As I can't show you the full project I'm working on because it's still a secret I thought I'd give away a little sneakpeek=P I'm about 95% done with the knitting and then I have to felt it all and sew in the lining in time for thursday or friday so it can be posted in time for mothersday!
I really hope it'll all felt okay and that it'll look as I'm hoping it will end up looking haha we shall see=)
Tomorrow I'll be off working at the castle again and the weather forecast said it's going to rain... great! We haven't had any rain so far though so I can't complain I guess, but I still hope it won't rain too bad or for long=)
Oh btw, after I have felted the bag I was planning on just shaping it by putting an object in the project and leave it to dry standing on a binliner (plastic rubbish bag)... is that the right way to do it or is there a better way? I really haven't been able to find any online if there is.
I hope everybody has had a nice (bank holiday) weekend=)

♥ Petra


Whatever it is, I like the colors. :-)

08 May, 2007 17:20  

That should be a good way of blocking it.

Is that Noro? The colors rock!!

09 May, 2007 23:19  

I love the colors! Which yarn are you using? Are you double knitting it? I absolutely love it!!!

14 May, 2007 17:22  

Those colors are awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product!

15 May, 2007 22:56  

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