Mittens and Kittens

Those are some mittens and a funky hat I knitted last year before we went home to Holland for Christmas ^_^ I'll have to take a picture of it on me so you can see how kool it looks on a head because it really is one fun hat =D I got the pattern from a book I bought off ebay it's a Canadian book for beginning knitters and mainly aimed at teenagers/tweens and it's got some awesome patterns in it and I'm planning on making loads of them just cause their so much fun and easy to do.
Oh yeah last night I started crocheting the Stripes (and Stripes) FOrever scarf from the SnB:HH book and so far I've done 3 rows...only 3 rows you think? yeah but every row contains 298 stitches! you heard TWOHUNDERD AND NINETY EIGHT!!! 0_0 once you get into the row it works up quite fast though so I should probably have it half finished tonight ^_^ I was going to make David (my fiance) the Boy Beanie from that book but I didn't have any worsted weight wool all I've got is Sports wool =S so we'll have to go and pick some colours for him next time we go into town =D

Aww look at our pretty kittys aren't they beautiful (and they know it!lol)^_^


Hello, Ms. Petra -- sorry you weren't on the sidebar for the Knucks KAL -- I overlooked your email because there was no subject. You're on there now, and should get a confirmation email soon.

I can't wait to see those Knucks.


12 July, 2006 15:54  

ok thanks a lot ^_^

12 July, 2006 17:40  

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