how it seems ages ago when me and my sis got up at 6am every saturday morning just to watch our fav cartoons (Animaniacs, Johny Quest, Captain Planet!,Rescue Rangers, Ducktales, Phantom 2040,He-Man,Racoons, Teddy Ruxpin,etc)! I just sometimes can't believe that's been like 10/12 years! it just seems like yesterday to me. I still love watching cartoons ...I even baught Captain Planet and the Planeteers on video (they didn't have a DVD version) LOL I think it's a really great idea for a cartoon anyway...you know let the kids know it's kool to save the planet *yes I'm a dork*^_^ I hope they'll never remake it though...I hate it when they do that they always mess it up!

Today I've been listening to Anouk all day I just think she rules. I wish she was more famous international aswell though, cause then I could just buy her music over here aswell and I wouldn't have to go back home to Holland to buy it! (she's a rockin' sDutch singer). I think one of her singles was once published in the US called Nobodies Wife, but apperantly the world doesn't recognise talent when they see it! she's huge in Holland and Belgium and other countries aswell. If you're going to visit her site you should watch her "Everything" video under the Clips section...well all of them are good really^_^
Anywho it's done nothing but rain today and thunder,but it's still hot! sometimes this kind of weather is worse then the sunshine kind of heat and this is one of those times =S I love thunder and lightning. The other week we had some lightning and they were lighting up all purple! everytime I see lightning I always have to think about the time that me and my fam were on holiday in Austria. I think I was about 10 and one night there was nothing but thunder going on so me and my sis went outside on the balcony of the appartment we stayed in and watched the thunders and there was this HUGE and LOUD lightningbolt so...we ran inside (lol) anyway an hour or so later we were listening to the radio and they said some old man died by lightning and me and my sister have always been convinced it was that one HUGE lightning we saw that killed him! 0_0

The booklet with the pink bee on it is the one with the embroidery in it and the blue bee booklet has crochet stitches in it^_^ Anyhow, I am still pondering about what to put on the knucks fingers though...I want either KNIT NERD, KNIT GEEK, FELT THIS or ROCK GEEK. what do you think? ohwell if I can't decide I guess I'm just going to have to make them all! *runs off giggeling*


Hoi lieve Pet,

Alles goed?
Erg leuke site!! Kan zien dat je er erg veel plezier in hebt!

Liefs X Nance

27 July, 2006 20:08  

Hoi Nance!
Dankjewel^_^ In "archives" kun je ook de oudere dingen zien die ik gemaakt heb als je wilt.
Ben blij dat je m'n site leuk vindt!

Liefs, Petra xx

28 July, 2006 16:56  

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