I've decided that I'm making the Short N Sweet for my sister so I can't show you any progress on here, but I have posted some pics on the 'Ville... but then again I can't post a link LOL I don't think she visits my blog often but I just don't want to risk ruining it^_^ I've finished the back so far and now I'm working on the right front part and surprisingly I've not made any mistakes yet! I've had to ask for help on the ville though but at least I get it now^_^ Oh and since I started this project I've leanrt 3 new stitches! I was that excited about it I had to brag on Crochetville lol! I learned the V-stitch, the FPdc(front post double crochet) and the BPdc(back post double crochet)... the last two sound really confusing but they're really easy and they give such a great effect I really love to use them! I just hope I'll get everything done in time to send everything off for christmas (we're spending christmas in England this year.. we went to Holland last year). And I'm also planning on crocheting or knitting my mom something nice to wear so I can give it to her when we go over to visit next january.. let's face it I'm not fast enough to finish two wearable garments in time for christmas lol looks like I'll have to start making things wayyyyyy earlier next year^_^


Always good to have way too many projects on the go :-D

I've given up on the fingerless gloves. I got help with the part where I was stuck before (seems there was a typo and the row number was wrong) but I'm now stuck on another bit, so I've decided life - or rather, the runup to christmas - is too short!

The good news is that I have xmas money to spend! And that I've already bought myself 4 balls of Wendy Fusion in Fenugreek. Have you used yours yet? x

20 November, 2006 18:10  

Our hooks and needles are always busy at this time of the year! It´s also a time to keep secrets... and I´m not very good so... I better stop writing! ;)

23 November, 2006 19:22  

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