Say hello to....

our little baby! This is a photo of my first scan that I had last tuesday! Last thursday the 4th was my birthday so it was the best birthday present ever! It was so amazing to see it move and to see it's little heart beat! They said it's very active as it kept moving around, that's why it's got it's legs up in the air on the photo haha.
When I was looking at it on the scan it felt like it's a boy, I don't really mind weather it's a boy or a girl.

I've been looking for lots of things to knit and crochet obviously and I've found a few things, but most things I've seen online are really pastel type of things that I don't like, I want my baby to be a rock baby hehe so I'm going to knit it some cool things. My mom said she still had some clothes that my grandmother made for me aswell and she said I can have them which is so great, I love the fact that I'll be giving my child something that she made for me with love , that way it feels like shes still there in a way.

I'll be catching up with every bodies blogs now=)

♥ Petra

Cakes and bakes

It sure is exhausting being pregnant, I'm tired all the time. And it'll only get worse from here on lol But I don't mind it's all worth it=) I can't wait till I have our first scan done I'm so excited! And then soon we'll be able to see if it'll be a boy or a girl. I strongly feel it'll be a girl for some reason, but you never know. And I don't mind either way, he/she will still be perfect =)

Today I made a cake. It was quite an easy one so it didn't take long to mix and everything and it only took 70 mins to bake =) I used a cakemix that I got from one of the mills that my dad works on so it's not one you can buy in any shop. It's called a Boerencake which basically means a farmerscake =) All I had to add was 4 eggs and 270gr of butter/margarine =)
This is how it looked when I took it out of the oven:

And after it had cooled down we took it down to Dave's moms house and I put some squirty cream on the top for a little bit extra and this is how it looked =) (not the best picture):

And luckily it was yummy =D I love baking and cooking and I'm going to be doing alot more of it! I'm going to be one of those old grandmothers that are always baking lol =D

We've had some more problems with our downstairs neighbour btw. She likes to play really loud music in the middle of the night and have all her (drunk) friends over that like to shout instead of talk in a normal volume. So we complained to the council, cause I'm sorry but I'm not having this when I'm as tired as I am, I need all the sleep I can get I don't need some snotty nosed teenager to come in and think she can do whatever she wants just because she has a dad who beats people up when they are in their way =S Which doesn't give you a very safe feeling btw. I hope I don't sound like a whining old lady, but it's really not nice when you get woken up at 3/4 am every weekend and sometimes during the week =( I hope it'll get better after they give her another official warning (which means if she does it again she can get kicked out).


I found out yesterday that I'm..


It was a shock at first, but now I'm (we're) really excited!

It's late now so I'll write more tomorrow.. just thought I'd tell everybody!
omg!!! =D

Can't believe it's..

September already! It seems like yesterday that we went on holiday in July, although that's actually been nearly 2 months.
Having your own place, no internet there and Sims2 (and all expansion pacs) on the computer that HAS got internet is not good for blogging! I get distracted too easy, seriously I go on the computer everytime something worth sharing happens and then I look online and get distracted and then by the time I realise I still haven't done my blog it's time to go home to make tea (dinner)!lol ahwell I'll get there one day.. hopefully soon. Meanwhile I think I've lost all my readers =(
We've been busy in the flat as usual. We've got our laminate flooring down in the bedroom now and we have baught the laminate for in the hallway, all we need now is the underlay (we have lots leftover from the bedroom, but need one or two more squares so that means we have to buy a whole new pack..that's another 12,95 gone from our tight budget lol) and then the roomdeviders (I think that's what you call them) that go in the doorways to connect the floor there going from room to room, which cost about £9 each (!).. *sighs*. There is good news too though.. we've got a cooker (gas range) with oven and grill! =D So we can finally cook our own food.. may not sound like such a big deal to most people, but I'm really excited and I'm going to be making LOTSSSSS of cakes and breads and pies!! Especially my special Dutch apple pie (with my moms recipe =P) =D Can't wait and ofcourse I'll be posting pictures of them! Wish I could add the smell of them too as that's one of the best things about baking =)
Soon it'll be my birthday again in October.. 23 already, feels like it was only yesterday when I was 13 lol! I already know what I'm getting for my birthday.. well mostly anyway.. season 2&3 of Gilmore Girls on dvd from David's sister and David's getting me an mp4 player =D My parents gave me and David the gas range/cooker for our birthdays btw which was really awesome of them =D

