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It's been a couple of days since I last posted, but I've made progress on my hook case since so that's my excuse (though in reality it's all because of Crochetville...and my addiction to it).
I've found some sketches and drawings so I decided to scan them and thought I'd share (^_^) I love critisism, random reactions and compliments...mostly just do too and you know it!
Oh! oh! before I forget (as if I would!) today was the day that my greatly anticipated Happy Hooker book arrived *jumps for joy* yay! (all of you out there that have it know my great inner joy lol).
Here is my drawing of Ishi the last Yahi (although supposedly he wasn't really a Yahi) I saw his picture in one of my books and I just thought it was a very soulfull picture and had to try and draw it. I've always loved and admired the Native American culture and beliefs ever since I was little obviously back then I didn't know as much as I do today (not that I know everything) but I did always know they were close to nature and that's always been what I loved...I guess that's why I admire their culture/heritage so much especially because I too believe in Mother Nature and she is in everything around me (^_^) anyway here it is.

Here is another drawing of a...hmm I seem to have forgotten what kind of gull but yeah a gull *scratches head* I drew it from a picture in a birdbook.

This post is MASSIVE sorry =S The next drawing is...well a face and I drew it by connecting lines I don't know why it was like my hand had a mind of it's own!

Well that's all the images that seem to fit on one post so I'll post some tomoz or whenever I remember. I hope you like them so far please tell me what you think like I said I love I mean critisism!


Great drawings! -I like specially the first one- You are very talented!

06 July, 2006 16:45  

Thank you very much Vik =D I'm glad you like it ^_^

06 July, 2006 16:53  

I'm no artist (if you saw my stuff, you'd die laughing!!), but I really like your drawings. All of them, although for some reason that last one jumps out at me a little more than the other 2. (I know, I know, I'm weird. I've always been that way.)

Although... my hubby's an artist... so I would say that while *I* have no talent whatsoever to speak of, I think I can SPOT talent when I see it!

I see it!! I see it!!


08 July, 2006 18:59  

wow thank you so much =D It's the first time I've really shown anybody my stuff (except for family) so I was kinda nervous so you don't know how much that means to me! ^_^

09 July, 2006 13:32  

Thanks for your note on my blog. I came over to have a peek at yours and it reminds me that I *must* make myself a case for my crochet hooks! I didn't realise that within a month or so of picking up my first hook, I would have 11 of the things :-D

The drawing of the face is really intriguing. Sometimes letting your mind wander with the pen/pencil can give the most interesting results!

13 July, 2006 08:26  

lol i still don't even have enough hooks to fill the case with but I'm sure it won't be like that for much longer^_^
I know I tend to draw better when I can really draw and let my mind wander...if that makes sence.

18 July, 2006 11:34  

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