I've finally found the time to come on here and write a blogpost woohoo!
I've been way too busy to come online long enough to do the regular things that I do and when I did I'm not always in the mood to come online and write loads=)
Anyway, the last week has been hard especially for David and his mom and her family as her father passed away, he was 73 years old='( The cremation was last thursday and they spread his ashes today. I hope he'll rest in peace now.

Aside from all that happening we have also been decorating (it's good to have things to do then you cankeep your mind busy for a while) and we are getting progress finally=) We've baught a few things to go in the flat and now we're saving to buy carpets and laminate flooring=) We've painted just about all the halllway except for the ceiling and an extra coat on the walls.
We're going to paint the second wall in the livingroom today the colour is looking really nice and it suits the patterend wallpaper that we baught for one of the walls perfectly=) My parents are coming on Friday so I hope we'll have that wallpaper up by then so they can see it... but I'm confident that we will=)

Now some pictures!

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