I haven't been doing much knitting. I'm still working on an pm4 cover for David's sis, it just needs a cord and then it should be done. I'm going to crochet her a better one though from the Happy Hooker book (ipod covers)=)


I've got a blog? yes ofcourse I have! I'd almost forgotten about it with how busy I've been lately! I hope there are still people out there who are reading this =( I actually even missed my first blogiversary which was in June!
In July we went on holiday to see my family for 18days which was really great! My sister had just got a flat with her bf aswell and they got a doggy called Utah and he's so sweet! He's really big though.. he's a cross between a Argentine Dogo and White Sheperd.. he looks more like a Argentine Dogo though =) He's only just a year old and they found him wandering around in the woods in Rotterdam and my sister got him from a kennel in Rotterdam in June and he had been there since March so luckily he didn't have to be in there for long=) Here you can see him for yourself.

He's such a sweetie, he's always happy and he's SOOOOO excited and happy when my sister and her bf come home he runs around the flat with his chewybone in his mouth and moves his tail really fast haha=)

We have also moved into our flat.. finally!! When we came back from holiday we found out that not only did David's fam painted our bedroom and cupboards, but they also put in a laminate floor in our livingroom! How fantastic is that?!? We're now saving up for the flooring in the bedroom and the hallway... so don't mind the flooring on the picture in the bedroom please, cause it's horrible atm lol
Here are some up to date pictures!

It still looks a bit empty in the pictures, but that's because we took those when we first arrived so now it's a bit more "lived in" =)
When we have the floors in we are going to get a rescue doggy from one of the kennels around here =) We either want a Border Collie or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier =) They'll probably be cross breeds, but I don't care we just want a dog to love =)
I will be reading up on my usual blogs soon and I promise I'll update my blog more often! =)


I've finally found the time to come on here and write a blogpost woohoo!
I've been way too busy to come online long enough to do the regular things that I do and when I did I'm not always in the mood to come online and write loads=)
Anyway, the last week has been hard especially for David and his mom and her family as her father passed away, he was 73 years old='( The cremation was last thursday and they spread his ashes today. I hope he'll rest in peace now.

Aside from all that happening we have also been decorating (it's good to have things to do then you cankeep your mind busy for a while) and we are getting progress finally=) We've baught a few things to go in the flat and now we're saving to buy carpets and laminate flooring=) We've painted just about all the halllway except for the ceiling and an extra coat on the walls.
We're going to paint the second wall in the livingroom today the colour is looking really nice and it suits the patterend wallpaper that we baught for one of the walls perfectly=) My parents are coming on Friday so I hope we'll have that wallpaper up by then so they can see it... but I'm confident that we will=)

Now some pictures!

Here it is finally!

Well I've posted the present the other day so it should be arriving soon and I think it's safe to post it on here now =P I had already posted it on GetStitchy anyway and on my myspace=)
Soooo here it is!

I've put alot of blood sweat and tears into it lol (not literally ofcourse!)=P I hope she likes it anyway=) I felt really bad as I wasn't able to post it in time, she said it was fine, but obviously I still feel bad well aslong as she likes it... and it gets there! It's happend a few times that I've sent something out now that hasn't even arrived and it's really annoying. I sent Vik a package for christmas and she hasn't got it so I'm guessing someone took it and my dad never received his fathersday presents last year!
Ohhhhhh and I have some fantastic news! WE GOT A FLATTTTTTTT!! We got the keys for it this wednesday and we have been steaming some wallpaper off of the livingroom walls today (after we went up to the castle to volunteer) and it's taking forever haha but it's worthe it!
Here are some pictures of it =D


As I can't show you the full project I'm working on because it's still a secret I thought I'd give away a little sneakpeek=P I'm about 95% done with the knitting and then I have to felt it all and sew in the lining in time for thursday or friday so it can be posted in time for mothersday!
I really hope it'll all felt okay and that it'll look as I'm hoping it will end up looking haha we shall see=)
Tomorrow I'll be off working at the castle again and the weather forecast said it's going to rain... great! We haven't had any rain so far though so I can't complain I guess, but I still hope it won't rain too bad or for long=)
Oh btw, after I have felted the bag I was planning on just shaping it by putting an object in the project and leave it to dry standing on a binliner (plastic rubbish bag)... is that the right way to do it or is there a better way? I really haven't been able to find any online if there is.
I hope everybody has had a nice (bank holiday) weekend=)

