Merry christmas everyone!

It's been an exciting, happy, emotional, beautiful, sleepless, frustrating, joyous, amazing and all in all truly brilliant year for me. 2008 was the best and I will miss it. I'm also looking forward to what is ahead though as there are some brilliant things ahead of us yet.
I can't believe it's been 8 months since I had our baby soon she'll be one already! There is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE pile of presents under the tree for her teehee I can't wait to open them with her on Thursday I'm so excited! Next year will be even better when she will be walking and talking and we will be with my family and my sister's baby will be there too! I can't wait!
I don't know if anybody still bothers reading this, but I wish you a merry Christmas full of presents yummy food and family :)
My new years resolution is that I will update my blog more often lol! I thought I was doing well doing it once a month but then I somehow lost track of doing that!
I finalllllllllllllly finished Violet's bootees btw and I am now knitting her a hat as her current (bought from Mothercare) keeps turning around and being in her face so I'm knitting her one that will fit her properly. That was also the last time I'm buying a hat for her cause I can make her a zillion for the price they charge! Plus you can make them as you or they like so it's much more personal! :D
I will post pictures of them on her asap :D Anyway I'm off to knit!

!!Merry Christmas everyone!!

Just wanted to come on and say..

my sister is having a baby!! :D She said she thinks she's about 5 weeks along so should be due in June! I'm really excited Vi will have a cousin to play with hihi and they'll only be about a year and 2 months apart :D
Plus I get to knit her stuff hehe another excuse to go out and buy more yarn :P
Oh and we've also started weaning Vi on thursday (doctors orders cause she kept on having diarrhoea) and she didnt care for it much at first, but now opens her mouth for more lol heres some pictures of her first tastes :)

One month!

I can't believe she was already one month old last thursday! Time goes so fast sometimes it feels like I'm still on the same day eventhough 3 days have passed lol She is alot more awake now and aware of things aswell =) And for some reason she likes to fall asleep with sound and not in silence so I like to put her mobile on that's on her cot that plays a few songs and makes the mobile turn. She's also really fascinated with my hair lol When she's laid in my arms she won't stop looking at it. I think she's getting brown-ish eyes, because I can see some brown lines appearing, but then again she could just get blue eyes with brown stripes in.. we'll have to wait and see.
I went to town with her for the first time last Friday. I was great to just go somewhere other then the village and I think she liked it as well as she was awake the whole time, but she didn't cry or anything. The only bad thing about going shopping is that some shops are ridiculously hot so I have to keep on taking her coat off and putting it back on when I go out.. there's no need for heating with this nice weather it's silly.
It sure is hard work to breastfeed. Other women always make it look so easy, but it isn't and it's really easy to just quit, but I'm glad I haven't as I think I've finally got it down now so it's getting easier. I was on a forum the other day and I read that bottle fed babies (formula) only get fed like every 4 hours.. Violet wakes up around every 2/ 2 and a half hours, so unfair! lol But I'd rather wake up every hour then not breastfeed her it's so much better for her.

You'd almost think this was a baby blog and not a knitting/crochet one.. I haven't really done anything craft related, but I'm thinking of starting a new knitting project soon if I can manage to fit it in my "schedule" lol It's a summer cardigan with short sleeves and a sort of lace pattern on the front. It'll be my first ever cardigan so I'm a bit anxious to start it, but I won't know if I can do it unless I try. The pattern is in the latest Simply Knitting btw and it says it's perfect for people who have never knitted a cardi before, but have made things like patterned hats and things little more complex then just scarves. So I should be fine =)

Oh and I've finally got the internet at home btw, hooray lol ♥


This is only a quick update but still an update =D So there she finally is! She was born on April 17th at 12:06pm it took 13hours all together and she weighed 7.4 lbs and was 50cm long. I'll write about it more later when we have the internet at home (got it ordered and should be up and running for the 10th). The first week was really hard, especially cause I lost alot of blood and so became aneamic and I was a bit weak and well the tiredness doesn't help obviously, but I got through it and I'm starting to get used to it now. I've got lots more pictures, but they're all on a different computer so I'll post them next time. She's worth all the pain and all the hours being woken up she's just amazing and so beautiful and perfect and I sometimes still can't believe she's here and that I'm her mom, but when I do it feels good and I'm so proud it makes me cry.. the first few days I did nothing but cry cause of the baby blues lol
Luckily my parents were here when it all happened I really hoped it would happen that way so they could be there and see her straight away even if it was only for a few days :-) I can't believe she's 2 weeks and 3 days already it's all just gone so fast. I'll never forget those hours and the first time I saw her I was so happy I cried.

I hope everybody is doing well I'll be back on when I have the internet. ♥

I'm still alive lol

And getting bigger as you can see =P That's me with my mom and sister when they came to visit us in February =D Only 4 weeks today as of today till the due date.. it's just going so fast! That's if she'll stay in there till April 13th! I go to a pregnancy forum on Bounty and we've already had three births in the Due in April section! 2 of them were born in February and one in the end of January! They were really tiny though and they're fine now, but they did need life support in the beginning so I'm glad Violet decided to stay for this long and I hope she'll stay until it's time.. but realistically it could happen anytime from now onwards!
Last time I went to see my midwife she felt my bump again to see how Violet's laid and we found out she was breech (head near ribs instead of facing downwards) again.. and atm she's transverse (laying on her side so horizontal). I went to a birthing/parenting class in the hospital yesterday though and learnt some new ways to help her to turn so hopefully she will before thursday which is when I'll go to see my midwife again and if she still hasn't turned then I'll have to go to the hospital to have her turned and that'll hurt so not looking forward to it.

I haven't been doing LOADS of knitting or crocheting, but I have knitted Violet 2 hats and a pair of mittens and I'm planning on knitting her some dungarees haha =D But I think I'm going to wai twith that until I know how big she is..but then again I won't have much time to do anything once she's born lol so I should just do it now =P

I've changed my blog layout.. it's only temporarily as I want to make my own layout but as everything atm (not having internet at home) I had to choose a normal layout just so that everybody can read it as I was told that some ppl can't see my posts or only half of them which was probably due to Internet Explorer cuz it's being stupid lately which is why I've been using Firefox for a year or so now.. everybody should use it it's a lot safer aswell!!

Anyway hopefully soon I will have internet at home and then I'll be able to post on here all the time! It's just that I have to get the phoneline installed and fixed onto our flat which costs like £125 which is ridiculous if you ask me but I don't have a choice so I'm saving up for it =)

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