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I've finished knitting my wristband.. finally.. it didn't take long as it's only small, but I've had to take it apart, reknit, take it apart and reknit a few times. It still looks like a mess as you can see, but I'm going to (try) and steam block the cable parts so they'll stop curling and it'll just be straight. And ofcourse I'll be weaving in the ends =)
Oh and woohoo!! the new spring issue of CrochetMe is up and working again... I read on their myspace bulletin that the page had been having some probems and I haven't been able to reach the page up until today so yay! I loooooooove the More-then-an-apron!! It's so cute and kool at the same time! I'll have to make it...when I've got the money to buy all that yarn.. hemp yarn to be exact.. I've always wanted to use it so it could be a good excuse to finally get some =D They've also got a link up on the pattern page for a site that uses and makes just hemp yarn. The designs are really fab, have a look for yourself =)


Cool wristband . . . I love the cables and the colors are really pretty!!

I need to learn to crochet . . . maybe this summer!

Hope all is well!!!

15 April, 2007 23:17  

Congratulations, you're on get stitchy!

Thanks so much for submitting your blog.

16 April, 2007 02:41  

Hi dear Petra, you´re knitting is becoming really cool!

PS: Could you please write your posts with bigger letters? (sorry, I don´t know, maybe its my computer or you see it very small too?)

17 April, 2007 00:29  

Hey Petra I don´t have your mail, so I write it here (please mail me to my e-mail posted in my blog, so I get your e-mail address too)

Hey, do I need new glasses? ;) I tell you: I see a bit bigger letters just in your post from April 3. But later on always smaller. And the last one, is even smaller... It´s me? Do you see the letters big?

As always, congratulations for the way of your presentations. Love how you design them! Good for you!

18 April, 2007 03:29  

Where did you find the knitting things that say 80% finished or 25% finished or whatever? I want some for my blog!

Hope all is well over the pond!

24 April, 2007 16:54  

I like your blog, & just snagged your button!!

29 April, 2007 09:16  

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