Well the Amigurumi Bear I was going to make isn't going to be made anymore...I'm only a beginner and the pattern didn't even have any foundation chains in it so yeah maybe I'll try that again when I'm a bit more advanced (^_^) I found a new project and it's a crocheted crochet hook case.
I started it yesterday (after a day of crochetville lol) and it started out ok, but then I got lost, because I'm in the UK and the pattern had obviously been written in US measurements so I got really confuddled (my word for confused lol) and I tried to redo it twice and then gave up... so today I went to crochetville (any excuse!) and asked for help and then I finally saw the light lol somebody from the uk told me all about the differences between uk and us stitches and she also sent me to this site and it explains alot (well for me anyway) so yeah I'm starting it all over again now and hope for the best (^_^)


Hey, Petra! Don't get frustrated; everyone has trouble understanding patterns at first. What is he closest large town to you? My BF is coming to England for a music seminar in August; I'm sending him yarn shopping for some fabulous English wool!

Check out this blog:


Have a great day!

02 July, 2006 03:36  

Hi Catherine (^_^),
well there are 2 large cities near me...Sheffield and Leeds...though I've only lived here for almost 2 years and I've never really been to any of them to go wool shopping *sigh* =( so I don't really know any shops he could go to for you, but I bet theres lots though, because they are big cities =)
I already found that site it's in my "sites to visit" list =P but thank you anyway =D
Take care =)

02 July, 2006 13:33  

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