I've got a blog? yes ofcourse I have! I'd almost forgotten about it with how busy I've been lately! I hope there are still people out there who are reading this =( I actually even missed my first blogiversary which was in June!
In July we went on holiday to see my family for 18days which was really great! My sister had just got a flat with her bf aswell and they got a doggy called Utah and he's so sweet! He's really big though.. he's a cross between a Argentine Dogo and White Sheperd.. he looks more like a Argentine Dogo though =) He's only just a year old and they found him wandering around in the woods in Rotterdam and my sister got him from a kennel in Rotterdam in June and he had been there since March so luckily he didn't have to be in there for long=) Here you can see him for yourself.

He's such a sweetie, he's always happy and he's SOOOOO excited and happy when my sister and her bf come home he runs around the flat with his chewybone in his mouth and moves his tail really fast haha=)

We have also moved into our flat.. finally!! When we came back from holiday we found out that not only did David's fam painted our bedroom and cupboards, but they also put in a laminate floor in our livingroom! How fantastic is that?!? We're now saving up for the flooring in the bedroom and the hallway... so don't mind the flooring on the picture in the bedroom please, cause it's horrible atm lol
Here are some up to date pictures!

It still looks a bit empty in the pictures, but that's because we took those when we first arrived so now it's a bit more "lived in" =)
When we have the floors in we are going to get a rescue doggy from one of the kennels around here =) We either want a Border Collie or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier =) They'll probably be cross breeds, but I don't care we just want a dog to love =)
I will be reading up on my usual blogs soon and I promise I'll update my blog more often! =)

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