I've been working on my first cable knitted project for a few days now. I was planning on making the cabled bag from Garnstudio, but in the beginning the diagram confused me so I tried to do the "not Nicole bag" by Tonya, but I didn't have the yarn for it so after trial and error I decided to do my own pattern which is a mixture of both patterns. The yarn I'm working with (Fusion by Wendy) doesn't work up very tight so I had to drop a few needle sizes to get a better tension and even now I think I could do it a little tighter, but it'll have to do hehe^_^
Anyway here is what I've done so far:
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I'm loving the colours so far as it's never just one colour and it's fun to see the colours work out. I'm writing it all down as I go along so I could put up the pattern if anyone will be interested^_^
I didn't go to the interview today because I found out in the letter that they sent me that it would only be for a weekend parttime job and I wouldn't make enough money from it to even bother. Yesterday when we rang the jobcenter to enquire about when we're going to get paid there was a whole lot of confusion and at one point they actually thought they had left our forms (which would mean that we would have to put in a new claim and it would take at least another 2 weeks before we would see any money) so we kind of freaked out, but it turned out that (after 5 weeks) our forms had been sent to a decision maker and we would find out when we would get paid in the next few days...*sigh* ohwell on the bright side it means that they owe use 4 weeks of money so at least that's something to look forward to. sorry for the whiney part of the post but I had to vent somewhere. I'm just glad I have some yarn left so I can still keep crocheting and knitting lol^_^


I´m sorry about the job center. Good that you have the knitting, it´s therapy...

23 August, 2006 15:40  

It must be a pleasure to knit with that Fusion yarn and see all those pretty colours emerge! Hmm, perhaps the remainder of my birthday money should go towards some yummy yarns ...

I'm knitting another version of the "Hot Head" hat from SnB (hopefully a better fit than the first one) and then plan to try this Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn with my new glow-in-the-dark "L" hook! :-D

23 August, 2006 15:48  

Oh love the colors! Beautiful! can't wait to see it finished!

24 August, 2006 14:29  

love the colours. I wish I was as good at knitting as you! :)

24 August, 2006 17:55  

Re your comment on my blog - SnB:HH is hardly out of my hands at the moment (except when it's sitting in my lap so that I can crochet!!) The instructions are clear and it covers all those little questions I've had for 4 months which no other book has answered for me! I didn't expect it to be so much thicker than the SnB knitting book, nor to be in full colour. It's great. I am indeed a happy hooker - and reader!! :-)

25 August, 2006 05:48  

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