This is only a quick update but still an update =D So there she finally is! She was born on April 17th at 12:06pm it took 13hours all together and she weighed 7.4 lbs and was 50cm long. I'll write about it more later when we have the internet at home (got it ordered and should be up and running for the 10th). The first week was really hard, especially cause I lost alot of blood and so became aneamic and I was a bit weak and well the tiredness doesn't help obviously, but I got through it and I'm starting to get used to it now. I've got lots more pictures, but they're all on a different computer so I'll post them next time. She's worth all the pain and all the hours being woken up she's just amazing and so beautiful and perfect and I sometimes still can't believe she's here and that I'm her mom, but when I do it feels good and I'm so proud it makes me cry.. the first few days I did nothing but cry cause of the baby blues lol
Luckily my parents were here when it all happened I really hoped it would happen that way so they could be there and see her straight away even if it was only for a few days :-) I can't believe she's 2 weeks and 3 days already it's all just gone so fast. I'll never forget those hours and the first time I saw her I was so happy I cried.

I hope everybody is doing well I'll be back on when I have the internet. ♥



05 May, 2008 11:45  


06 May, 2008 10:07  

Awwwww!!!!! Violet is adorable!!! Cutest babygirl!
CONGRATULATIONS to you and David!

06 May, 2008 23:18  

Awwww! Congratulations, Petra and David!!

(And the baby blues do get better!)

08 May, 2008 22:11  

Well done you! She is absolutely beautiful! And you know what? You'll keep on being proud - look forward to every moment!

10 May, 2008 00:22  

thank you everybody =D

18 May, 2008 11:01  

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