Hmm Chocolate...

That is the cake I made for Davids birthday last sunday^_^ It turned out to taste reallly good so I was really happy about that! It was a chocolate sponge cake and I put strawberry jam in the middle and I covered it in melted milkchocolate which became hard after being in the fridge for a while^_^ It was a bit awkward to mix it all because we don't own a mixer ..not even a hand mixer lol so I had to do it with a fork, but it turned out great so it was worth it!^_^
Remember this bag?:

Well as I said last time I lined it when I got my sewingmachine and this is what it looks like with the lining in it:

I think it ended up looking fine for my second attempt at lining ever^_^
My first attempt was in my cableknit bag and well it didn't turn out perfect but it's bearable lol I made a mistake when I put in the handles.. I accidently put them too much too the side on one end which you can see in the picture but ohwell it's not like anyone can tell when I'm carrying it.. and not like anyone would notice anyway lol Here is one side of the bag.. and as always Kallie was being nosey as you can see hehe:

And here is the other side and the inside of the bag:

The holes in the lining will become the button holes btw. All in all I'm quite happy with it^_^
One last picture for now to show and that's of my sewingmachine yes I'm sad lol It's a Janome Sew Mini.. it's not all that mini it's only a tad bit smaller then a normal sewing machine and it does 8 different stitches plus it has a special thing to sew in zippers and everything so I'm really happy with it!
The last couple of days I've been down with the flu which is not so great... it feels like I've been hit in the face with a block of concrete and my nose keeps running..when it's not blocked that is and all the sneezing is giving me a bad headache *sigh*. I actually got it because David had it first and then he passed it on to me and his mom and her bf lol so now we're all sat here coughing and sniffing and talking all nasal! ohwell I think I've been quite lucky because I've not had a proper cold for almost 2 years now so yeah that's not too bad considering some people get it all the time. That just shows I must have a good immune system and having the flu every now and then only improves it so I've heard.
I don't know if I'm the only one who play the Sims but the other day the new add on came out called The Sims2 Pets and it's great to have something different to create and have in the game.. I like decorating and creating sims the best it's just so much fun =P I've always thought of it as a digital 3d version for adults of playing with dolls/barbies hehe^_^
I can't believe it's going to be Halloween again soon already, it still feels like it should be summer to me. It's strange for me to have Halloween anyway because they don't celebrate it in Holland well not when I was growing up anyway they only introduced it like 3 years ago so I never got to do it until I moved to England and thsi will be my second Halloween and yesterday I even baught a witches hat so I can open the door in a more fun way! and David got a scary mask hehe and we also baught lots of sweets to hand out so at least we're prepared^_^ I hope they'll show Caspar on tv again I love that movie (with Christina Ricci)!
I've still not started on my Bolero from the Happy Hooker book, but I'm thinking of starting tomorrow so we'll have to see how that turns out it'll be my first ever crocheted wearable item!^_^
Have an nice weekend everybody! Hugs^_^


Ok, here goes...Cake looks yummy, purses are awesome, sorry your sick, feel better soon, oww I want to try the sims, never have! Casper is such a cute movie, I dig Christina Ricci, she's so cool (did you see 200 cigarettes?) oh and you seriously need a tag-board! LOL! OK, done.

21 October, 2006 19:37  

Looks delicious!!!!!
Both bags look so pretty! And very good the work with the lining!
I hope you´re feeling better today.
Good luck with the bolero! (it doesn´t look easy!)

23 October, 2006 16:15  

Okay, you can come make me one of those cakes anytime you like. Really. Mmmm.

I always used to play the Sims - I had the original and three expansion packs - pets, parties, and "makin magic" so they could cast spells on one another. Heehee, that one was sweet.

I've been wanting to try the Sims 2... I wonder if they have it for the PS2?

Anyways, I've always loved Halloween, but never bothered much with elaborate costumes like some people do. If I had more time, I would definitely sew myself something...

23 October, 2006 17:47  

Thank you Jeanie and Vik!^_^ No I haven't seen 200 sigarettes is it any good? You should try the sims it's just so much fun! I've been thinking about getting a tagboard actually lol
Do you think I should try something easier first Vik I mean I've never crocheted any clothing before, but I'm going to give it a try^_^

23 October, 2006 17:49  

lol I wish I could've sent you a piece too then Amy^_^ you posted your comment just a minute before I did so I didn't see it until I posted my comment hehe

23 October, 2006 17:57  

I thought it was hilarious (200 cigs), but I also was a total 80's nerd, LOL! Oh and rug hooking is soooo easy! They make some awesome primitive looking wool kits that I want to try eventually! The X-mas one I'm doing now is pretty big. I've only done a really small one! I'm anxious to see it completed!

23 October, 2006 23:59  

Your cake sounds so yummy! I'm not sure I could live without a mixer though -- I'm so lazy.

Both bags look lovely, but I especially like the cabled one!

27 October, 2006 16:29  

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