Progress so far

those are some pictures of the scarf I've been working on from the Leaf Scarf pattern^_^ sometimes it's really confusing when you loose focus and forget where you were because most rows looks the same but obviously they're not lol and so I've made two mistakes but nothing you can clearly see so it's ok^_^ I'm really loving the sparkley effects you can't really tell on the pictures and I know one of them is out of focus, but our camera has decided it doesn't want to focus when the flash isn't on and I just wanted to show it without the flash so you could see the true colours so I had no choice but to settle with an out of focus picture lol

Have a nice weekend everyone



It's gorgeous. I'm highly impressed by your knitting skills! I'm working on my first pair of knitted socks, on 4 dpn's. I must have started the damn thing about seven times, but because it's a small project, it seems to be moving quite fast now and I'm having fun with it. Pics to follow when I can get my act together - learning to knit on dpn's and finding the time to actually do so is a big enough achievement for one week! *grin*

03 December, 2006 16:49  

Btw, re your comment on my blog - I see that the Wendy Fusion yarn is 50/50 wool/acrylic, so I'm wondering if it would be a mistake to try felting with it. I had the "marsupial tote" in mind from StitcH 'n BitcH.

03 December, 2006 17:23  

Petra, that scarf is awesome! You are such a good knitter! That is just beautiful! Great job!

03 December, 2006 21:58  

Wow Petra, go ahead! That stitch is beautiful! I love it!

04 December, 2006 12:48  

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