See you soon^_^

Tomorrow is the day finally. We'll be leaving for Holland at last=D We're going to be picked up by a taxi at about 11:30am who will take us to the airport and then we'll have to wait there for about 2 and a half hours! you have to be at the airport about 2 hours before take off so that they can check everybody in. Which is kind of annoying because there isn't exactly much to do in the LeedsBradfors Airport as it's only tiny and next to no shops to look in and only one cafe which is not the best one but you have to get food from somewhere and a drink =) My pappa will come to pick us up from the airport in Holland.. we'll land at about 16:45 (4:45 pm) in Dutch time. The flight usually doesn't take very long and it'll probably be dark by the time we get to Holland.. I don't like travelling in the dark it always feels a bit depressing for some reason, but theres nothing we can do about that hehe.
On the 19th it'll be my sisters birthday so that'll be fun to be there again for once =D we baught her two books for her brithday.. one book is a dictionary of dreams and the other one is a book full of selected poems =) I hope she'll like them.
We'll be returning on the 22nd=) I'll deffinatly be updating my blog more often when I come back! I don't know why I haven't lately.. I've just been spending lots of time on myspace lol and I also found this great site where you can go to talk about knitting it's called GetStitchy! that's the link to the forum and you can also go to their main site which is here =) I highly recommend it anyway as it's fun and everybody is really fun and friendly! it's like the knitting version of Crochetville seriously!
Well I hope that everybody will have a great February! I'll be checking all your blogs when I come back and read up with what I've missed! I'll miss reading them all till I come back hehe=)

Take care everyone!
Petra ♥

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