Mothersday secrets

I've been really busy this past week knitting a mothersday present, going up to the castle more then usual as they needed some more help getting things ready for the opening of the gardens last thursday. I went on monday and wednesday, was supposed to go on tuesday aswell but David's muscles were aching really badly and considering I'm not really strong enough (yet) to slam poles into the ground I stayed home aswell cause I'd just feel useless lol I've actually got myself a bit of a tan(+lots of freckels) since I've been working there =D
Anyhow I can't really show you my progress of the mothersday present or tell you what it is, because my mom may be reading this and I don't want to spoil the surprise =) It is however my first ever felting project so I hope it'll all felt ok and that I've knitted it the right size. The pattern I thought of using turned out to be useless so I now I'm just winging it and hoping it'll turn out ok lol! I'm really loving the yarn I'm using it's very colourfull and it's nice to work with yarn that keeps amazing you with the different colour combinations it's got =)
I'll post pictures of it after mothersday ofcourse=) I still have to find some fabric to use on this mothersday present. I hope my sewing will look abit better then it did last time I tried haha but then again that was only my first time=)
Today we've got dull weather but all of last week it's been sunny and really warm and I think it's going to be the same next week so I'm not complaining! I recently found this site where you can listen to music and keep track of the things you've been listening to and it's awesome it's called Last.FM and it's completely free so go check it out if you like music as much as I do. You can find me here on that site =) I've only got two friends so far haha so it'd be fun to get some more on there!
I hope everyone will have a great weekend and that it's filled with beautiful weather and happiness=)

♥ Petra


hey! i recognise you from craftermath i think, and you just responded to me over on punk knitters.. im on last fm as well, felicitykendall is my username there, and ive added you :D. i also put up a post on the punk knitters blog about lastfm, hopefully some of the others are on there as well. anyway, nice to see you again :)

05 May, 2007 11:48  

Mother's Day knitting sounds like good times . . . I love to give knit gifts.

I'll have to check out last fm, too.


07 May, 2007 17:12  

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