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That's the clutch I've been working on the last couple of days^_^ I probably could've finished it in a day if I worked on it constantly that's how fast it is to work up! I still have to put the lining in though, but I'm thinking of waiting with that until I have my sewingmachine so it'll look perfect^_^ btw I used the pattern from the SnB:HH book it's the InBloom clutch. So what do you think? I thought one colour would be boring so I used 2 colours instead. The grey is really a sports weight yarn and the pink is chunky worsted weight so I had to use 2 strands together when working with the grey. I'm quite happy with it so far YAY!
Today I've mostly been working on the pictures I've sent in for the Knitty 2007 Calendar contest. I obviously used the Knucks for the pictures hehe I had David (my fiance) take pictures of me wearing the Knucks and then I kind of played with it on Photoshop. Tell me what you think:
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With the first image I was trying to show how I love wearing my knucks and they make me feel like I'm wearing something pretty^_^
With the second image I was trying to show how I've seen that the Knucks are taking over the world^_^ Does any of that stand out of the images?
Today has been rather's been a while since it's been this chilly I even had to warm up to a hot drink...ooh that means that the autumn will be coming soon I've even seen how some trees are already starting to turn brown. Isn't it a little early though it usually happends somewhere around the middle of September..that's global warmer for you I guess. But hey it's our own fault we had it coming for years and people still don't see the urge in changing our ways to help the earth to heal. They only care about themselves claiming that, it's not going to happen while they're alive anyway so why should they bother, it's not their problem.. Well that's all I have to say about that I could start a whole disscussion about it hehe but it's no use..people like that won't listen anyway.
I decided to join the Dishcloth KAL aswell yesterday and made some buttons for it. I figured it won't start until the 15th of september anyway so I'll have all the things I'm working on now long finished.
I hope everybody is having a nice day!^_^


Your clutch is lovely! I'll need to find that pattern-- my summer bag is too casual for work; I could do it up in black, boring but professional, or I could use the yarn that I dyed and felt it! Oooh!

I added your button to my blog; thankds for adding mine!

14 August, 2006 00:05  

Your clutch is great and I really love the shots of the knucks. Good luck with the Knitty contest. Thanks for commenting on the Vague-Magazine Blog. :)

14 August, 2006 09:11  

love the clutch, yummy colours.

I like both of your knucks photos and their stories. To me, the first one is more appealing because of the colours and how you took out the background of the original photo - it simplifies the whole image and gives the focus on the knucks. I like the position of your hands - its like you're giving out and spreading the joy of knucks to everyone!
I think I just went back in time to my year 12 graphic design class with that short essay!!
Good luck with it.

Oh and about the sewing machine comment you left on my blog... yes it is as much fun as your thinking... and MORE!

14 August, 2006 12:22  

Dang girl, you are busy, busy, busy! Your bag is super cute :-) I LOVE the knucks, totally gotta make me a pair of those! Well, ya know, after I finish the 20 other things I've started, LOL!

14 August, 2006 12:27  

Your clutch is great, lovely colors -- can't go wrong with grey and pink.

Love your knucks too -- especially the embroidered vine-y bits. Good luck with the Knitty contest! :)

14 August, 2006 17:08  

Thank you everybody!!^_^
that's exactly what I was trying to show with the first knucks image Sarah so I'm glad I managed to do it!^_^
I really hope I'll win something...but I'm doubting it because I've never won anything =(

14 August, 2006 19:57  

love the knucks pictures...oh and the crochet bag is very cute.

14 August, 2006 20:53  

Hi Petra! Your clutch looks more pretty than the one in the book!!!
The knucks pics are awesome! I don´t know which would I choose... the one with the butterflies, or with the world... I love both! Good luck at the contest!

14 August, 2006 22:44  

aww thanks Vik and Lani! it would be awesome if I would be in the calendar... for me and my fiance (he'll get credit for the photography)!^_^

15 August, 2006 10:31  

both pictures are great - those are really beautiful knucks too :)

16 August, 2006 15:56  

Petra, would you like me to send you my copy of Simply Knitting? You mentioned not being able to find it locally. I'm not keen on it (have just ordered Interweave Knits and plan to stick to the more substantial knitting publications in future) so would be quite happy to part with it, and that way you can see what you think. I'm e-mailable via my LJ profile.

17 August, 2006 15:47  

I love your knucks! I am also a proud knit and crochet geek! Yay, craft geeks unite! The clutch is supercute and I really love the colour. Pink is my faaavourite! I'll definately check in on your blog regularelly! :D

18 August, 2006 16:14  

I would join the dishcloth KAL if it were only a case of knitting one dishcloth ... but I'll never get to 17!! Will you be using the pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting, and if so, have you found anywhere that stocks that Peaches & Creme yarn? If not, what yarn d'you plan to use?

21 August, 2006 08:19  

The clutch bag is so cute.

Good luck with your entry to the Knitty calendar - I love your designs and Photoshop work.

26 August, 2006 11:15  

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28 February, 2007 19:25  

26 April, 2007 04:48  

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