♥ Happy Holidays everybody!! ♥

I can't believe it's the 23rd of December already time has gone so fast! two more days and it's christmas day! woohoo! I'm really excited (as most ppl obviously) because we've got lots of fun things planned! We're getting a load of new board/dvd games for christmas and we'll be playing them allllllll day long haha and I love playing board games so it's gonna be great! I think we're getting Scene It, Trivial Pursuit the 90's and the CSI board game!
I did have a bit of a set back because monday I found out my uncle past away of a heart attack (he was only 65) he was my dad's older brother (he had 4 brothers..now three and 3 sisters) =( I didn't know him very well as I've only ever seen him twice (well I've probably seen him more often but I can only remember those two times) one was back in 1995 when my paternal grandfather past away and I saw him at his cremation ceremony I just remember him very clearly because I remember thinking how his hair was white just like grandpa's =) and then the other time I saw him was the last time I got to go to our family meetup (we meet once a year at my uncle's (different uncle) house to catch up and have fun and eat) and he was there with his wife and two doggies. My mom told me that he and his wife had split up not too long ago for several reasons and he had got a new girlfriend about 4 months ago and that he was happy with her. Yesterday was the day of the cremation ceremony and it was in the same place as my grandfather was cremated (and in the town my granfather was born) and my mom told me it was a very peaceful ceremony and that they each got a flower (my mom was nice and sweet enough to bring one in my and davids name aswell) and put it on the chest as a goodbye. She said it was very emotional (I know that's obvious but it was because of more then the obvious reason), some people told a their memories of him and other things they wanted to say. Even his ex-wife was there and even though they're devorced they had still been together for over 20yrs. His gf was there aswell eventhough they had only been together for 4 moths they were still together. 5 years ago on december 13th my aunt died (my dad's brothers wife) of cancer so as you can imagine it was even more emotional for my uncle (her husband) and everybody is obviously still in grief abou that too. I can't believe i's been 5 yrs it feels like yesterday to me. She had lungcancer and she couldn't be operated on and she had only had chemo not too long ago so that wasn't an option so she was told she wouldn't have long to live. She was the bravest and most unselfish person I've ever known, because the last time I saw her when we visited her in the hospital she told us she wasn't afraid of dying she was only afraid and sad to leave us all behind alone and sad=( she was such a great person aswell I'll always remember her. anyway with all this happening I feel really bad for not being able to be there at the ceremony and to be with my family I know I'll be there sometime in January, but still it's not the same as being there now=( I don't know if I've mentioned it before but not too long ago I got to see the pages of my families family tree book (my parents have a copy and scanned me images of the pages so I could fill it in to this family tree program I've got) and my dads distant relative who's made the book and researched our name found out that the first of our family member mentioned was all the way back in 1500! and when I read through the pages I found out that my family has lived in the same little village (Muggenhool in Zeelst which is near Eindhoven in The Netherlands obviously) for over 200 years and even after that we've always stayed near the village and near Eindhoven. I also found out a majority of my family were weavers which is kinda kool ^_^ It was also really kool to know that mostly everyone that got married and had kids...had around 10 kids lol but that was common back in those days and with Catholic families =) We've even got our own family crest:

Isn't it pretty?=)
wow i've gone on a bit lol I just want to end this post with wishing all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND AN AMAZING BEAUTIFUL GREAT FUN PEACEFUL HEALTHY YARN FILLED CREATIVE JOYFUL NEW YEAR!!!! ^_^
♥ Petra x



23 December, 2006 16:06  

Merry Christmas Petra!

23 December, 2006 17:09  

Sorry to hear about your loss Petra :-( I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you have a yarn filled holiday as well :-) ~HUGS~

24 December, 2006 00:47  

Hello Petra. Thanks for your note. I have posted a couple of "friends-only" entries as have been having a bit of a rough time. Don't usually write private entries but I haven't felt like sharing lately. If you'd like to read them, open a LiveJournal acccount and I'll add you to my list.

Happy New Year and happy knitting! x

02 January, 2007 19:46  

Hey Petra - what's your LJ name? Your comment came up as "Anonymous"!

We are all much healthier now. M's guzzling milk like nobody's business and seems back to her old self. We took the train to Norwich today and she spent all afternoon beaming big smiles at everyone she saw. :-)

13 January, 2007 21:08  

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