~•Rest In Peace•~

I still can't believe it.. Steve Irwin is dead =( I've been depressed ever since I heard about it yesterday after coming home from town. It was really weird too because while we were in town we went into a bookshop and they had a Crocodile Hunter book on sale and we actually picked it up and giggled because it was a kids book with pop-up things in it and a cd and it had pages filled with just his phrases like "Crikey!"...I wish I baught it now =( It's just so strange to know he died by being stabbed in the heart by a stingrays barb... he would have been fine if he would've been stabbed somewhere else.. it's just not fair why do all the good people always have to pass away too soon =(I don't know why I'm so upset about it, I didn't even know him but we used to always watch him on telly and I learned so much from him and his wife. It must be so hard for her to loose the one she loves I feel so sorry for his family I wish I could send them some strength =(
I loved everything he did and stood for not to mention faught for. I wish there were more people like him out there. I've heard that lots of australians don't like him because they think he made them look like "stereotypical australians", but that's not true he made them look like people who love their country and animals and take care of their animals and land. If I was Australian I would be proud to be compared to him.
"Crikey mate" you will be missed Steve, may you rest in peace =(



You're right, it is so very sad, and shocking. He was such a passionate person, and was inspiring because he was doing something he loved and it showed. What a loss to the world.

10 September, 2006 01:15  

22 Sept.
Hi Petra, how are you?
I hope you are doing fine!
Your friend from Buenos Aires

22 September, 2006 13:52  

Hi Petra. Hope everything is ok...I haven't seen you around the ville! Well, just wanted to say...miss you! Hugs.

05 October, 2006 00:31  


Haven't seen you around in a while and was hoping that everything was all right. Miss seeing your updates and whatnot!


10 October, 2006 00:39  

Hi Petra, how are you? I´m worried because I don´t find you at Crochetville and there aren´t news here in your blog either...
I hope everything´s ok...

10 October, 2006 13:24  

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