Stripes & stripes forever!

well here they are as I promised...the pics of my Stripes (and stripes) forever scarf from the StitchNBitch:HappyHooker book! It worked up really fast as I've already told you probably and I also made a flower for it last night I used a pattern from the HH book aswell and sowed it onto the scarf^_^

So what do you think?
p.s. yes I know I'm scary lol


Your not scary!
Nice, very nice! I love stripes! :)

14 July, 2006 23:51  

scary is good!
love that flower, very cute

15 July, 2006 07:00  

lol thanks everybody =D just wish the warmth would go down a bit so I could actually wear it outside ^_^

15 July, 2006 11:23  

Hi Petra! I LOVE the scarf! The flower adds a sweet personal touch to it! You´re a genius with computers -love the cube with pics!

16 July, 2006 20:30  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

16 July, 2006 20:55  

Grr, did not mean to delete that comment!

Anyway, those colors are very cool, and I totally dig the flower. So snazzy.

And that cube -- also very cool. I might have to switch to a new photo hosting site.

16 July, 2006 20:57  

Thankyou Vik!*hugs* back ^_^ nah I'm not a computer genius lol I just know how to pick a good photohosting site!
and thank you too Tonya!^_^
you should go and have a look at it's really easy to use ^_^

17 July, 2006 11:26  

My hair is naturally wavy . . . sometimes it looks cool, sometimes it looks like a ball of frizz, sometimes it's flat . . . it's moody. But thank you, and happy birthdays for everybody!! <3

(By the way, I did throw out the mixer.)

17 July, 2006 11:58  

Very pretty scarf. You aren't scary. The picture of you is lovely. :-)

19 July, 2006 23:02  

thank you Lani!^_^

21 July, 2006 17:24  

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