Your Winter Look is Cute
You always bring color to a dreary winter day!

Cute? lol colourfull I agree with though.. I always have to have colourfull things it makes me feel happy which is I guess why I dislike dark grey things (unless it's clothing) because it always makes me feel down I don't know why.. I guess I'm just odd lol I'll take some pictures of my progress tonight and my notebook/crafty journal so I'll be posting them tomorrow!
I hope everyone is having a great day^_^


My look was "Fashionable". I guess I just like to accessorize, LOL!

09 November, 2006 20:56  

Hi my friend! So you discovered what your name means to me... Petra was my dearest baby girl, confident and best friend for long fifteen years... I´m still missing her. I appreciate so much your comment in my blog... You´re a sincerely animal lover. Not many persons would have written what you wrote. Thank you!

10 November, 2006 15:59  

Hi Petra. Thanks for your note. Unforunately I already have the SnB:HH errata and they seem to refer only to the US edition of the book - or at least to an earlier one than mine. Those errors have been corrected in my copy, but there appear to be new ones - and just to complicate things further, since one of the original errors is a missing row, the rows are numbered differently in the errata than they are in my copy of the book! I think I'm going to have to ditch this project, which is a shame as the gloves were crocheting up nice and fast, and I thought they might make good Christmas pressies.


11 November, 2006 09:29  

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