Oiy! my poor neglected blog...

lately I've been doing so many things at the same time that by the time I had to come off our pc (we all have to share this pc) I still hadn't posted anything on my blog lol
yesterday I spent most of my time on the comp creating an avatar for somebody on Crochetville I just completely lost track of time hehe. after I came off the comp and we ate dinner I continued to knit my fiances first Knuck and when I got to the cuff part I wanted to start the textured cuff, but I didn't know how to do the slipped stitches (I even looked it up in my Learn to knit book and it didn't tell me eventhough it has a pattern in it that has slipped stitches in it!) I actually used that pattern it was one of the first things I ever made after some scarfs..it was a cushion cover I'll have to find it out so I can show you..I just cannot remember how you do the slipped stitches so I just started the ribbed cuff..I'll ask on the KAL and see if someone on there can help me^_^ so yeah I've nearly finished the first of his Knucks! YAY! although he has changed his mind about what he wants on them several times now lol he wanted a The Used theme on it first and then after seeing Superman Returns he wanted some superman knucks, but now he just doesn't know, so I told him to make up his mind or he'll get plain Knucks! lol (I was only kidding obviously)=P
Oh and the day before that I found a kool site of a shop located in Chester (UK) and they have all the best yarns and magazines and everything and it's not even that expensive neither! YAY finally an awesome shop in the uk!! I wish it was closer so I could just go to the shop instead of having it all posted, but ohwell you can't have it all can you^_^ btw the shop is called Stash.
I have also been trying to make my own graph of Jimi Hendrix on a site called MicroRevolt, they have a program built in called KnitPro and you can submit an image and that program converts it into a chart/graph!! how awesome is that! Anyway it was kind of hard to get a right picture, because too many colours are obviously confusing and it will be too hard for me so I'm thinking of turning a coloured image into a black&white image so it'll be easier and hopefully a bit more clear^_^ I tried to get a picture on here of the graph I made, but it wouldn't work as it's a pdf file so I have to send it to my blog in a seperate post so you can see it in the next post (hopefully)^_^
It's not been as warm over here anymore it's been rather rainy aswell the last couple of days so it's gone the complete opposite way from being hot and sunny!
I haven't heard back from ChoiceUk yet (the place where I applied for a job) and the local paper doesn't have many jobs in it neither although I did see one for a florist though they're asking for an experienced florist, but I'm going to ring them anyway just to ask if they wouldn't mind to have a trainee...doesn't hurt to ask now does it^_^ oh and my MIL-tobe also saw a "help wanted" sign in the window of a bakery, so I'm going to go there next time we go to town to see if I can get an application form. I prefer to work in smaller shops, because I panic with too many ppl around as I'm already paranoid around loads of ppl anyway so it'll be kind of scary for me when I get a job again. I just hate how I never know what to say when I don't know somebody..I'm already shy with a low self-esteem as it is, but I want to get a job so I'll just have to get over that...I hope I can, because I don't like being that way. I wish I was more confident *sigh*.
(clickable image)
anywho enough whining hehe I thought I'd share this lovely picture of our beautiful Bobby blue eyes..you can see why we call him that^_^ sometimes his eyes seem too get brighter and darker depending on the weather but usually his eyes are piercing blue. he's always got fur issues because he sheds alot..I think it might be a Snowfeet thing (he is part snowfeet part siamese)..and we brush him all the time hehe. He likes to bite ppl..not hard so it hurts just lil love bites I think it's his way of showing he likes you he just likes to play...trust me you know when he's playing or when he's telling you to bog off lol isn't he adorable though?^_^


Don't you wish there was a decent UK crochet magazine? This month's Simply Knitting comes with a free crochet supplement, so I bought it thinking that in some small way, perhaps it would send a message that there's an interest in more crochet stuff being made available ... I'm following the pattern in there for a curlywurly scarf and it's dead easy, but looks quite cool! Will post a pic sometime this week.

02 August, 2006 15:27  

What kind of job is ChoiceUK? I think a bakery would absolutely rock!! And I'm glad you linked to the chart site.


P.S. Thanks for the cheery comments on my blog.

02 August, 2006 18:41  

E-J: yeah I know I hate it when I can't find any crochet magazines anywhere =( I actually saw that magazine and thought the exact same! I'm hoping to buy it soon^_^
Tonya: no problemo^_^ I'm really hoping I'll get the bakery job!

03 August, 2006 13:16  

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