Back so soon?

yup I just realised I totally forgot to mention that since last wednesday I started doing this volunteering work at the castle gardens nearby (Wentworth & Stainborough castle) as a conservationist. David does it aswell so we go there together it's so much fun! It's hard work yeah, but I love being outdoors and we get to help improve the living environment for the animals that live there and also just the general woodlands and park =) They are completely restoring the whole park and both the castles. One of the castles (Wentworth castle which is now used as a college) has already been done up it just needed a good clean on the outside=) Stainborough castle is a different story.. last time I saw it it looked more like a ruin then a castle, but they are going to rebuild and restore it so it'll look great when it's done! It should be done at about the end of 2008 =)


Congratulations, Petra! I visited the page, looks such a wonderful place! Good for you!

05 April, 2007 00:36  

That sounds so much fun! I would LOVE to volunteer at a castle. There's only one castle in Kentucky that I know of, and I think it's closed to the public.

It must rock to live in Europe!

05 April, 2007 19:28  

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