♥ Petra

Mothersday secrets

I've been really busy this past week knitting a mothersday present, going up to the castle more then usual as they needed some more help getting things ready for the opening of the gardens last thursday. I went on monday and wednesday, was supposed to go on tuesday aswell but David's muscles were aching really badly and considering I'm not really strong enough (yet) to slam poles into the ground I stayed home aswell cause I'd just feel useless lol I've actually got myself a bit of a tan(+lots of freckels) since I've been working there =D
Anyhow I can't really show you my progress of the mothersday present or tell you what it is, because my mom may be reading this and I don't want to spoil the surprise =) It is however my first ever felting project so I hope it'll all felt ok and that I've knitted it the right size. The pattern I thought of using turned out to be useless so I now I'm just winging it and hoping it'll turn out ok lol! I'm really loving the yarn I'm using it's very colourfull and it's nice to work with yarn that keeps amazing you with the different colour combinations it's got =)
I'll post pictures of it after mothersday ofcourse=) I still have to find some fabric to use on this mothersday present. I hope my sewing will look abit better then it did last time I tried haha but then again that was only my first time=)
Today we've got dull weather but all of last week it's been sunny and really warm and I think it's going to be the same next week so I'm not complaining! I recently found this site where you can listen to music and keep track of the things you've been listening to and it's awesome it's called Last.FM and it's completely free so go check it out if you like music as much as I do. You can find me here on that site =) I've only got two friends so far haha so it'd be fun to get some more on there!
I hope everyone will have a great weekend and that it's filled with beautiful weather and happiness=)

♥ Petra

So far

I've finished knitting my wristband.. finally.. it didn't take long as it's only small, but I've had to take it apart, reknit, take it apart and reknit a few times. It still looks like a mess as you can see, but I'm going to (try) and steam block the cable parts so they'll stop curling and it'll just be straight. And ofcourse I'll be weaving in the ends =)
Oh and woohoo!! the new spring issue of CrochetMe is up and working again... I read on their myspace bulletin that the page had been having some probems and I haven't been able to reach the page up until today so yay! I loooooooove the More-then-an-apron!! It's so cute and kool at the same time! I'll have to make it...when I've got the money to buy all that yarn.. hemp yarn to be exact.. I've always wanted to use it so it could be a good excuse to finally get some =D They've also got a link up on the pattern page for a site that uses and makes just hemp yarn. The designs are really fab, have a look for yourself =)


So there are the pictures of my finished lacy hairband =) You'll have to excuse my messy hair on the last picture... I should've been smart enough to brush it a bit before going on a picture lol! (I had it in a ponytail before that). I'm quite happy with how it turned out, but I don't think I really get the whole blocking process... what I did was.. I made it wet, straightend it out, rolled it up in a towel so it'd stay straight when drying and that's it.. am I doing something wrong?
I'm now actually trying to design my own knitted bracelet. I came up with it while I was knitting the hairband and thought it'd look nice as a bracelet.. I actually thought it'd be nice if I had some beads so they could be on the lacy part in the middle, but I don't have any beads for knitting so that'll have to wait for a bit =) I'm not using the pattern from the hairband, I'm actually tring to use a single cable in the middle as I think that'll look really fancy =) I'm using some really pretty and super soft yarn that I got from my knitting/crocheting/blogging friend Anne-Marie
for christmas, it's called Medici by Sirdar =) And right now I'm actually using a plain non-dyed yarn with it aswell I can't remember it's name right now, but I've added it to use to knit the cable with, because when I tried knitting it with the Medici alone you couldn't really see the cable so I thought I'd add a plain coloured wool to make it stand out more =) And the wool isn't really white it's more of a cream/white colour which matches the Medici very well. I still have to see how it'll all look knitted though.
My next big project is going to be the Mini-Sweater by Stephanie Japel (Glampyre). I've only ever knitted a strappy top so I hope I'll do ok with this as it seems alot harder, but I reallllly love it so I just have to give it a go =) I still have to order the circular needle that's needed though so I'm not sure when I can order it or when it's going to arrive... or if they have it in my LYS if so then I could get started right away which would be even better =P btw I'm going to use Wendy Fusion yarn for the mini-sweater in the saffron shade, luckily I still have 2 balls of it that I've never used =D
It's going to be 20/21 degrees celcius this weekend so I'll be out getting a tan hehe =D
Have a nice weekend everybody!

Easter and knitting!

