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That was our Halloween pumpkin and to be honest that was the best thing about it lol We didn't get many trick or treaters.. I think we only handed sweets our like 3 times so we still had lots left.. and still have some left now, but I doubt it'll last much longer lol!I have been working on my SIL's Knucks and I've nearly finished knitting the first glove so that's coming along nicely. She asked me to knit in stripes, which I hadn't done before with the Knucks so I actually learned something new aswell^_^ The main colour is green and the stripes on them are black (leftovers from Davids knucks) so they look pretty kool.. well the first one does anyway lol I'm wanting to use the textured cuff on them but I've heard so many complaints about them that I've decided to wait until I've got time to knit a second pair for myself just to see what it will look like. I'm not sure what colour I'm wanting to make them yet I'm thinking of using a more neutral colour then pink hehe. But yeah I've still got lots to do before I can even start those so we'll see when I'll start them^_^ Corrine (my SIL-to be) also asked me if I could make her a tanktop so I'm going to see if I can find a kool pattern and decide weather I'll knit or crochet it. Looks like I'm going to have to delay the Bolero I was going to crochet for myself, but that's ok atleast I'll get some presents done for x-mas.Last time I posted we went for a walk in the park and I also bought some things from my birthday money.. a Notebook which I'm using as my "creative journal", some stickers I'll be using in the journal, some craft glue, some colour pens and two new bookmarks.. I love their (the Works) bookmarks so now I've got nearly all of them lol! My "notebook" has a fairy with glitters on the front and it's a hardback cover so that's kool. I actually picked up some leafs when we were in the park and I put some in my journal and looked up on the internet from what trees they're from so I could write it down. I'll take some pictures soon. I'm actually wanting to create the effect that I've seen on this page, except they did it in old books, hence the name "altered books" lol. I just love the way it looks and I especially love all the vintage images.. I'll have to find some somewhere I guess you can find them online and print them out. Am I the only one who loves this? I think it's great. Although I couldn't possibly use an old book that I actually love.. I'd have to use a book about something useless lol!Anyhow I hope everyone has had a great Halloween! Have a great weekend!^_^


Hi! This is my free hour - the hour after baby M goes to sleep. She's a good girl and normally settles around 9pm, but lately she's been a bit out of sorts and crying quite a bit, and we're not sure why. :-( Anyway, she's sleeping soundly now.

The notebook sounds cool - I love starting new sketchbooks, notebooks and project books but am hopeless at maintaining them!

I've started the lace fingerless gloves from SnB:HH - couldn't resist trying out the pattern with some yarn I had to hand (no pun intended there) and it seemed to move pretty fast so I decided to keep going in the hope of knocking out a quick Christmas gift ... But ARRGHH, I've reached row 22 and can't make sense of it at all! Have you tried these gloves yet? You seem to have worked your way through so many of the projects already that I always think of asking you first :-D

08 November, 2006 21:43  

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