I'm back

Hi everybody! well I've been back for a while now but I haven't had the chance to go through all my pictures before now so I thought I'd wait until I could put some pictures up with this post =)
Going back home was great! and I miss it so much already.. I never realise how much I really miss my family until I'm there again. It was hard for me to go back to england again and 11 days just weren't enough.. but we are going back this summer in July so I'm reallLLly looking forward to that =)
We did so many things in so little time! My parents live near Rotterdam, which is just about this only city next to Eindhoven (where I was born) that I love (I normally can't cope with all the rushing people and traffic and stress), so we went to the
Euromast it is one of the highest buildings in Europe.. it used to be THE highest but well that was back in the 60's/70's and times change hehe.. they have made it higher recently and also renewed it alot so I hadn't seen the renewed building yet neither so it was nice to see. David is afraid of heights so it wasn't that great for him lol so he didn't want to go up all the way so I stayed there with him.. kinda regret not going up with my parents but ohwell I can do that next time :) Here are some pictures of the views from the Euromast looking out on Rotterdam :)

btw this is going to be the longest post ever lol! We alos went to Eindhoven my beautiful hometown =) and to a museum there that's called the Historical Openair Museum of Eindhoven.. but then in Dutch hehe =) It's basically a outdoors museum and it shows how we lived in the middel ages and such =) here are some pictures of when we were there =)

We also went to another part of Rotterdam called Delfshaven.. Everybody knows the dutch pottery with the blue paintings on it.. it's called Delft Blue pottery.. Delft is a place in The Netherlands and obviously that's where it's from.. back in the days in about 1600 Delft didn't have it's own harbour and it couldn't get one in it's own town so they decided to make one in Rotterdam and it's still there now called Delfshaven =) it has about 90% of the original old buildings still there so it's really nice =) here are some pictures =)

well I will post some more pictures tomorrow or the day after because I think this is all the space blogger will allow me hehe and the post is pretty long so I don't want to bore you too much lol =P
I hope everybody is doing great =)

Petra ♥

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