No longer a newbie?

Last night I was working on the granny squares for the CAL and once again I realised I had forgotten that the dc is a FULL treble in UK(european)terms and I had been doing half trebles (SC in us terms) DUH! so after 2 squares...*ahem* yes that's how long it took me to realise (LOL)..I did the 3rd one correct and I redid the other two aswell. This morning when I was finishing the last square from last night, I realised I had been doing the last 2 squares without reading the pattern and I was doing fact I was starting to get bored. I also found out that with the yarn I have I'm not going to be able to make 25 squares and right now I can't really afford to buy yarn for something I don't know what to do with when finished. I suppose in the end I could turn it into a catblanket^_^ they'll have to wait till I have more leftover yarn though and deal with the fact that the colours won't match lol! Anyway I was thinking I've done several crochet projects (5 I think?) now and I've mastered all the basic stitches, so does that mean I'm no longer a newbie?

Last night we watched a movie called Sweet November, I've seen it before, but I never noticed that Charlise Theron was knitting a scarf in the movie and later on actually wears that scarf^_^ I just thought it was kinda kool...geez I'm such a kint/crochet freak! I can't help but notice all the knitted/crocheted things on telly or in movies! obsessed much? lol

I think I'll start the 2nd Knuck for my fiance tonight^_^ I'll leave you with a pic of my *fab* granny squares.

Take care!^_^


That's way nicer than my crochet ever turns out; my tension is NEVER even.

05 August, 2006 03:28  

Yep, I think you've outgrown the status of newbie! It happens quickly in crochet, I think: I found myself improvising even in my earliest projects, whereas knitting seems very complicated by comparison ...

I'm taking part in the 200 crochet blocks CAL and have decided to make just 12 and sew them to a basic bag crocheted in dc, rather than attempt to turn out dozens of the things. My beginner's stash is limited too, but I'm grabbing cheap yarn where I can in shades of purple, burgundy and pink - some of which I wouldn't have pictured myself using (eg. gaudy salmon pink!) but I figure if I use them for enough of the squares, a colour scheme of sorts will build up. :-)

05 August, 2006 16:33  

amy: maybe you haven't found a comfortable way to hold your hook yet it really helps to even your stitches out^_^
E-J: I know I improvised in my first projects aswell I find crochet a lot easier and faster then knitting. That sounds like it'll be a kool bag! there's a pattern for a granny square bag in the SnB:HH book aswell which I'm planning on making^_^

06 August, 2006 15:45  

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