I'm still alive lol

And getting bigger as you can see =P That's me with my mom and sister when they came to visit us in February =D Only 4 weeks today as of today till the due date.. it's just going so fast! That's if she'll stay in there till April 13th! I go to a pregnancy forum on Bounty and we've already had three births in the Due in April section! 2 of them were born in February and one in the end of January! They were really tiny though and they're fine now, but they did need life support in the beginning so I'm glad Violet decided to stay for this long and I hope she'll stay until it's time.. but realistically it could happen anytime from now onwards!
Last time I went to see my midwife she felt my bump again to see how Violet's laid and we found out she was breech (head near ribs instead of facing downwards) again.. and atm she's transverse (laying on her side so horizontal). I went to a birthing/parenting class in the hospital yesterday though and learnt some new ways to help her to turn so hopefully she will before thursday which is when I'll go to see my midwife again and if she still hasn't turned then I'll have to go to the hospital to have her turned and that'll hurt so not looking forward to it.

I haven't been doing LOADS of knitting or crocheting, but I have knitted Violet 2 hats and a pair of mittens and I'm planning on knitting her some dungarees haha =D But I think I'm going to wai twith that until I know how big she is..but then again I won't have much time to do anything once she's born lol so I should just do it now =P

I've changed my blog layout.. it's only temporarily as I want to make my own layout but as everything atm (not having internet at home) I had to choose a normal layout just so that everybody can read it as I was told that some ppl can't see my posts or only half of them which was probably due to Internet Explorer cuz it's being stupid lately which is why I've been using Firefox for a year or so now.. everybody should use it it's a lot safer aswell!!

Anyway hopefully soon I will have internet at home and then I'll be able to post on here all the time! It's just that I have to get the phoneline installed and fixed onto our flat which costs like £125 which is ridiculous if you ask me but I don't have a choice so I'm saving up for it =)

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