Woohooooooo Blogger has finally let me go onto the new bloggerrrr! Nothings different so far.. so I was kind of dissapointed as I was expecting some huge changes and a futuristic looking blog lol I'm thinking of changing my blog I'm bored with the current template already haha I get bored easily as you can tell and I'm in a vintage mood so I'm thinking of creating a new one soon.. actually I've been thinking of switching to wordpress instead, but I'm not doing anything with that until I've come back from holiday so I'll let you know if I will switch ^_^ I'm going to have a look at the wordpress templates available=)
I'm still working on my moms gloves... really should be hurrying now = I just get bored with the pattern as I've done it so many times now! so it's really hard for me to motivate myself. And then I still have my dad's scarf to do aswell = I'll make it though I'm good with deadlines and pressure hehe I always panick first but then in the end I just manage to get everything done in time somehow=)
we got our new video camera today.. we got it off 24studio you can buy stuff there on credit so you don't have to pay them instantly.. just in parts spread over a certain amount of time =) it's not a brilliant camera but for £99,99 we're happy with it=) we've also got a special video editing program on our computer so I'm planning on making some kool videos with some awesome music and effects hehe I shall post them on here aswell ofcourse=D and we'll be making some kool vids in Holland too and then when we come back Ican show you what my homeland looks like=)

Have a nice weekend everyone!^_^
♥ Petra


HAHA I change my blog all the time too! I think I enjoy that just as much as I enjoy blogging! LOL! I'm so excited for your trip to Holland, I can't wait to see photos and video! Let me know what you think of WP!

27 January, 2007 18:57  

Hi Petra! Then I don`t feel so bad since I hadn`t got the new blog invitation yet. I`m back home and reading everything I missed last month! ;)

02 February, 2007 23:29  

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