I started knitting the lacy hairband I found online the other day. I love pdf file patterns it makes it so much easier to print out! I haven't really done any lace knitting before so this is a great way to start with it and so far is been a piece of cake! I just hope it'll look any good on me when I've finished haha! I've posted some pictures at the bottom =)
It works up pretty fast so I should have this one finished either tonight or tomorrow. When you get the pdf file for the pattern you see that there's 3 different hairband patterns on it! So I'm going to make them all =P
I hope everybody has been having a great easter! We didn't really do anything today, the only "easter" thing I've done so far is eat chocolate eggs lol! I'm actually going to stop eating chocolate after easter.. I found out that it's the reason why I've had eczema on my collarbone. It dissapeared when I hadn't eaten any chocolate for a while so yeah it's deffinatly chocolate! And possibly more dairy products as I've read that they usually are one of the main causes for it. At least I'm not one of the poor people who suffer from it severely I've just got a teeny tiny spot on my collarbone and even that is annoying so I can't even imagine what it must be like for them!

Happy Easter! ♥

Back so soon?

yup I just realised I totally forgot to mention that since last wednesday I started doing this volunteering work at the castle gardens nearby (Wentworth & Stainborough castle) as a conservationist. David does it aswell so we go there together it's so much fun! It's hard work yeah, but I love being outdoors and we get to help improve the living environment for the animals that live there and also just the general woodlands and park =) They are completely restoring the whole park and both the castles. One of the castles (Wentworth castle which is now used as a college) has already been done up it just needed a good clean on the outside=) Stainborough castle is a different story.. last time I saw it it looked more like a ruin then a castle, but they are going to rebuild and restore it so it'll look great when it's done! It should be done at about the end of 2008 =)


Ok so I really have to start updating my blog more often. I've hardly posted at all since I've come back from The Netherlands! And I'm kind of starting to fear that nobodies reading my blog anymore lol
Another reason for me not updating it is that I haven't really done any knitting or crocheting lately. I've been quite lazy with knitting, I haven't even finished my dad's scarf yet that I was supposed to give him for last winter! yes yes I know.. I'm very ashamed of myself! lol
I still have two balls of Wendy Fushion laying around and I haven't made up my mind what to do with it yet, but I'm thinking about knitting or crocheting a hairband for the spring/summer.. although I'm thinking that Fushion might be a bit too chunky for a summery hairband. I don't want it to be anything bulky and I don't fancy sweat dripping down my face whenever I put it on lol Maybe a lacy one like this will be kool. I haven't ever really done any lace knitting so it'll be a good chance to practise it =)
I've finally got around to cheicking up on the new patterns on Knitty and I've found a few patterns that I'd love to do... as always! Damn you free patterns! I'd love to knit this cardigan but in slightly different colours and maybe a little tiny bit longer so it'll actually reach your waist=) And ofcourse I also loooooove the space invaders (bmp) socks, but they look a little too complicated for me seeing as though I haven't actually knit ANY socks yet so I think I should start with some simple ones.. thing is it's not easy to find sockyarn over here so I'll have to see if I can find it somewhere online other then Ebay (they always seem to mess up our bankaccount) and hope it's cheap lol.
We (me and David) went on a beautiful bikeride through the countryside today and the weather was just perfect! I'd post some pictures, but our comp has broken down a few times so we don't have photoshop on it anymore and so I can't resize my images for a while =( Anywho I promise I'll keep updating my blog more often=)

♥ Petra

I'm back

Hi everybody! well I've been back for a while now but I haven't had the chance to go through all my pictures before now so I thought I'd wait until I could put some pictures up with this post =)
Going back home was great! and I miss it so much already.. I never realise how much I really miss my family until I'm there again. It was hard for me to go back to england again and 11 days just weren't enough.. but we are going back this summer in July so I'm reallLLly looking forward to that =)
We did so many things in so little time! My parents live near Rotterdam, which is just about this only city next to Eindhoven (where I was born) that I love (I normally can't cope with all the rushing people and traffic and stress), so we went to the
Euromast it is one of the highest buildings in Europe.. it used to be THE highest but well that was back in the 60's/70's and times change hehe.. they have made it higher recently and also renewed it alot so I hadn't seen the renewed building yet neither so it was nice to see. David is afraid of heights so it wasn't that great for him lol so he didn't want to go up all the way so I stayed there with him.. kinda regret not going up with my parents but ohwell I can do that next time :) Here are some pictures of the views from the Euromast looking out on Rotterdam :)

btw this is going to be the longest post ever lol! We alos went to Eindhoven my beautiful hometown =) and to a museum there that's called the Historical Openair Museum of Eindhoven.. but then in Dutch hehe =) It's basically a outdoors museum and it shows how we lived in the middel ages and such =) here are some pictures of when we were there =)

