I'm back^_^

It's been a while since I've posted.. infact it's been a while since I've been on blogger at all. I came on last night to see if I've had any comments and I was actually surprised to see that I've been missed^_^ I was like awww you guys are all worried about me hihi^_^ I really appreciate your concern and I've missed you all too! I've got lots of catching up to do with your blog posts and then on Crochetville ofcourse aswell!^_^ So thank you Vik, Jeanie and Amy it's always nice to know you've got some friends.. if you don't mind me calling you that^_^
As you know I was obviously upset by the death of Steve Irwin and it really got to me and made me sad for ages... I don't know why it got to me that bad but it did. I actually felt guilty for not having done as much for the environment and the animals and the world as Steve and Terri have done I felt like I should be doing lots of things just like they do and actually felt like doing things like knitting and crochet weren't important enough so I hadn't done it for ages. I hope I'm not sounding weird now btw. But meanwhile I've come to realise as I've been reading lots about Terri and Steve's lives, that even they do different things that they like and I was being too hard on myself. You can still love animals and do things for the environment and have a hobby. This all might sound crazy or weird but this is really how I felt, please don't think I'm crazy lol. I'm still sad that he's dead and his family is in my thoughts everyday (poor Terri I feel so sad for her and also Bindi and Bob and Steve's dad and sisters ofcourse =( ) and I will never forget him and I'll forever make sure he'll never be forgotten (along with millions of other people) and I'll never forget everything I've learned from him. I also try to catch his shows on Animal Planet and Discovery kids as often as I can just because they're so much fun to watch^_^ I've always loved animals and I know my fair bit about them, but for some reason I never thought of working with them up until this all happend. I've been looking for jobs with animals everywhere and so far no luck, but I'm not giving up^_^
Anywho, it was my birthday on October 4th and I turned 22!^_^ I got lots of presents including the sewingmachine I've wanted for ages.. I got that from my darling David^_^ I've been practising loads on spair fabric and I even managed to finish my cable knit bag (still need to sew on the buttons but apart from that it's done)!! it's not perfect (the sewing) but I'm pretty happy with the results and I even used it going to the shops yesterday! I also put the lining in my In Bloom clutch from the Happy Hooker book so that's finally finished.. well it needs a button again but apart from that it's done^_^ I've got lots of pictures to take lol!
My mom sent me a really nice pair of trousers, 2 nice tops and some pices of fabric to use on the sewingmachine. Including a piece of corduroy fabric with a pattern to sew a skirt! it's really nice light brown corduroy with printing on it.. pictures are coming soon^_^ I'm just kind of sacred to use the fabric because I don't want to ruin it hehe so yeah I'm still practising^_^
My sister also sent my a really nice shirt with a little drawn tiger on it that I'm wearing right now and some perfume (Love by Morgan) and matching bodylotion, so now I can't help but smell even nicer everyday^_^ She also added a scented candles set^_^ And they both sent David some shirts aswell (my sis gave him a Foo Fighters shirt and my mom gave him two casual t-shirts) for his birthday which is TOMORROWWW btw hehe ^_^ he will turn 22 aswell.. he was born 11 days after me^_^ He already claimed his present from me which was a Playstation2.. he said he used to have one years ago and loved the games so he really wanted to have it again and as he's really impatient he just had to have it the day I baught it which was a few weeks ago lol I am however baking him a cake either today after I've finished this post or tomorrow morning... which I'm kind of scared of ruining lol This will be the second time I'll bake a cake on my own and last time it.. lets say disastrously failed, but I blame that on the fact that it was a real difficult cake and I was confused with the recipe *sigh* so yeah I'm really hoping I'll do it right this time. It will be a chocolate cake and just to be on the safe side I baught a cake mix lol so if this goes wrong I don't think I'll ever bake anything again! so please cross your fingers for me^_^
My next project is going to be the bolero from the Happy Hooker book. I'm not really sure if I can do it though because the yarn I'm going to use has a different gauge then the pattern uses but I'm just going to go for it and see if I can do it and if it turns out smaller then I'll just add some rows and vice versa^_^ Has anyone done that bolero yet? I've never crocheted a wearable item before so I can't wait to see how it turns out!
The weather over here has really turned around in the last couple of days.. it was still like summer out there up until last week when it suddenly started to be a bit chilly.. normally it all happens gradually but it was just weird.. one day it was sunny and warm and the next it was foggy and rainy and cold. And people still claim that climate change isn't something to worry about.. pfft I learned about it when I was in school and I've always taken it seriously... if only more people had then we wouldn't have had this problem anymore. I really don't have time for people who are ignorant about the environment and nature. wow I've been rambling for ages lol I better stop now!
I hope everyones having a great weekend!
Knitting love, Petra^_^


Welcome back, Petra!!! I´m so glad you are fine! and Happy belated Birthday!!! How wonderful the sewing mashine present! I´m sure you´ll do beautiful things with it! Have a nice weekend you too!

14 October, 2006 17:26  

PETRA! WOO HOO! I was having withdrawal, LOL! Happy late birthday! I can't sew for crap, the dang threading the machine thing hates me! LOL! I certainly do not think your crazy. I am with you, I still feel really sad about it, I have watched all the interviews and stuff and I find myself sobbing and I have no idea why. So, please don't feel alone. And yes, you mostly certainly can call me a friend :-) Hugs and I am so glad your back! Keep posting will ya?!?

15 October, 2006 13:50  

aww thanks you guys!^_^ I tried to leave a comment on your blog Jeanie but for some reason I can't click on the "leave comment" link =( I really love your iPod case you must be so proud of yourself for creating it without a pattern!^_^
Hugs to you both^_^

15 October, 2006 16:58  

What kind of a machine did you end up getting?

Don't be afraid of ruining fabric, or else you'll never finish anything. Silly bean. :-)

16 October, 2006 02:07  

Hi Petra
I missed your birthday too, so happy belated birthday!!
What a wonderful gift, a sewing machine!!!
I know that you will sew a lot of beautiful things with it...
Lots of Hugs, & stitches

16 October, 2006 16:24  

So glad you're back! you were definitely missed!

23 October, 2006 22:11  

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