So here I am back blogging again...why have I been gone? two lol I've done nothinggggg but knit, knit and knit for the past few weeks! it was worth it though cause now I've got a present finished...and if I wouldn't have worked on it that hard then I would never have got it finished so yeah I guess hard work pays off^_^ I still have two presents to knit though so I'm still kind of stressing out here lol
Yesterday I had a "day off" hehe and we went shopping in Sheffield..well in the Sheffield Meadowhall retail park at Hobbycraft to start with to be exact! I was really excited about it because it's one of the few main crafty stores here in the UK so yeah I thought it was going to be heaven lol but to be honest I was a little dissapointed, because they didn't have all that much yarn and the ones they did have were rediculously expensive and not so great anyway apart from a selected few. The knitting needle selection was great though and I actually found myself the most awesome needles ever! lol you can see them at the bottom with all the other pictures^_^ too bad they didn't have those needles in all sizes..they had them in different colours for a few different sizes but only 4 different sizes all together, but they're still awesome hehe =D I also found some kool colour clay that you can put in the oven after shaping so it'll become hard...I've got some pretty kool ideas for it already^_^ other then that I got a pair of red 99p needle protectors..they don't look great but hey atleast they do what they need to do! I also got a little sheet of transparant butterfly stickers to use in my "creative journal" (I really should do something with that again sometime soon lol). I was tempted to buy some cashmerino wool by Rowan *sigh* but yeah you all know how much that costs lol I was just stood there in the aisle feeling that heavenly soft wool lol!
ohhhhhhhh anddd I managed to find myself a copy of Simply Knitting magazine at last!! it had a little free present with it again as can see a pic of that at the bottom aswell^_^ I've asked David if he would get me a perscription for the Simply Knitting magazine for xmas, but he said he'd rather just get me it as a normal present cause he has a better present in now I've been trying to find out what that is lol grr =P
Anywho here are the pictures and now I've got lots of blog-catching up to do!


I was missing you, Petra!
We all love shopping, don´t we?

18 December, 2006 21:28  

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