We also went to another part of Rotterdam called Delfshaven.. Everybody knows the dutch pottery with the blue paintings on it.. it's called Delft Blue pottery.. Delft is a place in The Netherlands and obviously that's where it's from.. back in the days in about 1600 Delft didn't have it's own harbour and it couldn't get one in it's own town so they decided to make one in Rotterdam and it's still there now called Delfshaven =) it has about 90% of the original old buildings still there so it's really nice =) here are some pictures =)

well I will post some more pictures tomorrow or the day after because I think this is all the space blogger will allow me hehe and the post is pretty long so I don't want to bore you too much lol =P
I hope everybody is doing great =)

Petra ♥

See you soon^_^

Tomorrow is the day finally. We'll be leaving for Holland at last=D We're going to be picked up by a taxi at about 11:30am who will take us to the airport and then we'll have to wait there for about 2 and a half hours! you have to be at the airport about 2 hours before take off so that they can check everybody in. Which is kind of annoying because there isn't exactly much to do in the LeedsBradfors Airport as it's only tiny and next to no shops to look in and only one cafe which is not the best one but you have to get food from somewhere and a drink =) My pappa will come to pick us up from the airport in Holland.. we'll land at about 16:45 (4:45 pm) in Dutch time. The flight usually doesn't take very long and it'll probably be dark by the time we get to Holland.. I don't like travelling in the dark it always feels a bit depressing for some reason, but theres nothing we can do about that hehe.
On the 19th it'll be my sisters birthday so that'll be fun to be there again for once =D we baught her two books for her brithday.. one book is a dictionary of dreams and the other one is a book full of selected poems =) I hope she'll like them.
We'll be returning on the 22nd=) I'll deffinatly be updating my blog more often when I come back! I don't know why I haven't lately.. I've just been spending lots of time on myspace lol and I also found this great site where you can go to talk about knitting it's called GetStitchy! that's the link to the forum and you can also go to their main site which is here =) I highly recommend it anyway as it's fun and everybody is really fun and friendly! it's like the knitting version of Crochetville seriously!
Well I hope that everybody will have a great February! I'll be checking all your blogs when I come back and read up with what I've missed! I'll miss reading them all till I come back hehe=)

Take care everyone!
Petra ♥


Woohooooooo Blogger has finally let me go onto the new bloggerrrr! Nothings different so far.. so I was kind of dissapointed as I was expecting some huge changes and a futuristic looking blog lol I'm thinking of changing my blog I'm bored with the current template already haha I get bored easily as you can tell and I'm in a vintage mood so I'm thinking of creating a new one soon.. actually I've been thinking of switching to wordpress instead, but I'm not doing anything with that until I've come back from holiday so I'll let you know if I will switch ^_^ I'm going to have a look at the wordpress templates available=)
I'm still working on my moms gloves... really should be hurrying now = I just get bored with the pattern as I've done it so many times now! so it's really hard for me to motivate myself. And then I still have my dad's scarf to do aswell = I'll make it though I'm good with deadlines and pressure hehe I always panick first but then in the end I just manage to get everything done in time somehow=)
we got our new video camera today.. we got it off 24studio you can buy stuff there on credit so you don't have to pay them instantly.. just in parts spread over a certain amount of time =) it's not a brilliant camera but for £99,99 we're happy with it=) we've also got a special video editing program on our computer so I'm planning on making some kool videos with some awesome music and effects hehe I shall post them on here aswell ofcourse=D and we'll be making some kool vids in Holland too and then when we come back Ican show you what my homeland looks like=)

Have a nice weekend everyone!^_^
♥ Petra

Uh -oh!

(me, my mamma, my sis)

Oops I've been neglecting my blog again! I just always seem to find something to do on the computer and by the time I think of going to do my blog somebody else needs the computer lol I haven't done a whole lot of knitting or crocheting this year so far... I've just been working on some gloves for my mom (they'll be Knucks btw) is a very lovely shade of light faded pink/light faded brown^_^
I'm finally going to visit my family again in February.. on February 11th to be exact hehe =D I'm extremely excited about it! especially considering the fact that I've not been able to see my sister for over a year now! and her birthday is on Feb 19th so I'll also finally be there for the first time in like 2 years.... I know I sound like a horrible sister but it's not like I can just hop on the bus to go see her and being unemployed as I am it's not really easy to afford two plane tickets unfortunatly =(

I hope everybody has had a wonderfully good healthy new year so far!

(me, my pappa, my sis)

♥ Petra

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