So there are the pictures of my finished lacy hairband =) You'll have to excuse my messy hair on the last picture... I should've been smart enough to brush it a bit before going on a picture lol! (I had it in a ponytail before that). I'm quite happy with how it turned out, but I don't think I really get the whole blocking process... what I did was.. I made it wet, straightend it out, rolled it up in a towel so it'd stay straight when drying and that's it.. am I doing something wrong?
I'm now actually trying to design my own knitted bracelet. I came up with it while I was knitting the hairband and thought it'd look nice as a bracelet.. I actually thought it'd be nice if I had some beads so they could be on the lacy part in the middle, but I don't have any beads for knitting so that'll have to wait for a bit =) I'm not using the pattern from the hairband, I'm actually tring to use a single cable in the middle as I think that'll look really fancy =) I'm using some really pretty and super soft yarn that I got from my knitting/crocheting/blogging friend Anne-Marie
for christmas, it's called Medici by Sirdar =) And right now I'm actually using a plain non-dyed yarn with it aswell I can't remember it's name right now, but I've added it to use to knit the cable with, because when I tried knitting it with the Medici alone you couldn't really see the cable so I thought I'd add a plain coloured wool to make it stand out more =) And the wool isn't really white it's more of a cream/white colour which matches the Medici very well. I still have to see how it'll all look knitted though.
My next big project is going to be the Mini-Sweater by Stephanie Japel (Glampyre). I've only ever knitted a strappy top so I hope I'll do ok with this as it seems alot harder, but I reallllly love it so I just have to give it a go =) I still have to order the circular needle that's needed though so I'm not sure when I can order it or when it's going to arrive... or if they have it in my LYS if so then I could get started right away which would be even better =P btw I'm going to use Wendy Fusion yarn for the mini-sweater in the saffron shade, luckily I still have 2 balls of it that I've never used =D
It's going to be 20/21 degrees celcius this weekend so I'll be out getting a tan hehe =D
Have a nice weekend everybody!


I think to block, you are meant to roll it in a towel to get the moisture out, and then unroll it and pin it out in the correct shape to dry. I dont think it matters too much with a headband though, more for larger items.
If you are looking in your LYS for a circular needle, make sure its a bamboo one. I made the mistake of buying a metal one first time around and its horrible and keeps snagging the yarn.
The sock is half done, the pattern is easy - i just have to slow down around the heel, and i havent had much chance to knit this week as ive been busy in work :) This is a LONG comment lol

13 April, 2007 13:29  

I love it! It looks really nice on you!

13 April, 2007 23:00  

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