Ok so I really have to start updating my blog more often. I've hardly posted at all since I've come back from The Netherlands! And I'm kind of starting to fear that nobodies reading my blog anymore lol
Another reason for me not updating it is that I haven't really done any knitting or crocheting lately. I've been quite lazy with knitting, I haven't even finished my dad's scarf yet that I was supposed to give him for last winter! yes yes I know.. I'm very ashamed of myself! lol
I still have two balls of Wendy Fushion laying around and I haven't made up my mind what to do with it yet, but I'm thinking about knitting or crocheting a hairband for the spring/summer.. although I'm thinking that Fushion might be a bit too chunky for a summery hairband. I don't want it to be anything bulky and I don't fancy sweat dripping down my face whenever I put it on lol Maybe a lacy one like this will be kool. I haven't ever really done any lace knitting so it'll be a good chance to practise it =)
I've finally got around to cheicking up on the new patterns on Knitty and I've found a few patterns that I'd love to do... as always! Damn you free patterns! I'd love to knit this cardigan but in slightly different colours and maybe a little tiny bit longer so it'll actually reach your waist=) And ofcourse I also loooooove the space invaders (bmp) socks, but they look a little too complicated for me seeing as though I haven't actually knit ANY socks yet so I think I should start with some simple ones.. thing is it's not easy to find sockyarn over here so I'll have to see if I can find it somewhere online other then Ebay (they always seem to mess up our bankaccount) and hope it's cheap lol.
We (me and David) went on a beautiful bikeride through the countryside today and the weather was just perfect! I'd post some pictures, but our comp has broken down a few times so we don't have photoshop on it anymore and so I can't resize my images for a while =( Anywho I promise I'll keep updating my blog more often=)

♥ Petra


Hey. I still read your blog :)

02 April, 2007 18:05  

Hi dear Petra! Thank for your comment in my blog. I am giving a life signal, so you don´t worry ;)

03 April, 2007 00:26  

Hey Petra, good to see you're still around! You're on my google reader, so I'll always be reading. :-)

03 April, 2007 04:19  

You don't necessarily have to use sock yarn -- I actually didn't use sock yarn for my first two pairs of socks. Can you get Cascade Fixation? If you can, you should try using it with a simple sock pattern.

I'm glad you started updating more!


05 April, 2007 19:30  

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