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Well there it is the blanket with border. I guess it looks a little bit better, but I think it still looks wonky. And I can't help but want to put another border on it hoping it will end up looking better, but I know that's just the perfectionist in me and my logical me is telling me I'm being silly and that I should just leave it as it is and called it a FO! I hate being a Libra sometimes...we just can't make a decision and when we have, we doubt it lol grr. What do you think, should I just leave it like this?

While I was doing the border and weaving in the ends everybody else was watching a movie called Serenity but I wasn't really in the mood to watch a movie so I didn't pay much attention...although from what I did see was that it looked like a poo movie and now I'll have to put up with the fact that we'll be watching through the whole dang series (FireFly) aswell *sigh*. It was probably just my mood though that affected my opinion, that's why I hate watching things when I'm simply not in the mood for it. I could've gone into the other room and sit on my own...but yeah..thats no fun now is it.
The only time when I want to be alone is when I'm drawing or painting, I just really need the peace and concentration. I do like to have music on though, especially Tori Amos or Bjork their music really helps me focus and it inspires me^_^ I should really do some more drawing soon or maybe some painting..I just hate how we don't have any space in this house. I love living here don't get me wrong, but we only have 3 bedrooms (our bedroom is about 2x2 1/2 square meters), 1 bathroom (including the only toilet...unless you want to use the outhouse..which is just a no-no lol..btw just so you we don't use it anymore =P I had never seen an outhouse in my life until I came to the UK hehe which most ppl don't use anymore btw), a small kitchen, 1 frontroom (that doesn't fit anything more in then 2 comp desks with pc's and a 2seat sofa with coffee table) which is about 4 1/2 x 4 square meters, 1 backroom which is the same size and has a tv and a 2seat sofa and a rocking chair in it.. and I live with my fiance and we live in with his mom (and her fiance) and his sis so yeah you can image it's kinda tight and I will be happy when we have our own place and I can have a lil studio or at least space of my own to work in^_^ Finding our own place is like falling into an endless pit aswell..we have been on the counsel houses list for almost 2 years now and we are waiting for a reply about 3 flats that we have put our names in for about a month ago, but we can't get too excited because most places don't like younger people because they had bad experiences with younger people so now we have to suffer for it and we will probably never get any of those flats. I hope that if I get the job and we will both have a decent income we can start looking for a private house or flat to rent, because I don't want to live here for the rest of my life I do eventually want a place of our own you know? Anyway, I was working on my first oilpainting on a canvas a while ago, but it didn't really come out the way I wanted it to...I've never had any art classes for painting or anything so I have to teach myself or learn from books. The main thing about oilpainting that I don't get yet is how to get your paint to be as thin as you want and how you paint without being able to see the brush marks. I suppose I will learn as I go along^_^ One of my favourite artists is J.W. Waterhouse along with Joanne Bird I just love their paintings^_^
I hope everybody is having a nice day!

*edit* I just found a tutorial video on cable knitting at KnittingHelp and now I totally get it! I'm so happy^_^


Y'know, the blanket looks cool, but it might be fun to add another border just as a contrasting color. I'm a perfectionist, too, so I can't hate -- sometimes it pays off in the end, sometimes I drive myself crazy with it.

I'm definitely gonna get Happy Hooker now. I also noticed in your comment on Lani's blog that you're getting a sewing machine for your bday. Lucky girl!!

I love posts like this, btw, because it reminds me that you're overseas.

Much love <3

11 August, 2006 20:23  

I agree I was actually thinking of doing another border but then in either pink or brown^_^

you won't be dissapointed with the Happy Hooker book it really is good..geez I just cannot stop praising it hehe! I'm really excited about getting the sewing machine I've wanted one for so long!

Much love!^_^

11 August, 2006 23:20  

Yeah, I agree with tawnyatay. the border looks cool, but an extra border would look super cool!

I really admire you crocheters, I just can't get my head around the concept of it! I guess I'll keep on knittin!

and yay for new sewing machine, I got a new one too for my birthday back in may.

12 August, 2006 09:23  

oh.... and totally understand the perfectionist thing. I'm one too. Sometimes it sucks being perfect!!!

12 August, 2006 09:28  

I agree that a border in another colour would look cool, but you don't need to worry about the wonkiness. I wondered the same about my
afghan cushion squares but decided in the end that I liked the rustic look!

12 August, 2006 10:52  

Your pillow looks kool E-J! Might be an idea for our pillows when we finally (hopefully) get our own place^_^
The cats seem to be happy with it already though hehe but I'll see what I'll do.

12 August, 2006 16:20  

It's a crochet kitty blanket, right? They'll love it no matter what.

Or they'll hate it no matter what, if they're anything like my kitty.

12 August, 2006 17:14  

Petra, remember is the first one you crochet, it´s really very good! and I´m sure you´re kitty will say Purrfect!!!

12 August, 2006 23:40  

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