Happy winter everyone!

Ok so only half of the planet will be in the winter now but I just wanted to say it, just because it's the christmas month and everybody usually starts feeling all christmassy and cozy...or maybe that's just me lol we've done most of our chirstmas shopping and now we've got nearly no money left but it's worth it! I love giving ppl gifts it's so great to give a good present because you know they'll appreciate it^_^ We've even baught some advent calendars.. Over the Hedge advent calendars lol we were hoping for Simpsons but I loved the Over the Hedge movie so it's fine.. it was either that or Barbie lol! If you haven't seen over the hedge yet then you should.. eventhough it's an animated movie it's still really funny and well made! I also realllly enjoyed Monster House it looked amazing for an animated movie and the story was great and fun! I've always loved those type of films.. well ever since they've started excisting anyway^_^
We also watched Pirates of the Carribean:Dead mans Chest not too long ago and I enjoyed it even more then the first one I especially liked how the crew of the Flying Dutchman looked it's amazing^_^
I've given up on crocheting the bolero for my sister I've started a scarf instead... and I don't think she really visits my blog often anyway so I think it's safe to say what pattern I'm using...I've put the link in my right sidebar under the To Do section and the pattern is called Leaf Scarf.. I'm using a sparkley yarn.. it has a golden lurex thread in it so it's really pretty^_^ ...let's just hope shes not reading this now LOL!
Can't post any pictures yet, because I've only just started and I had some problems with the pattern yesterday as I didn't understand what YO was and PSSO aswell but I went to KnittingHelp.com and as usual I'm all good to go now! =D I still have to work on my parents knitted presents aswell so I need to hurry lol I hope I'll get it all done in time!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!



I was having trouble with my sock pattern/dpn's so I bought a little pocket-sized volume called "The Knitting Answer Book" and it's been mega-helpful. Small enough to carry with me, too!

03 December, 2006 16:54  

Having a white Christmas is a dream!

04 December, 2006 12:47  

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