Under the thumb

ok well I've joined the fingers and I'm now at the bit where I'm almost joining the thumb...I did something wrong last night, because I thought that you join the thumb when the WHOLE work measures 1.75inch and not when it measures 1.75inch from where you've joined the fingers lol (we don't have MicrosoftWord on this comp so I don't have any pics on my printed pattern *sigh*)I'm going to continue when I go off the comp after tea dinner^_^ though it's really hard knitting in this bloody heat! but yeah I can't stop, because I want to see my precious Knucks finished!
ahh I went on a lovely bike ride today to the local res(ervoir) and when we went there it was lovely and warm and with that little breeze....but when we went back it became extremely hot...like mind numbingly hot...so it wasn't much fun biking home lol we took some pics aswell enjoy ^_^

I could spend all day there just drawing things...I've never actually gone out to draw things...I should just go and do it...not now though it's too warm to go outside! lol


Go Petra, go! The effort will worth it!

18 July, 2006 21:20  

lol thanks for the support Vik!^_^ I'm almost done with the 1st glove!

19 July, 2006 11:24  

I think we are knitting at about the same pace . . . I'm at the "thumb join part" in just a couple of rows. I'm glad we're at the same part, 'cos everyone has just flown through these knucks!


19 July, 2006 14:39  

yay I thought i was the only one! I know everytime I go to the KAL site theres somebody who's finished em! *sigh* I managed to get past the thumb joining bit last night so I'm happy about that^_^

19 July, 2006 15:05  

It's grossly hot . . . that's one reason I'm making my Knucks out of a cotton blend -- the thought of using wool in this weather makes me sick. Even at 11 P.M. it's still super hot.

I'm ready for this heat wave to be over!

And I'm glad you got past the thumb join . . . almost there!

19 July, 2006 15:32  

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