Cakes and bakes

It sure is exhausting being pregnant, I'm tired all the time. And it'll only get worse from here on lol But I don't mind it's all worth it=) I can't wait till I have our first scan done I'm so excited! And then soon we'll be able to see if it'll be a boy or a girl. I strongly feel it'll be a girl for some reason, but you never know. And I don't mind either way, he/she will still be perfect =)

Today I made a cake. It was quite an easy one so it didn't take long to mix and everything and it only took 70 mins to bake =) I used a cakemix that I got from one of the mills that my dad works on so it's not one you can buy in any shop. It's called a Boerencake which basically means a farmerscake =) All I had to add was 4 eggs and 270gr of butter/margarine =)
This is how it looked when I took it out of the oven:

And after it had cooled down we took it down to Dave's moms house and I put some squirty cream on the top for a little bit extra and this is how it looked =) (not the best picture):

And luckily it was yummy =D I love baking and cooking and I'm going to be doing alot more of it! I'm going to be one of those old grandmothers that are always baking lol =D

We've had some more problems with our downstairs neighbour btw. She likes to play really loud music in the middle of the night and have all her (drunk) friends over that like to shout instead of talk in a normal volume. So we complained to the council, cause I'm sorry but I'm not having this when I'm as tired as I am, I need all the sleep I can get I don't need some snotty nosed teenager to come in and think she can do whatever she wants just because she has a dad who beats people up when they are in their way =S Which doesn't give you a very safe feeling btw. I hope I don't sound like a whining old lady, but it's really not nice when you get woken up at 3/4 am every weekend and sometimes during the week =( I hope it'll get better after they give her another official warning (which means if she does it again she can get kicked out).


Congratulations! you are treading into adventurous territory. It is awesome.

23 September, 2007 23:10  

Hi Petra! I´m so happy about you both expecting the baby!
I like the new template!
(remember about KFH...)

05 October, 2007 02:22  

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